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Minutes of Meeting
Wednesday, February 3, 2010
Wilmington Community Center


Gail Mitchell
Jae Lyn Burke
Doug Wolfe
Karen Peters
Guy Stephenson
Laura Bushy
Linda Joss-Dyke
Gilbert Dyke

Call to Order: Karen Peters called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM. The open discussion “Dog Sledding in Wilmington” was conducted. The business meeting commenced at 7:55 PM.

Treasurer’s Report:
In Bob Cressey’s absence, Karen Peters submitted the treasurer’s report along with adopted budget from the January 6, 2010 meeting. The audit committee report from January 6, 2010 will be tabled until the next meeting, March 3, 2010 due to the absence of its chairperson, Merri Peck. The current balance is $5,479.16. Payments of $44.00 for postage and $55.00 for membership in the Museum Association of New York were also made. Karen Peters also reported she paid $50.00 dues to the Whiteface Region Tourist and Visitors Center. The dues were prorated $21.00 and the remainder will be put toward next year’s dues. Guy Stephenson moved to accept the treasurer’s report. Doug Wolfe seconded. Motion passed.

Secretary’s Report:
Karen called for the secretary’s report. Doug Wolfe moved to accept the January 6, 2010 minutes as received. Guy Stephenson seconded. The motion carried

Acquisitions and research:
Doug Wolfe donated North Pole commerative stamps and covers. He also acquired a dog sledding video from the Sears family.

Karen Peters acquired a xerox copy of Thomas Sanford: the Emigrant to New England. This copy contains records of ancesters and descendants including Reuben Sanford.

Doug Wolfe has also secured an autographed copy of Battle of Plattsburgh, 1814 by Keith Herkes.

There is an exhibit on the “Cold War” at the Clinton County Historical Society in Plattsburgh. They are looking for any related items to exhibit. If anyone is interested in being interviewed about their “Cold War” experiences or memories contact the Clinton County Museum.

Karen Peters has been working with Julie Robinson on the Santa’s Workshop book she is writing. Karen is helping to secure permission for pictures and articles to be used. Julie Robinson is a local writer for Antiques and Collectables.

Derek Murden is producing a PBS program on Fran Betters and has been sent research materials and photos for the introduction and background. WHS will request a copy of the program for the archives.

Two local families have used the WHS archives for geneology research.

The archive library has been 93% acccessed and 83% has been cataloged. The town historian documents will be housed in the archives when the official document is obtained.

Flyers announcing the “Open Research” time 6:00PM until 9:00PM on the third Tuesday of every month at the Wilmington Community Center will be printed and posted.

The WHS is sponsoring author Kate Messner’s Workshop on Historical Novels for middle school children on Friday, February 19th at the Lake Placid Middle School. Karen Peters moved to cover Kate Messner’s expenses of $349.00 for travel and workshop costs. Guy Stephenson seconded. Motion passed. WHS will request an autographed copy of the novel for the archives. Novels are based on area history.

Dan Williams was suggested as a possible summer meeting speaker. The topic would be “Adirondack Ledgers” [Loggers?]

Membership drive will be conducted during the month of February. Current membership is 153, down from 182 last year. You are encouraged to sign up early to take advantage of WHS programs.

Along with a new name “Whiteface Region Tourist and Visitor’s Center” the visitor’s bureau has a new logo; expanded focus; new marketing plan; and a new website (www.whitefaceregion.com) Karen Peters presented a ballot from the center and as a member the WHS was asked to vote on the listed items and return the ballot to the center. Karen moved to vote “YES” to changing the number of visitor center board members from 9 to 5 and to move the general election to September, 2010. Linda Joss-Dyke seconded. Motion carried. The ballot will be returned to the Visitor’s Center.

The Wilmington Community Enhancement Council. A new footprint for the community building is still being discussed. A formal plan has not been presented. Funding sources are being researched.

Old Business:
-Permanent Charter: all reports have been filed and David Palmquist received charter request and forwarded materials.
- Karen reported she was able to pay ahead for the WHS Verizon cell phone. The phone has been paid until November, 2010.
-Chattel Mortgages 1850 &1880 were sent to be transcribed by Nancy McNabb for the Wilmington book series by Harold Hinds.

New Business:
The new picture rail system will be installed in the community center and WHS photos will be displayed. Bob Peters installed a shelf in one of the storage cabinets to allow maps and large pictures to be stored. Bob will also reframe the wildlife painting that hangs in the community center.

The “Oral History Interview Release” form was distributed and after several revisions were made it will be reproduced for consideration and for a vote at the next WHS Board meeting.

Karen Peters requested round table “Oral History Workshop” materials from Margaret Gibbs of ECHS. Materials were received.

Guy Stephenson made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:19 PM. Doug Wolfe seconded. Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted,
Linda Joss-Dyke
Acting for Nancy Cressey, Secretary


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