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Minutes of Meeting
Wednesday, January 6, 2016
Wilmington Community Center

Karen Peters
Jessica Ano
Donna Griffin
Merri C. Peck
Gil Dyke
Nancy Cressey
Monica McGaughey
Jenn Cantwell
Gemma Cantwell
Tara Mulvey

Karen Peters called the meeting to order at 7pm. Merri Peck, Audit Committee Chair, presented the findings of the committee which had met just prior to our business meeting. The records were found to be in excellent order with one recommendation made by the committee that a written receipt be made available for all electronic fund transfers. A motion was presented by Jess Ano to approve the Audit Committee report. Gil Dyke seconded the motion and all voted in favor.

Karen then called for the secretary’s report. Gil moved to accept the November minutes as read and his motion was seconded by Merri. The motion carried unanimously.

Donna Griffin presented the treasurer’s report. Currently we have $13,763.00 in our Adirondack Foundation Account, $2,576.59 in our operating account, $100.00 in the NBT Building fund account and $100.00 in petty cash. Merri made a motion to accept the report and her motion was seconded by Gil. All voted in favor. Donna then presented the proposed budget for 2016. Donna will revise the budget to correct an error and present it at the February meeting for vote. In discussing our Adirondack Foundation account Nancy mentioned that she had compared the list of donors to our mailing lists. We had almost no donations from the Lake Placid or Jay mailing lists except from people who are already members. It is not cost effective to send mass mailings outside of Wilmington. Merri suggested that next time we should do a bulk mailing to Wilmington residents to capture all the Wilmington people who are not property owners. Donna advised us that she will be making an appointment with Liberty Tax Service for them to do our IRS Form 990 again this year. There will be a small charge this year.

Karen then summarized our communications for the month. We received a thank you from the Association of State and Local History for payment of our dues. Peter Roland of the Lake Placid Historical Society called and emailed to inquire about our program presented by speaker Niki Kourofsky. The Lake Placid Historical Society is considering having her as a speaker also. Liz Miskovsky has a new email address. Nancy will check to make sure we have it listed in our records. We discussed plans for our research hours for 2016. We will keep the hours at 10am to 1pm on the third Tuesday of each month. Karen suggested that we should look into using the cloud for our Past Perfect files. We may want to consider doing an online exhibit as a way to provide wider access to our collections. We need to continue doing oral interviews on Wilmington motel history. Merri mentioned that she is unable to get into the WHS Facebook page to share photos and videos. We need to fix this to make sure we are getting the most benefit from our Facebook page. Monica McGaughey mentioned that she has a contact who could probably help us to fix this.

We need ideas for topics for our 2016 programs and open discussions. Monica talked about fundraising through local theater and story-telling. Karen reported that Guy Stephenson suggested we contact Nicole Forbes, chair of the town cemetery committee, about doing a cemetery workshop. Guy also said he could do a hike of both mines and the big virgin timber stand of pines off of Bonnieview Road. For open discussion topics we might want to try to get old home movies. Service organizations and clubs in Wilmington are other possible topics. Karen will ask Guy to select the discussion topic for our February meeting. Monica volunteered to lead the March discussion around women’s history since March is Women’s History month. Karen will contact Merri, Donna, Gil and Linda to set up a date to discuss program topics. The Festival of Colors is Saturday September 10th. Monica will join the fund raising committee and help generate new ideas. Bob and Nancy Cressey volunteered to help Bob and Karen Peters prepare the new brochure for our 2016 membership drive. Karen will contact Bob and Nancy to set up a date to work on the brochure. Nancy will generate mailing labels for the membership drive mailing.

Gil reported for the Fund Raising Committee that Linda Joss-Dyke, chairperson, would like to have a committee meeting soon. There will be a seminar on fund raising for non-profits on January 19th.

Karen passed out copies of our 2015 Action Plan. We reviewed the document and made changes to update it for 2016.

Karen asked that everyone submit their volunteer hours for 2015 to her as soon as possible.

Donna moved to adjourn the meeting and her motion was seconded by Gil. The motion carried unanimously..

Respectfully Submitted,
Nancy Cressey
Wilmington Historical Society


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