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Minutes of Meeting
Thursday, January 2, 2014
Wilmington Community Center


Karen Peters
Bob Peters
Doug Wolfe
Gil Dyke
Donna Griffin
Nancy Cressey

Karen Peters called the meeting to order. Bob Peters opened with a report from the building committee. We discussed the proposed floor plan and the list issues related to the building, both of which were previously forwarded to the board members. Some suggestions regarding the floor plan were to extend covered porch to end of building, eliminate the end window in archive room to allow for more wall space, change the door between library and archive room from a double to a single door, and if possible reduce the size of one or both restrooms to allow more space in library. Other items discussed were flooring, electrical outlets and lighting, heating and hot water, air conditioning, security, handicapped access, basement, storage areas, and parking. At some point we will need to go through our list of items wanted and pick out which ones are absolutely required.

Following the building discussion Karen called for the secretaryís report. Doug Wolfe made a motion to accept the November meeting minutes as read. The motion was seconded by Gil Dyke and it carried unanimously.

Karen mentioned that she had ordered 200 more stickers and then found out that if we ordered 250 instead of 200 the price would be 65 cents each instead of 80 cents each. We will keep this in mind for future orders.

Donna Griffin then gave the treasurerís report. She passed out copies of her report and told us that the current balance in the treasury is $5,127.94. Donna said she will be closing out her reports at the end of each month and sending them out on the first of the month rather than having the cycle go from meeting to meeting. She also said that she is running an Intuit automatic backup of Quick Books every night. She is donating the $10 per month cost of this service. Gil moved to accept the Treasurerís report and the motion was seconded by Nancy Cressey. All voted in favor.

Donna then handed out copies of the proposed budget for 2014. Some categories need to be added to the budget for royalties, building project and Adirondack Foundation account income and expenses. Donna will finalize the budget and we will vote on it at the February meeting. The IRS Form 990 is due in April. Karen said that Walmart has advertised that they will do IRS forms free for non-profits. Donna reported that she had no success in locating a professional auditor to go over our books. We will continue with our internal audit procedure for now. Merri Peck will chair the audit committee, and Gil and Nancy will serve as members. The audit committee will meet at 6:30 PM prior to the February meeting.

Communications was the next topic on the agenda. There were a number of communications concerning the Whiteface Highway reconstruction project. Photos were sent to Jeff Wood, Marty Pickens and Kevin Prickett. Jeff Wood sent a thank you to the WHS for input provided and Doug Wolfe provided copies of blueprints and photos of the old silhouette signs originally used on the highway. Karen mentioned that she was told that there are 8X10 negatives of the highway construction in the New York State archives. She will find out if we can obtain copies of some of them for our collection. Karen sent out numerous letters along with a newly developed order form to promote our book as a great holiday gift. A number of letters were sent out to out of area contributors to Wilmington and the Whiteface Region to inform them of publication of the book and invite them to purchase a copy. We received an email from Carol Lamb in response about purchasing the new book and reliving many memories. Karen sent a thank you email to Cali Brooks and Beth Benson of the Adirondack Foundation for meeting with the WHS Board of Trustees to explain the function of the foundation and how an Acorn account could be of benefit to the WHS. The Adirondack Wildlife Refuge sent us a thank you letter for our donation of $50 following Steve Hallís presentation. Governor Cuomoís office sent a thank you letter for our correspondence and their copy of Wilmington and the Whiteface Region. Lynn Scharbach sent a thank you card to WHS acknowledging our work on the book and other projects. Patrick McIntyre asked for input on how he should refresh our website. He has already added information about Harold Hinds. He also provided us with the Google statistical analysis of the website which indicates that there were a total of 5,666 views of pages on the site by 1,928 people during the period from January 1, 2013 to September 30, 2013.

Doug reported that we acquired all the records and minutes from the Northland Rock and Mineral Club. Donna reported that she will be meeting with Kris Kueller who has photos to donate.

We discussed adding additional research hours. It was suggested that some daytime hours on Friday would be appropriate.

Karen and Donna will meet to talk about open discussion topics and program topics for the coming year. Doug suggested Jim Griebsch as a possible program speaker.

Karen and Bob Peters and Nancy and Bob Cressey will meet during the month of January to prepare the new membership brochure.

The 2014 Festival of Colors will be on Saturday, September 13th. Donna suggested history of tourism in Wilmington as a possible theme.

Randy Preston met with the Bridge Committee again. They have reversed their previous position and now indicate that we can have the bridge finished as we want it to preserve the historical aspect.

Karen requested that all active members report their volunteer hours for 2013 to her as soon as possible.

Doug made a motion to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded by Gil and it carried unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted,
Nancy Cressey
Wilmington Historical Society


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