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Minutes of Meeting
7:00 PM, Wednesday, August 18, 2004
Wilmington Firehouse


Steve Connor, Bob Cressey, Nancy Cressey, Karen Peters, Jeanne Ashworth, Alberta Ashworth, Marcel Bailey, Mary Valley, Randy Preston, Merri C. Peck, Bob Peters, Ginny Crispell, Barbara Mulvey, Meg Dausch, Maurice E. Fletcher, Doug Wolfe, Steve Peters, Erin Peters, Hanns Steuli, William Guille, Mary Egan, Phil Capone, Barbara Capone, Linda Joss-Dyke, Gilbert Dyke, Jeri Wright, Patti McConvey, Bill McConvey, Lyz Miskovsky, Emil F. Miskovsky

President Karen Peters called the meeting to order. Karen then introduced town supervisor Jeanne Ashworth who gave an excellent and interesting presentation on her Olympic experiences. Jeanne spoke about how she got her start as a speedskater and gave a slide show which covered her speedskating career from beginning through three Olympic Games. The presentation was well received and we thank Jeanne for her support of the WHS.

Karen then thanked everyone for attending the program and told the guests that they were welcome to stay for our regular business meeting or leave as they wished. Remaining for the meeting were Karen Peters, Steve Connor, Doug Wolfe, Bob Cressey, Nancy Cressey, Merri Peck, Jeanne Ashworth, Ginny Crispell, Linda Joss-Dyke and Gilbert Dyke.

Steve Connor made a motion to accept the June minutes as read. Bob Cressey seconded and the motion carried unanimously. Doug Wolfe made a motion to accept the July minutes as read and Steve Connor seconded. All voted in favor.

Bob Cressey gave the treasurer’s report. Our bank balance is $2,287.61. We had receipts of $50 from memberships since last month.

Doug Wolfe made the suggestion that we should obtain an oral history from Jeanne Ashworth. It was also suggested that we consider scanning some of Jeanne’s slides—those most representative of Jeanne and the local area. We might have this done professionally, depending on the number of slides to be scanned.

Karen reported on communications received by the WHS. She mentioned that announcements of this evening’s presentation had been placed in several local newspapers. Karen showed the group an article in the St. Petersburg Times that had been brought to her attention. It was about Glen Bacon, who moved to the Adirondacks and operated Camp Romang, now the Wilderness Inn. Karen also displayed a hard copy of the transcription of all the “Rupert” newspaper columns done by her cousin Kim Marshall. The pages show a photo copy of the original article with the transcription beside it, and all the names are indexed. This is also on CD. Karen will make another hard copy to put in the library.

Karen has been receiving communications from the Civil War Roundtable. She will pass these on to Steve Connor. She also received a note from Kent Maynard with a copy of the article, “Maynard Diary of War and Weather.” Mr. Maynard said he would consider donating the original tintype to the WHS.

We received communications from the Northern New York Library Network and the Association of State and Local History (AASLH) magazine. Karen advised that the New York State Archives monthly newsletter had an article regarding the sunset clause for the funding of restoration and conservation of historical records and documents. The sunset clause is to be eliminated, making the funding a permanent part of the New York State budget. The grant application materials are available on the website. Karen said she had spoken to Jerry Bruce about WHS taking initiative to get the grant application started for the town. Jerry agreed and indicated that he would welcome our help with preparation of the grant.

Karen also mentioned the upcoming Ford Research Foundation Symposium and a communication she had received from the Northeast Document Conservation Center. This organization also offers grants, but at this time the WHS would not be eligible.

We have received a grant from the Upstate History Alliance (UHA). Their grant program is divided into three stages: “Get Ready,” “Get Set,” and “Go.” We have received the “Get Ready” grant and have been assigned a facilitator.

We also had a communication from the New York State Education Department requesting some information about the WHS, since our charter is through the Education Department.

Merri Peck reported for the Library, Museum and Historic Sites Committee that she needs to set a date for the Cresseys to deliver and set up the computer in her office. We agreed that this will be done on Wednesday, August 25th. Karen will bring the Past Perfect Software to be installed if she is available that evening. Merri also reported that we need to purchase some archival materials, specifically, some rice paper and some boxes for storage of old chattel mortgage documents. Merri has materials from the 75th and 100th anniversaries of the Wilmington Camp Meeting that she will bring to our next meeting. She is donating these materials to the WHS.

Karen reported for the Publications and Programs Committee that Julia Robinson has agreed to give a 45 minute to one hour presentation on antiques and collectibles on January 19th, with January 26th as a snow date.

Doug Wolfe advised that he has received inquiries about Dr. Hinds’ publications and where they are available. Doug also asked who has the Maynard Diary of War and Weather. We should get a copy of it because we need to establish a file of historical weather observation information. Karen advised that she expects to get the diary or a copy or both from a cousin who is currently in the process of transcribing it.

Karen reported for the Membership and Nominations Committee that we are continuing to receive new members. Beginning in September new memberships will be valid through February 2006. A representative from ORDA has reported to Karen that many members have already redeemed their free trip up Whiteface Mountain. They may be able to help us with additional incentives for our next membership drive.

The WHS will have a booth at the Festival of Colors.

The Board of Trustees has not yet received the invoice from Professor Hinds’ car rental.. Karen submitted a press release on the Helen and Earl Warren resolution.

