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Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Wilmington Community Center—7 pm

1. AUDIT COMMITTEE MEETS AT 6:30 PM. Merri Peck, chair of the committee including Gil Dyke and Nancy Cressey

2. Attendance/introductions

3. NO Open discussion for this meeting only, as this is our annual planning meeting

4. Secretary’s Report

5. Treasurer’s report ---
--- status of annual appeal
--- Status of new NBT Money Market WHS Building account (Wilmington Historical Society Thomas & Ruth Keegan Memorial History Center)
---present draft budget as recommended by treasurer Donna Griffin , discuss for changes for final draft, VOTE on proposed budget
--- IRS Form 990 due April--- set date

6. Communications--- emails, thank-you notes, letters, announcements

7. Standing Committees---
a) Library, Museum, Historic Sites Committee--- planning needs for 2018? --- WHS open for researchers on the third Tues. of each month, 6-9pm (check all dates May & November?), add/change days or times? Who will do January and February research days?
b) Publications and Programs Committee ---
--- Ideas for topics for 2018“Open Discussions”??? (begin with March meeting)
--- Ideas for programs for 2018 (Karen set date to meet with Donna, Merri, Linda), set up “donate” button on Facebook?
--- Festival of Colors—Sat. Sept. 8th
--- WWW Run— Saturday, June 16th
--- Check all regular meeting dates, Merri to chair august meeting?
--- 46ers event August 3-5 at Whiteface
c) Membership & Nominations Committee ---
---Need to set meeting date for membership brochure for 2018 (Nancy & Bob?)
---Need to get updated addresses, etc. create mailing labels—Nancy
---Website membership & payment (Donna & Karen & Patrick---all set?)

8. Report from Board of Trustees/any concerns for the Board of Trustees ---

8. Old Business--- (Most Reports postponed until Feb meeting, unless action needs to be taken or timely information is needed…)
---Fundraising committee--- Linda Joss-Dyke--- report status of Whiskey Run 10 k

9. New Business-----
--- Our 2018 & Long Term Plans (see 2017 plans….)
--- volunteer hours needed from WHS Board & active members
---- Other

11. Set agenda & discussion topic for next meeting

12. Meeting adjourned---

Future meetings for your calendar: February 7 (Budget & Planning), March 7, April 4, May 2, June 6 (ANNUAL MEETING), July 11??, August 1, September 5, October 3, November 7, NO December meeting



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