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The Wilmington Historical Society will host author Jeremy Davis for a talk and book-signing for his new book Lost Ski Areas of the Northern Adirondacks on Friday, August 21st at 7 pm at the Wilmington Community Center located at 7 Community Center Circle just off Springfield Road in Wilmington. The northern Adirondacks is home to forty-seven downhill ski areas that are no longer in operation, from small community ski areas to all-inclusive resorts. Many played important roles in the development of the sport on a regional and even a national basis. Although most are either fading from memory or into the surrounding landscapes, their stories live on in this book. Some local examples include Marble Mountain as the original location of the Whiteface Mountain Ski Area and the once-prosperous resort of Paleface, or Bassett Mountain, which succumbed after a series of bad winters. One lesser-known story of a private ski area--- Quaker Mountain Lodge, with ties to the famous Otto Schniebs---was provided by Wilmington local resident Sid Maxwell. The Lake Placid area alone has been home to fourteen former alpine ski areas.

Jeremy Davis is an Operations manager at Weather Routing Inc. in Glens Falls. He is the founder of the New England and Northeast Lost Ski Area Project (www.nelsap.org), which preserves the history of over 600 lost ski areas throughout the east coast. In 2000 he was elected as the youngest Board Member in history at the New England Ski Museum. He is the author of 4 books--- Lost Ski Areas of the White Mountains, Lost Ski Areas of Southern Vermont, Lost Ski Areas of the Southern Adirondacks, and Lost Ski Areas of the Northern Adirondacks. Both Adirondack books have been awarded the prestigious Skade Award for Regional Ski History by the International Ski History Association. Jeremy resides just outside of Saratoga Springs, NY.

The “Lost Ski Areas of the Northern Adirondacks” program on August 21st is free and open to the public. Refreshments are provided by the Country Bear Bakery in Wilmington. For further information, contact the Wilmington Historical Society at whs12997@hotmail.com or 518-420-8370.


WILMINGTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY PROGRAM/CONCERT --- Ballads, Bunkhouses, Fiddles and Flings: Traditional Music of the Adirondacks ---July 17

“Ballads, Bunkhouses, Fiddles and Flings: Traditional Music of the Adirondacks” with performer and musician Dave Ruch will be presented by the Wilmington Historical Society on Friday, July 17th at 7 pm at the Whiteface Range Hall at 5798 NYS Route 86 in Wilmington (to the left of the Little Super Market/Gas Station). Dave Ruch is widely noted for his ability to engage audiences of all kinds. Equal parts historian, entertainer, educator, comedian and folklorist, he finds his song material in dusty archives, obscure songbooks, diaries, old recordings, scholarly journals and sometimes from his own children, and brings these gems to life in a most entertaining style. We are pleased that featured in his repertoire especially for us are two songs once performed in long-ago Wilmington by one-time Wilmington town supervisor James C. Wolfe and old-time Wilmington resident Les Lawrence— music once recorded by Marjorie Lansing Porter that Ruch discovered in SUNY Plattsburgh’s Feinburg Library special collections. Whether singing in the old unaccompanied style, or backing himself with great skill on banjo, guitar, mandolin, octave mandolin, bones, spoons, washboard or jaw harp, joyful songs combine with stories and humor to captivate audiences young and old.

Dave Ruch travels regionally and internationally from his home base in Buffalo NY, giving hundreds of concerts and workshops each year for schools, music festivals, libraries, historical societies, professional conferences, folk music organizations, museums and community events across the northeastern U.S., Canada and the U.K. He is a member of the New York State Historical Association, Canal Society of New York State, New York Folklore Society, and the Western New York Association of Historical Agencies.

The Wilmington Historical Society program and concert “Ballads, Bunkhouses, Fiddles and Flings: Traditional Music of the Adirondacks” is free and open to the public. Adults and children alike are welcome. Refreshments will be provided by the Country Bear Bakery in Wilmington. For further information, contact the Wilmington Historical Society at 518-420-8370 or whs12997@hotmail.com .

