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Writing with Scissors

WILMINGTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY TO PRESENT “Writing with Scissors: the American Scrapbook in History”---Friday, October 28— 7 pm The Wilmington Historical Society will present “Writing with Scissors: the American Scrapbook in History” with author Ellen Gruber Garvey on Friday, October 28th at 7 pm at the Wilmington Community Center on Springfield Road in Wilmington. Men and women 150 years ago grappled with information overload by making scrapbooks---the ancestors of Google and blogging. From Abraham Lincoln to Susan B. Anthony, from farmers to city folk, people cut out and pasted down their readings. In scrapbooks, 19th century spoke back to the media and treasured what mattered to them by creating books with scissors. Whether scrapbook makers pasted their clippings into blank books or the pre-gummed scrapbook that Mark Twain invented, they claimed ownership of their reading. This talk and discussion invites the audience to reflect on their own scrapbook making or collection, and offers numerous illustrations of scrapbooks and cartoons that provide context. It includes a viewing and invitation to leaf through scrapbooks in Ellen Gruber Garvey’s collection, as well as scrapbooks in the Wilmington Historical Society’s collection.

Ellen Gruber Garvey writes and speaks on historical scrapbooks, on how our ancestors managed the floods of information they were drowning in at the end of the 19th century, women's bicycling in the 19th century, how books have been advertised, what it means when paintings show women reading newspapers, and much else. Her recent book, Writing with Scissors: American Scrapbooks from the Civil War to the Harlem Renaissance, has won four awards. Ellen Garvey has written for the New York Times Disunion blog,Slate, The Root, and New York Archives. Professor Garvey is Professor of English at New Jersey City University. This program, free and open to the public, is made possible through the support of the New York Council for the Humanities’ Public Scholars program. Refreshments for this program are provided by the Country Bear Bakery in Wilmington. For further information, contact the Wilmington Historical Society at 518-420-8370 or e-mail us.


YOU ARE INVITED-ADIRONDACK 102 CLUB DINNER- OCT. 6>br> You are invited to attend the Adirondack 102 Club Dinner! Whether you are already familiar with the concept as presented in the Adirondack 102 Club book by Marty Podskoch or if you would just like to find out about this way of becoming a part of "club" of people having fun becoming familiar with all 102 Towns in the Adirondacks, you are welcome. Come for the "Octoberfest" style dinner and the live music, and to help celebrate with all those who have become "Vagabonds" by reaching their goal to travel to all 102 Adirondack Towns! (Please see attached flyer for details.)

Karen Peters, Pres. Wilmington Historical Society
Michelle Preston, Operations Manager Whiteface Visitors Bureau

WILMINGTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY TO PRESENT “Dog Days: Stories of Dogs in the Adirondacks”—August 19

Friday, August 19— 7 pm The Wilmington Historical Society will present “Dog Days: Stories of Dogs in the Adirondacks” with historian and author Hallie E. Bond. The program will be held at the Wilmington Community Center on Springfield Road in Wilmington. Scottie, Gardie and Lucy were important characters in Adirondack history. Never heard of them? Their stories, and the stories of countless others like them, haven’t been told because they were dogs. In “Dog Days,” Hallie Bond uses oral tradition, photographs, works of art, diaries, and news articles to put an historic perspective on a widely popular subject. The Adirondack region is the setting. This mountainous, rural region was ranged over by the Iroquois and the Abenaki and their dogs before Europeans moved in. Then, in the nineteenth and the twentieth centuries, settlers, commercial loggers and urban vacationers—and their dogs--- all came. Traditional ways of life were juxtaposed with modern thought and urban ideas. Adirondack dogs have been –and are---hunters, companions, herders, guards, beasts of burden and status symbols. How has our concept of sportsmanship changed over time and why? What is a pet? Do concepts of “sportsmanship” and “pets” depend on whether we’re rural or urban? What is the new work of dogs?

