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Minutes of Meeting
7:00 PM, Wednesday, January 19, 2005
E. M. Cooper Library


Doug Wolfe
Steve Connor
Karen Peters
Guy Stephenson, Jr.
Bob Cressey
Nancy Cressey
Merri C. Peck

President Karen Peters called the meeting to order.

Guy Stephenson made a motion to accept the November minutes as read. Steve Connor seconded the motion. All voted in favor.

Bob Cressey gave the treasurerís report. Our bank balance is $1,886.91. Bob mentioned that he received and paid a final electric bill so apparently the next bill will go to the town. We paid $13.35 to New York State for sales tax and $50 to the Upstate History Alliance (UHA) to renew our membership. We have received a bill for $75 for renewal of our membership in American Association for State and Local History (AASLH). Doug Wolfe offered a motion to pay the AASLH dues which was seconded by Guy. The motion carried unanimously. Steve made a motion to accept the report and it was seconded by Guy. All voted in favor. Karen asked Bob to include only transactions since the previous meeting in future treasurerís reports, rather than printing out the whole yearís activity each time.

Karen reported on communications. We received a bulletin from UHA announcing that Dave Lowry will be replacing Anne Marie Pryzbyla as State Archives Regional Advisory Officer. There will be a GI Joe exhibit at the military museum in Saratoga Springs through March. We received an 1889 Wilmington Grand Jury list from Kim Marshall, and a Myrtle Beach News article about Whiteface Mountain from Kent Maynard. Wayne Taylor sent an article with a picture of the Wilmington Ball Club. Susie Doolittle sent us an article about John W. Nye, and we received pictures of the photo meet from Barbara Rothman. Bill Carr sent a copy of an article about the cannon. We also received a brochure about a symposium from Mid Atlantic museums, the Capital District Civil War Roundtable Newsletter, the AASLH Dispatch, and the AASLH History News Magazine. Merri received a note from Jim Carr. He ordered one of each of the census books. Merri gave Bob his check for the books and postage and she will need a check from Bob for $17.85 to cover the postage. Steve wrote a letter to Jonas Schwartzentruber, the Amish wheelwright to get an estimate for repair of the gun carriage wheels. He has not received a reply yet.

Merri had nothing new to report for the Library, Museum, and Historic Sites Committee. She requested that we pick a regular day and time to meet to work on archival projects. We decided to try to get together at Merriís house on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30. Karen mentioned that she had received something about an annual support contract for Past Perfect, but Merri said she did not think we needed it.

Karen reported for the Publications and Programs Committee that she attended the Whiteface Visitorís Bureau Meeting. Doug is doing an electronic media slide program about the 1980 Olympics which he will present at the next meeting, Wednesday February 16th. The presentation will be given in the Ausable Room at the Base Lodge at Whiteface. Karen mentioned that Liz DeFazio, Director of the Olympic Museum, has some pictures of the 1980 Olympics. Karen also gave Doug a draft press release and flyer for the program to review. Guy mentioned that he recently gave an interview with Liz DeFazio on winter sports in connection with the 1980 Olympics celebration.

Julia Robinsonís program on antiques has been postponed to March.

Karen gave the report for the Membership and Nominations Committee. Karen advised that she has spoken to Bridgett Hinman and ORDA will again offer the free trip up the toll road as a membership drive incentive for us. The new flyers will cost about the same as last year--$111. Color would be about $600, but Karen will check with another printer who had suggested that they might be able to do it in color for much less. Guy made a suggestion that we include a photo of the dam on the flyer. Merri suggested that we might include the flyer as an insert in the February town newsletter to save postage costs, but we decided that it may get more attention if mailed separately. Karen will call the Visitorís Bureau to get their bulk mailing permit number and we will meet Tuesday the 25th at Karenís house to design the flyer.

Doug reported that he obtained copies of the deeds for Haselton Cemetery from the town hall in order to determine the property boundary reference points. He suggested that if we could establish the boundaries we could try to get some surveying students to take on the project of laying out grids to map the cemetery. We need to thank Shirley Lawrence and Jerry Bruce for getting the deeds for us, but in order to get all the information we need we will have to get the tax map. Doug will follow up with that. He also showed us a copy of an article about Joyce Ranieri of Franklin County who has recorded all Franklin cemeteries online. The article said Ranieri is interested in receiving transcriptions of cemeteries in Clinton and Essex counties which she will include on her web site. Bob said he would contact her and provide her with copies of the CDs for all the Wilmington cemeteries.

Karen mentioned that the North Country Underground Railroad Center is applying for a Heritage Trail Grant.

There will be a Torchlight Ski on Saturday February 19th in conjunction with the 1980 Olympics celebration. A number of the Olympic athletes are expected to be present.

Bob Peters made a large Wilmington Historical Society sign. The paint was donated by Roy Holzer. Karen sent thank you notes to Bob and Roy.

Karen contacted the Ausable Garden Club regarding landscaping around the trailer, but she has not heard back as yet. She also tried to contact Ginny Crispell of Mountain Artists, but Ginny is away.

Steve reported that he spoke to Terry Avery about the gattling gun. She is open to displaying it, but it will not be moved until we have a secure place to keep it. Steve is going to try to get some pictures of the gun so we can begin some research.

Merri has been looking at a printer/copier/scanner which is on sale for $89. Doug pointed out that we need to be aware of the cost of cartridges since many of the more inexpensive printers are much more expensive to operate.

Karen will email the order form for Dr. Hindsí books to Patrick McIntyre so he can put it on our website. He also needs information about each of the books.

Tina Didreckson is willing to do Wilmington genealogical research. She will offer her services to WHS members at a discount.

Doug reported that he has collected more information about the history of the dam. The change from the wooden bridge to the iron bridge occurred in 1881. The wooden dam washed out in 1936 or 37. We may try to get Steve Englehart to do a presentation on the bridges.

Karen reported that WHS has two new accessions. We acquired a souvenir calendar from the 1980 Olympics and a 1980 Olympics volunteer medal from Augie Augenthaler.

Bob made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Steve seconded the motion and all voted in favor.

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Cressey


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