Friday, June 19, 7pm---

The Wilmington Historical Society will host a presentation and book signing by author Niki Kourofsky with her new release, Adirondack Outlaws: Bad Boys and Lawless Ladies on Friday, June 19 at 7 pm at the Wilmington Community Center just off Springfield Road in Wilmington. The program is free and open to the public. Refreshments are provided by the Country Bear Bakery in Wilmington. For further information, contact the Wilmington Historical Society at 518-420-8370 or email whs12997@hotmail.com


Sunday, May 31st, 2pm---

The Wilmington Historical Society will host a presentation and book signing by author Martin Podskoch with his new release, Adirondack 102 Club: Your Passport and Guide to the North Country on Sunday, May 31st at 2 pm at the Wilmington Community Center. Marty’s talk will discuss his inspiration for the book, the writers who assisted, and the places described in it. The book is a guide to travelers in their quest to visit all 102 towns and villages in the Adirondacks, or the reader may choose to be just an armchair traveler. In either case, readers can learn about the history and fascinating places in the Adirondacks. Each 2-page spread was written by a resident of that town so you are getting an insider's information about the history, the uniqueness of the place, recreation opportunities and points of interest. By getting the book signed or stamped in each town, the reader-traveler will also get to know the friendly locals and be able to discover good places to eat or stay and learn about interesting local attractions. There are no rules or requirements to be a member and there are no documents to turn in. One may keep a journal in addition to this book in their quest. There is no membership fee, just a desire to experience the whole Adirondack region. Adults and children of all ages can be members. Once a member has reached their goal of visiting all 102 towns & villages, they will then receive the “Vagabond” award.

Marty Podskoch chose the name “Vagabond” because that is the word that Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone & John Burroughs used in describing themselves when they took automobile camping trips together in the Adirondacks and other sojourns throughout America to get away from their busy lives. They traveled through the Adirondacks twice. In 1916 they camped near Saratoga Springs, Indian Lake, Elizabethtown, AuSable Forks, Paul Smiths & Plattsburgh. In 1919 they picked their spots as the day allowed--Loon Lake, Long Lake, Lake Placid and Plattsburgh. They were the source of many news stories and their trips led New York State to build campsites to encourage auto camping. New York Senator Betty Little says about the Adirondack 102 Club, “It is one thing to say ‘I visited the Adirondacks,’ but quite another to say ‘I experienced the Adirondacks.’ I promise an enriching journey and encourage you to do so with friends and loved ones with this unique passport in hand. A great adventure awaits! This book is an invitation I encourage you to accept.”

The Wilmington Historical Society program on May 31st is free and open to the public. Refreshments are provided by the Country Bear Bakery in Wilmington. For further information, contact the Wilmington Historical Society at 518-420-8370 or email whs12997@hotmail.com .

A New Book-“Wilmington & the Whiteface Region” is here!

Book Cover

Now one of the Images of America series by Arcadia Publishing, Wilmington and the Whiteface Region is authored by the Wilmington Historical Society.

About the book:

While the year-round population of Wilmington has never been more than 1200, it swells to about 3.000 residents on average during the summer months, with 400,000 tourists visiting annually. As a small town in the Adirondack Mountains, Wilmington’s history spans 2 centuries, transforming from its agricultural and industrial roots to a popular four-season tourist resort. We are proud to have been able to put the history of our town into context with our book Wilmington and the Whiteface Region, with photographs and information of interest for residents and tourists alike. The 11 contributing authors of Wilmington and the Whiteface Region, each with a unique area of expertise, are Laurie Bepler, Nancy Cressey, Robert J. Cressey, Gilbert Dyke, Linda Joss-Dyke, Merri C. Peck, Karen Marshall Peters, Robert Peters, Julie Robards, Guy Stephenson Jr., and Douglas A. Wolfe. It is an ideal “memory book” for local past and present residents. We know that residents and others with ties to Wilmington will take pride in re-forming their identity through the history of their town. It makes a unique “souvenir” book for tourists whether they visit one or more of our attractions of Whiteface Mountain, Whiteface Mountain Highway, Whiteface Ski Center/summer gondola ride, High Falls Gorge, and Santa’s Workshop, or whether they come here to ski, fish, hike or bike or just relax and refresh their personal spirit and appreciation of life. We wish to encourage visitors to not just come once, but to return again and again to enjoy all that our town has to offer it can be purchased from the Wilmington Historical Society, at local gift shops and stores, and in book outlets such as Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble. Order your copy here

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The mission of the Wilmington Historical Society is to collect, preserve, display and interpret the documents, photographs and artifacts that tell the unique story of how the people of this remote, mountainous small town with big ideas have adapted and survived in the harsh yet beautiful environment of the Adirondacks . Adopted 5/18/05
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Take a two mile walking tour of Wilmington, New York to understand the history of Wilmington. Wilmington began as an industrial/agricultural town in 1822. By the turn of the 20th century, Wilmington evolved into a tourism based economy. Find out how that happened...
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