Hallie E. Bond has written extensively on regional history and material culture since joining the Adirondack Museum in 1983. Her books include "Boats and Boating in the Adirondacks" (1995) and "A Paradise for Boys and Girls: Children's Camps in the Adirondacks” (2005). Ms. Bond has a B.A. in History (University of Colorado), an M.A. in Medieval Studies (University of York) and an M.A. in American History with a Certificate in Museum Studies (University of Delaware).

Refreshments for this program are provided by the Country Bear Bakery in Wilmington. For further information, contact the Wilmington Historical Society at 518-420-8370 or e-mail us.

WILMINGTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY TO PRESENT “Digging Into Pictures: Dating Photos by Fashion” - Friday, July 8th

WILMINGTON – The Wilmington Historical Society will present “Digging Into Pictures: Dating Photos by Fashion” with speaker Margaret Bartley to be held on Friday, July 8th at 7 pm at the Wilmington Community Center. This program is designed to how to date old photos by the style of dress and fashion. It will cover a period of 80 years between the dates of 1840 – 1920 and will show old photos to show how styles changed during that period. Dating old photos is a great help to anyone interested in history, genealogy or simply has old unidentified or undated family photos.

Margaret Bartley is a Trustee with the Essex County Historical Society. She is a historian, author and teacher, and wrote a biography of the famous Russian American cellist Gregor Piatigorsky, titled GRISHA, which won the 2005 Adirondack Literary Award. She is a former Elizabethtown Supervisor and is currently working with Historian Sharp Swan to create a comprehensive history of the Civil War’s 118th New York Infantry, known as the “Adirondack Regiment”. Bartley spent 26 years teaching History and Government, and has a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing from Johns Hopkins University. Her popular slide shows, which cover many aspects of Essex County History, are offered every summer at the Adirondack History Museum in Elizabethtown.

The program is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be provided by the Country Bear Bakery in Wilmington. For further information, contact the Wilmington Historical Society at 518-420-8370.

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A New Book-“Wilmington & the Whiteface Region” is here!

Book Cover

Now one of the Images of America series by Arcadia Publishing, Wilmington and the Whiteface Region is authored by the Wilmington Historical Society.

About the book:

While the year-round population of Wilmington has never been more than 1200, it swells to about 3.000 residents on average during the summer months, with 400,000 tourists visiting annually. As a small town in the Adirondack Mountains, Wilmington’s history spans 2 centuries, transforming from its agricultural and industrial roots to a popular four-season tourist resort. We are proud to have been able to put the history of our town into context with our book Wilmington and the Whiteface Region, with photographs and information of interest for residents and tourists alike. The 11 contributing authors of Wilmington and the Whiteface Region, each with a unique area of expertise, are Laurie Bepler, Nancy Cressey, Robert J. Cressey, Gilbert Dyke, Linda Joss-Dyke, Merri C. Peck, Karen Marshall Peters, Robert Peters, Julie Robards, Guy Stephenson Jr., and Douglas A. Wolfe. It is an ideal “memory book” for local past and present residents. We know that residents and others with ties to Wilmington will take pride in re-forming their identity through the history of their town. It makes a unique “souvenir” book for tourists whether they visit one or more of our attractions of Whiteface Mountain, Whiteface Mountain Highway, Whiteface Ski Center/summer gondola ride, High Falls Gorge, and Santa’s Workshop, or whether they come here to ski, fish, hike or bike or just relax and refresh their personal spirit and appreciation of life. We wish to encourage visitors to not just come once, but to return again and again to enjoy all that our town has to offer it can be purchased from the Wilmington Historical Society, at local gift shops and stores, and in book outlets such as Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble. Order your copy here

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The mission of the Wilmington Historical Society is to collect, preserve, display and interpret the documents, photographs and artifacts that tell the unique story of how the people of this remote, mountainous small town with big ideas have adapted and survived in the harsh yet beautiful environment of the Adirondacks . Adopted 5/18/05
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Take a two mile walking tour of Wilmington, New York to understand the history of Wilmington. Wilmington began as an industrial/agricultural town in 1822. By the turn of the 20th century, Wilmington evolved into a tourism based economy. Find out how that happened...
Wilmington Historical Walking Tour

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