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Minutes of Meeting
Monday, January 6, 2020
Nazarene Church, 6:30 pm

Karen Peters
Merri Peck
Nancy Cressey
Susan Albert
Jess Ano
Gil Dyke
Linda Joss-Dyke

Karen Peters called the meeting to order at 6:30pm. She reminded us that the audit committee will meet at 5:30 February 5th, just prior to our regular meeting. We reviewed the minutes from the meeting of November 6th. Merri Peck moved to accept them as read and Linda Joss-Dyke seconded her motion. All voted in favor. We then reviewed the treasurer’s report. Bank balances as of now are as follows:

Operating Account $4,655.68
Transfer Account 128.00
Zachay Fund 2,010.00
Building Fund 73,763.83
Adirondack Foundation 47,765.40

Susan Albert is still working on getting the records up to date in Quickbooks. Receipts from our Annual Appeal were down from the previous year, in part due to Facebook changing their requirements for providing matching funds so that we were not able to qualify in time. Susan will present the draft budget for 2020 at the next meeting. Gil Dyke moved to accept the treasurer’s report and his motion was seconded by Jess Ano. It carried unanimously.

Discussion turned to communications. The Museum Association of New York sent us information about their upcoming conference “The Power of Partnership,” March 29-31 in Albany, New York. We received a holiday thank you card from Boyer Septic Service for using their service at the Heritage Festival. Karen sent a thank you note to Vic and Debbie Brown for giving the WHS a Santa’s Workshop souvenir plate. A thank you was also sent to Tom and Freddie Quilla of the Country Bear for providing us with refreshments for our programs and meetings. We received a request from Dave Fitz-Gerald for information for a new book he is writing on the early history of Wilmington. Karen provided him with a number of sources for his research. A sympathy card is being sent to Patrick McIntyre whose wife passed away.

The WHS will hold research days on the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 10 am to 1 pm. For the month of May only research day will be on Wednesday, May 20 from 10 am to 1 pm. We are working on getting a donate button added to our Facebook page. Approval on that is pending. All the donate buttons on our website are now working. Linda suggested that we put donate buttons on our website to sell Whiskey Run merchandise. We will look into this further.

Karen, Linda and Merri will meet February 3rd at 1 pm to determine topics for our 2020 open discussions and programs. The date for the Festival of Colors will be Saturday, September 12. Meeting will again be on the first Wednesday of each month with the exception of June, which will be on Wednesday, June 10th. The town is forming a committee for 200th Anniversary planning. There will be a yearlong series of events in 2022. WHS will be a participant along with other organizations and businesses associated with the town of Wilmington.

Bob and Nancy Cressey will meet with Bob and Karen Peters at 2 pm February 4th to prepare the new membership brochure.

Linda reported for the Fundraising Committee that the thank you letters have gone out. Karen reported that our application for the Empire State Development Grant was denied.

Karen said that our final report for the Essex County Arts Council Grant has been submitted. She still needs to complete the final report for our Iron Man Grant.

We reviewed and updated our Wilmington Historical Society Action Plan to make it current for 2020 and we also updated our Long Range Plans for 2021-2024.

Everyone needs to submit their volunteer hours for 2019 to Karen.

Merri moved to adjourn the meeting and Susan seconded the motion. All voted in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,
Nancy Cressey


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