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Minutes of the Wilmington Historical Society Meeting

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

1. Attendance:

Karen Peters
Merri C Peck
Guy Stephenson
Doug Wolfe

President, Karen Peters called the meeting to order.

2. Discussion of last month’s minutes

The minutes of the January 21 meeting were discussed. One clarification should be made.” With respect to our building search Doug said he has some leads on some trailers…..”. Doug was referring to a possible trailer to house some of our military equipment so that it can be viewed, repaired, and kept safe, NOT a building to house our Historical Society. Doug made a motion to accept the minutes. Guy 2nd. All in favor.

3. Communications

Karen sent thank you letters to: Ginny Crispell for the money she donated for the Past Perfect Program and her artistic contribution, creating a logo for our group (as seen above).

Bridget Hinman for her gift of 1 free trip up Whiteface Memorial Highway for each membership card presented. We wanted to offer something to our members for joining the Historical Society. Jay Rand, Ted Blazer, and Fran Sayers also received a copy of the membership letter and card.

We received an invitation to join the Underground Railroad Heritage Trail Public Forum in Plattsburgh on January 26, 2004. Karen and Bob Peters attended. It was suggested that we purchase the books Underground Railroad in the Adirondack Region and Underground Railroad Conductor, both by Tom Calarco.

March 2nd at 4pm at the Cultural Center for Arts in Plattsburgh is the 1st planning meeting for developing a grant application. There is local interest in either proving or disproving the Langford House and Methodist Church as connection to the Underground Railroad.

Received a letter from Jeanne Ashworth that she rec’d from Charles Schumer. March 2nd is the last day to apply for grant money for “Professional development”. Reading it over, it does not seem to apply to us at this time.

Rec’d an annual report from the Northern NY Library Network. Rec’d Upstate News.

Bob and Nancy Cressey are preparing a “before and after” photos presentation of the dam photos 1935 compared to now.

Phil Connor has his photo album and now one of his sisters for us to photo. Karen volunteered her husband Bob to take photos of the album for our records. (Thank you Bob!)

Hughes Kilburn has some old photos of a sawmill.

4. Finances

Balance as of 2/14/04 is $2,152.15

$1000 designated for Past Perfect program

$300 grant money


Staples: 35.25 labels, etc.

UPS store: 111.00 1000 brochures and 500 membership cards

Postmaster: 135.84 postage for bulk mailing

Doug made a motion to accept the report. Guy 2nd the motion. All in favor.

Karen will be out of town from March 8 – 25.

Paul Smiths College has a Past Perfect Program that we should go and see or better yet, see if they can come to us, to demonstrate the program.

5. Committee Reports

Plan on meeting at Merri Peck’s house on Feb 23 at 7pm to start sorting records and plan for purchasing materials needed to properly organize and secure current records as suggested in the report by Joe Swinyer.

Bob and Nancy have started photographing Book 1.

We should look to the Documentary Heritage Program grants to conserve Book 1. This is a TOWN record book and should be town money. Check out website for DHP and contact Blue Mountain Lake Museum for guidance.

Volunteers to help transcribe: Lynda Haggert of Bloomingdale, Wendy Hall of Wilmington, and Neil McKenna.

The February Town Newsletter includes info re: our new logo, membership drive, what the library holds for historical materials, walking and photo tours available, workshop and records review report, volunteers needed for a fundraising committee, and trivia questions.

Doug is working on a Watershed tour – Atmospheric Reservoir, ASRC, that maybe available in March this year. It is a Winter Watershed Walk program.

Guy, also a member of the Adirondack Mt. Club, is considering giving a tour to walk into some of the old iron mines. Jack Moravic is a good source of info.

Ron Keegan would like to make a presentation to the Historical Society members at some time.

Plans for this year include walking tours, photo PowerPoint presentations, and another old photo day.

In April nominations will be accepted for President, Vice President, secretary, and 1 trustee to prepare for the annual June meeting.

6. Special Committee Reports

Gerald Bruce was not in attendance to report on cemetery committee.

7. Concerns for the Board of Trustees.

8. Old Business

Doug is still searching for a storage facility.

Steve Connor and Russ Mulvey are searching for all articles on the old canon.

We should make the Cresseys cemetery project available on Roots Web, a FREE website to view cemetery records, among many other things.

Merri will prepare a sample copy of the blanket we might want to use as a fund raiser, gathering old photos, using the new logo, etc.

Gary Françoise will get back to us after his Feb 26 board meeting re: display cabinets.

9. New Business

We need a website. Karen will check with the library, town, and Essex Co to see who they use and if any of the local servers would be willing to give space for a non-profit organization.

Merri will prepare a mission statement for the next meeting.

We need to have a periodical newsletter which is presently included in the Town Newsletter.

At the March meeting we will discuss a date for out annual meeting.

RE: Antique show.. Karen attended the Visitor’s Bureau meeting and received positive response and interest. However, it is a LOT of work, would need some very organized expertise to plan and prepare. It may be too much for our small group to do at this time.

We are searching for a fundraising committee.

Rec’d a note from Robert Schneider, a summer resident, who maybe able to help with a presentation.

The Historical Society now has their own email address. whs12997@hotmail.com

The Higginson Book Company republishes old books. They currently have copies of Smith’s 1885 History of Essex county for $79 and Watson’s, Military and Civil History of the County of Essex for $52. We would like to have both of these books for our collection.

The Visitor’s Bureau membership is normally $50 for a non-profit organization. They will offer it to us for $25 for the first year. Present this offer to the board of Trustees for vote.

Doug donated 2 metal storage boxes to store articles of Karen’s choice for Historical Society records.

Past Perfect Program

Price is $989 for program, scatter gather, easy mark A 20% discount if offered for members of AASLH. Membership to AASLH is $75 (www.aaslh.org)

Price for Past Perfect Program WITH DISCOUNT would be $796. With the Past Perfect program we could buy future web space to SHOW ALL information collected. 30 days of support are included with the purchase of the program. (1 year of support would cost $239) Training classes are offered to use the program for $95.2- per person / per day.
1st day – collection
2nd day – membership
3rd day – reports
Present to Board of Trustees.

Motion to adjourn meeting made by Doug and 2nd by Guy. All in favor.

Meeting closed 9:30 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Merri C Peck


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