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Minutes of Meeting
Wednesday, January 2, 2019
Wilmington Community Center


Karen Peters
Merri Peck
Nancy Cressey
Gilbert Dyke
Linda Joss-Dyke
Jess Ano
Donna Griffin (by Phone)

Karen Peters called the meeting to order at 6:30pm. She opened the meeting with a report on a seminar given by Adirondack Foundation on “Money for Nonprofits: How to Raise It, How to Manage It.” The seminar was attended by Karen and Linda Joss-Dyke. The seminar covered the cycle of fundraising and emphasized the need to develop and keep up donor relationships. All the board members received a copy of the handout from the seminar. Karen also advised us that she learned that we can count our volunteer time at a rate of $26 per hour for the purpose of obtaining matching grants.

Karen asked for the secretary’s report. Donna Griffin made a motion to approve the November minutes as read and Gil seconded her motion. All voted in favor.

We then discussed the treasurer’s report. Our Annual Appeal, which this year was focused on our building construction fund, resulted in donations of $6,510.00. Dennis Keegan is contributing matching funds. He requested that we send him a quarterly report of funds raised so he can provide matching funds. As of 1 January, 2019 our bank balances are as follows:

Operating Account $4,516.45
Building Fund Transfer Account $123.00
Building Construction Fund $40,966.81
Zachay Foundation $2,000.00
ADK Foundation $48,397.33

Nancy Cressey moved to approve the treasurer’s report and her motion was seconded by Linda. It carried unanimously. The Audit Committee for this year will be chaired by Merri Peck with Gil and Jess Ano serving as members. They will meet at 6:00 PM on February 6th, just prior to our regular meeting.

We then reviewed the draft budget for 2019. One proposed change was to put a separate line item in the budget for the building construction fund to indicate expected fundraising (money to be then deposited into the Building Construction account for such purpose and NOT for operations). Donna will make this change and we will vote on the budget at the February meeting. Our IRS Form 990 is due again in April. Donna will make an appointment with H&R Block to pick up our books from last year and get the new form done.

Karen then reviewed our communications. She sent thank you letters to various individuals for the larger donations to our building construction fund. Our treasurer Donna Griffin sends out all of the other thank-you notes. Karen also sent a thank you to Charles Haselton for donating documents for two deeds and one mortgage discharge paper related to his former properties in Wilmington. Another thank you was sent to Ali Cotterill & Christa Orth for donating a DVD of their documentary film, North Pole NY. Karen added that we also purchased 10 copies of the DVD to sell.

Most of the regular committee reports were tabled until the next meeting. WHS will again be open for researchers on the third Tuesday of each month from 10 AM to 1 PM, except for May when the date is changed to the 14th. Open discussions will begin with the March meeting. We need ideas for topics and for programs. Karen will meet with Donna, Merri and Linda to discuss ideas on January 23rd.

The Festival of Colors is scheduled for Saturday, September 14th. The Wilmington Whiteface Whiskey Run, Heritage Festival and Speakeasy is scheduled for Saturday, June 15th. Dave Ruch will be providing music this year and the 1812 reenactors are returning.

We then discussed the subject of membership dues. Our dues have remained unchanged since 2003 and it was suggested we consider raising them since our expenses have increased. After some discussion we decided to eliminate the Contributing and Sustaining Patron level and adjust the remaining levels as follows:
Level Current Dues Amount Proposed Increased Amount

Benefactor $250.00 No change
Patron 100.00 No change
Sponsor 50.00 No change
Institutional, business, corporate 20.00 30.00
Senior citizen 5.00 10.00
Student 2.00 5.00
Family 20.00 25.00
Individual 10.00 15.00
Gil then moved to raise dues as proposed and his motion was seconded by Merri. All voted in favor. This change necessitates a change in our bylaws to be voted on at the next meeting by all Wilmington Historical Society members present.

Karen asked Nancy to get the changes of address forms received from the Post Office from Donna. Nancy will use the forms to update our mailing list.

Our 2019 and long term plans will be discussed at our next meeting. Everyone needs to submit their volunteer hours for 2018 to Karen by the next meeting.

Donna moved to adjourn and Gil seconded the motion. All voted in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,
Nancy Cressey
Wilmington Historical Society


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