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Minutes of Annual Meeting
7:00 PM, Wednesday, June 2, 2004
Wilmington Community Center

Attendees: Karen Peters, Merri Peck, Doug Wolfe, Guy Stephenson, Ginny Crispell, Maurice Fletcher, Bob Peters, Steve Peters, Erin Peters, Barbara Mulvey, Ford Balch, Lena Balch, Ceil Stephenson, Susan Doolittle

Karen Peters presented the program,“ A Virtual Walking Tour of Wilmington”, a computer PowerPoint slideshow showing the “now” and “then” photos of historical buildings in Wilmington, along with history of the town. Attendees were able to ask questions and make comments as the show was presented. The program was well-received. Karen has given this presentation in the past to Wilmington’s Kiwanis and will do so again tomorrow, June 3, to the Senior Lunch at the Whiteface Community United Methodist Church. The program is free and available in the future for other organizations as well.

The Secretary’s reports of both the April and May meetings were given and accepted as corrected.

The Treasurer’s report was given. With additional membership of $10.00, there is a balance of $2,276.61.The treasurer’s report was accepted.

The Annual Report was given. It was accepted with some typo corrections.

Election of officers was held. There were no further nominations for office. A motion was made by Doug Wolfe and seconded by Guy Stephenson, to accept the nominations as follows:
President --- Karen Peters
Vice-president--- Merri Peck
Secretary--- Nancy Cressey
Trustee (3-year term)--- Steve Connor
The motion carried.

Since there were no contested positions, a motion was made by Doug Wolfe to vote for the slate as one vote, seconded by Guy Stephenson. The motion carried.

The vote for officers was held. The slate was re-elected, President—Karen Peters, Vice-president---Merri Peck, Secretary—Nancy Cressey, Trustee --- Steve Connor.

Old Business---
Merri Peck gave a report on her participation in the Essex County Roundtable regarding DHP grants, citing Wilmington’s participation in the program.

Karen gave a report on the possible Wilmington connection to the Underground Railroad of the pre-Civil War Era, through Wendell Lansing, a resident of Wilmington during those times, and founder of the Essex County Republican.

Karen has submitted a “Get Ready” Grant application to the Upstate History Association, to assist in long term planning for the Wilmington Historical Society.

The “Films on the AuSable” fundraiser was discussed. Bob and Sue Hockert and Ginny and Herb Crispell have agreed to spearhead the project. Hopefully, the film showing will occur in August.

Karen reported that copies of the Wilmington Town Board’s resolution supporting the repeal of the Sunset Clause for government assistance for document preservation, etc. were mailed to our New York State legislators.

Merri Peck suggested that the WHS write a letter to the Town of Wilmington requesting the use of the land behind the Wilmington Community Center on which to place our storage trailer. She agreed to write the letter and attend the next Town Board meeting to further explain our request, if needed.

New Business
Doug Wolfe made a motion, seconded by Guy Stephenson, that the WHS write a resolution honoring Helen and Earl Warren and giving them WHS Memberships in Memoriam. Both were lifetime Wilmington residents who recently passed away, and who were instrumental in preserving Wilmington’s history. The motion passed unanimously. The resolution will be read at our July meeting.
Two future programs were discussed and the following dates were chosen: Sat. Oct. 16, 2004---- “Old Photo Meet”, 10 am – 4 pm at the Wilmington Town Hall Community Room, and at our meeting in January---Julia Robinson, antique and collectibles dealer.

Doug Wolfe made the motion to adjourn the meeting, and Guy Stephenson seconded it. The motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Peters, President and Merri Peck, Vice-President (in the absence of Secretary, Nancy Cressey)


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