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Minutes of Meeting
Wednesday, February 1, 2017
Wilmington Community Center


Merri Peck
Guy Stephenson
Donna Griffin
Linda Joss-Dyke
Gil Dyke
Nancy Cressey
Bob Cressey

Merri Peck called the meeting to order at 7 pm. She said that our first open discussion will be in March and she asked for topic ideas. Suggestions included “Gone but Not Forgotten,” possibly along with a map of historical locations to be created, “Holiness Camp,” “10th Mountain Division” and “Fallen Heroes.”

Merri then called for the Secretary’s report. Linda Joss-Dyke moved to accept the minutes as read and Guy Stephenson seconded her motion. All voted in favor.

Donna presented the treasurer’s report. We have $1,373.32 in our NBT operating account, $2,310.55 in the NBT building transfer account, and $39,768.23 in the Adirondack Foundation account. We have an appointment for our IRS Form 990 to be done on Tuesday, February 7th. Our new NBT account for the John Zachay memorial is awaiting paperwork. When it is completed Donna will transfer $2,000 from the building transfer account to the John Zachay memorial account. Gil Dyke made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report and Linda seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

Merri then summarized our communications for the month. We received a note of thanks for the work of the WHS from Lynn and Doug Scharbach, a phone call from Jan Bosland thanking us for the Scrapbook program and an email from Starr Hough thanking Karen and Merri for help with research and asking if we will have any daytime research hours this year. The town of Salem announced a plan for a memorial where accused witches were killed. This is relevant to the WHS because some lines of the Lawrence and Wilkins families are related to Susanna North Martin who was executed as a witch in Salem. We had a message from Michelle Preston about getting a booth at the Adirondack Sports and Fitness show March 18-19th. The show is very well attended by runners and bikers so the board authorized the expenditure of $250 to get a booth at the show to publicize our Whiskey Run fundraiser. There was an email from Shannon at the Wild Center in Tupper Lake about a poster board featuring maple sugar taps. Carla Eilo of the History Museum in Lake Placid sent an email confirming that they would like to work with us for students in September 2017. Our quarterly fund statements from the Adirondack Foundation are now available on the web and there will be a webinar on February 16th at 11 am for those interested in meeting Chairman of the Board, John Ernst. Charles Haselton sent an email encouraging us to look at the McGrath house as a possible site for the WHS because it has history and land. Guy Stephenson will be looking into this.

Karen sent a thank you letter to Bert Fresn for donation of a digital copy of a J&J Rogers log book dated 1897, as well as other digital copies of related news articles. She sent a thank you to Billie and Gene Loughran for donating the Pioneer Scout Band base drum which was played by William G. Cooper when he was a boy. She also sent thank you letters to Judy Lawrence for digital copies of her Wilmington post card collection, and to Kempton Pierce for donating Pierce/Malbone/Dudley family photos. Karen downloaded a Stoddard book. We had a research question about logging in Wilmington which Guy addressed. Other research inquiries included requests for information on the Bailey family, iron mine history, the Wilmington airport and the Cassius and Levina Bruce family.

Our next research day will be Tuesday, February 21st from 10 am to 1 pm. Merri passed out a schedule of research dates for 2017 which will be on the third Tuesday of each month from 10 am to 1 pm at the Community Center. The Publications and Programs Committee still needs topics for open discussions and programs for this year. Merri, Donna and Karen will be meeting to set up the program schedule.

Nancy Cressey reported for the membership and Nominations Committee that she picked up the completed 2017 Membership brochures from the UPS Store. The membership drive mailing will go out within the next week or two. Guy reported that the Cemetery Committee has not met. Merri will try to talk to Nicole about putting together a list of people without headstones.

Linda reported on fundraising. The next meeting on the Whiskey Run will be February 8th. We have ordered more stickers to be distributed to vendors. Linda is looking for a volunteer to contact area schools about making Great Escape tickets available to students. We need ideas for prizes for the Festival of Colors. Guy suggested picking out photos from our archives and framing

Merri passed out copies of our 2017 and Long Range Plans.

Donna has been trying to get with Patrick about website updates. Our website is in need of updating and Merri brought up the idea that we might look into obtaining a program which would make it much easier and faster to get the updates done.

Guy reported that the gun carriage is still in the trailer and he has not heard from the individual who had agreed to take the trailer. It was agreed that since the gun is town property the town should take responsibility for finding a place to store it, however the WHS has an interest in seeing that it is taken care of.

Donna has been researching grants. Karen had previously suggested that we should try to get signs for Esther Mountain under the NYS Grants Gateway, Legends and Lore.

Volunteer hours are needed from WHS Board and active members.

Donna moved to adjourn and the motion was seconded by Gil. All voted in favor.


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