Doug Wolfe reported on progress with getting the trailer set up. Steve Connor recently spent some time getting the area cleared. He indicated that they still need to remove a few more trees. Doug mentioned that the shed is still in place and we need to get the town to pick up the cost of the power meter for one year until WHS is in a better position to pay for it. Steve indicated that it would be best if the shed is removed so that it does not detract from the appearance of the trailer. The town may have a use for the shed, or if not the Fish and Game Club may want it. Steve will look into getting the building removed. Doug reported that Haselton Lumber has agreed to donate materials needed to reinforce the floor of the trailer, but they did not commit to providing material for construction of a deck. Doug pointed out that we should recognize the history of the trailer in some way. It was used in the construction for the 1980 Olympics and later used by the Olympic teams.

Ginny Crispell reported on behalf of Mountain Artists that they had talked about two ideas for decorating the trailer. The first idea was to do a grid mural, with different artists working on each grid. The second idea was to use the theme of a trip through time in Wilmington. Ginny suggested that the work could be done by students from both high schools serving Wilmington. She volunteered to contact the art departments of both schools. It was pointed out that having the mural done in removable pieces is a very good idea, in the event we move from the trailer to a more permanent structure at some time in the future.

Karen passed out copies of two articles about the Wilmington cannon that Steve had given her. One article was from the Lake Placid News by Stephen J. Roberts and the other was from the Adirondack Record Post by Adeline F. Jaques. Both articles date from September 1981 and relate stories of the rivalry over the cannon between Wilmington and Black Brook. There is much folklore and history related to the cannon that we need to preserve.

Steve mentioned that the American Legion has the gattling gun. He said Terry Avery told him that they have $300 funding to preserve the gun. Karen suggested that the American Legion members may have information to contribute to the WHS. She asked Steve to find out if they would be willing to attend WHS meetings.

Merri reported that our webmaster, Patrick McIntyre, wants to know how long it takes to open the pictures on our website for those who use dial up internet service. Karen said she thought it was probably several minutes.

Karen reported that we have been assigned facilitator Liselle LaFrance for the Upstate History Alliance Get Ready Grant. We need to set a date when all the trustees can be present to meet with Ms. LaFrance. Karen provided copies of materials relating to the Get Ready Grant to all present and polled everyone for potential dates. She will contact Ms. LaFrance to set up the meeting. The grant must be completed within six months of July 30th.

Bob Cressey reported that we have completed scanning of all the photos of the dam construction, old and new. He and Steve Connor will get together to prepare an exhibit of photos for the booth at the Festival of Colors on September 25th. Doug suggested that they see Jeanne Ashworth and get copies of both old and new blueprints to use as a back drop for the exhibit. We will need tables, display board and a tent cover. Karen will provide the tent, and Steve will see if tables are available from the church. If not, Merri has several tables that we can use.

Karen said that WHS member Robert Schneider has agreed to role play an Irish Immigrant in the year 1876 at the Festival of Colors. Robert is a professional role player employed by Mystic Seaport and they have agreed to allow him to use the character for this event.

Nancy Cressey will contact the trustees and set up a schedule for manning the booth at the Festival of Colors on September 25th from 10 AM to 4 PM.

We discussed the “Films on the Ausable” fundraiser. Karen said that as a non profit organization, we cannot charge admission to the event, but we can ask for a “requested donation” at the entrance. It was decided to ask for a $3 donation for adults and $1 for kids. The event will begin at 6:30 PM, September 25th. Karen stated that Bob and Sue Hockert have invested a lot of time and money in this project. They have acquired a new projector and are having an outdoor screen made. Ginny is working on obtaining a popcorn machine and refreshments. Steve suggested to Ginny that she contact the Pepsi Bottling Plant in Keeseville, because they have donated soda to support other charitable causes in the past. Ginny and Karen will be recruiting volunteers to bake refreshments and work the park the night of the event. Karen is taking care of publicity with posters, press releases and notices in the community calendars.

Bob and Nancy reported that they gave Jerry Bruce a copy of the CD with images of the old town records.

Discussion turned to the resource guide and census series books published by Professor Hinds. Doug reported that Willow Bend sells the census series for $24 and the Guide to all resources in Essex County for $20. They will give a 40% discount to historical societies. Merri suggested we sell the books at retail price and offer a discount to WHS members. It was agreed that we should recommend to the Board of Trustees that we purchase 10 copies of each book to have available for sale at our booth at the Festival of Colors.

The Old Photo Meet is scheduled for October 16th from 10 AM until 4 PM. Karen has reserved the Town Hall from 9 AM to 5 PM. This coincides with National Archives Week.

Karen mentioned that we need to think about future speakers and presentations for our meetings. She also told us that the Lake Placid Hall of Fame is seeking nominations of Wilmington people. Ginny suggested we look at those who have been Citizen of the Year and mentioned several names. Karen advised that Jeanne Ashworth needs a name by tomorrow, so it was suggested that we nominate Jeri Wright. She has done much volunteer work and her photography helps to promote the Adirondacks.

Our next meeting will be September 15th. Karen will not be present since she will be away until September 22nd. Merri Carol Peck will run the meeting.

Steve moved to adjourn and Bob seconded the motion. All voted in favor.

Respectfully submitted, Secretary


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