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Minutes of Meeting
7:00 PM, Wednesday, May 19, 2004
E.M. Cooper Library

Karen Peters
Guy Stephenson, Jr.
Doug Wolfe

Since there was no quorum, this was an unofficial meeting. Informal discussion of agenda, but no actions taken.

Review of minutes-typo error in balance.$33,364.72 should read $3,333.27. Correction will be made at next meeting to correct minutes.

Communications --- Northern New York Underground Railroad meeting May 24, 2004 in Plattsbvurgh. Re: Keeseville Baptist Church Project. Report given to Wilmington from NNY UGRR from John Papsin regarding Hickock House possible connection to Thayer and known underground Railroad conductor, Wendell Lansing.

--- AASLH & Upstate Newsletters received.

Finances- 4/21 $3364.27.
Purchases--- stamps, film, Past Perfect5 Software.
Balance 5/19 --- $2,266.61 ( Karen summary)

Standing Committee Reports ---
Publicity/ Programming ---
Wednesday, June 2 --- 7:00 p.m. at the Wilmington Town Hall, "VIRTUAL HISTORY WALKING TOUR OF WILMINGTON"--- slide show presentation by Karen Peters, showing the "now" and "then" photos of historical buildings in Wilmington. Followed by the Annual Meeting and election of officers.

Wednesday, July 21 --- 7:00 p.m. at the E.M. Cooper Library, "Hunting Bees and Bear Trapping" program presented by Guy Stephenson.

Wednesday, August 18 --- 7:00 p.m. at the E.M. Cooper Library, "My Olympic Experiences" program presented by Wilmington Town Supervisor and Olympic bronze medal winner, Jeanne Ashworth.

Special Committee Reports -
Whiteface Visitor's Bureau -- will ask for our website listing/link with them

Board of Trustees Report --- no action.

Nominations ---
Incumbents re-nominated. Nominations still being accepted.
President --- Karen Peters
Vice- President --- Merri Peck
Secretary --- Nancy Cresey
Trustee ( 3 year seat) -- Steve Connor

Old Business---
Gun Storage/ Trailer Office -- Ready to transport, select site w/ power/ security
--- Deed of Gift/ Loan duration until permanent housing secured.
--- Discuss location w/ Town Supervisor.

Wilmington Guns --- summary by Steve Connor
--- ownership is Wilmington's.
--- Wooden repairs examined by area craftsman for recommendations. Need to research any paperwork (G.A.R., etc.) for information on items.

Display cabinets from North Elba- Lake Placid Historical Society ---
---available, currently we have no storage for them. Doug will follow up

Past Perfect Software ---
--- 2 day training using Past Perfect may be available through Northern New York Library System in September of October.

Website ---
---established as www.wilmingtonhistoricalsociety.org ISP is Primelink (donated 50 mb storage. Domain name is $30.00 for 2 years. --- Patrick McIntyre, Librarian for North Country Community College, resident of Wilmington, Wilmington Historical Society member is our webmaster. Photos, meeting minutes, events, programs, etc. to be included.

Upstate History Alliance --- offering "Get Ready" grant for consultants to aid in planning, goal- setting, objectives. WHS will follow up on grant schedule/ application.

"Dam" ---
--- Guy examined 1938 plaque --- names of notable involved
--- coordinate with existing blueprints and photos.
--- small town ceremony for new dam work possible

Sunset Clause ---
---resolution of support to eliminate from Wilmington Town Board.
---Copy received and forwarded to legislators and state officials.

Fundraiser films ---
---Site and support activities discussed. Liabilities, volunteers and rain location ( i.e., Fire station) considered.

ACT program (re: fundraising workshop) --- no report.

New Business --- none

Next meeting --- Annual meeting, June 2, 7:00 p.m. Wilmington Town Hall Community Center (*****NOTE CHANGE IN PLACE*****)

Respectfully submitted,
Doug Wolfe, Trustee


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