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Minutes of Meeting
Wednesday, February 5, 2014 Wilmington Community Center


Karen Peters
Bob Peters
Gil Dyke
Donna Griffin
Merri Peck
Guy Stephenson
Barbara Rothman
Nancy Cressey

Karen Peters called the meeting to order at 7:10PM immediately following the Audit Committee meeting. We commenced our discussion of “Wilmington and the Olympics.” Karen showed some slides of skiing events in the 1980 Olympics. Guy Stephenson was able to identify numerous individuals in a photo of all the volunteer staff that worked on Whiteface during the Olympics. Barbara Rothman brought a ski race bib (#18) from the 1980 Olympics which she donated to the WHS. Karen also spoke about Wilmington’s connections to a number of athletes in the current Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Bob Peters told us about how his son Steven was involved in the design of sleds that are being used in the skeleton races. Also on display were a number of items from the WHS Olympic collection and from Bob and Karen Peters personal Olympic souvenir collection.

Following the open discussion Karen called for the secretary’s report. Doug Wolfe has sent in one spelling correction to a name. “Jeff Wood” was corrected to “Geoff Wood.” Donna moved to accept the minutes as corrected and the motion was seconded by Gil Dyke. All voted in favor.

Donna Griffin then gave the treasurer’s report. She passed out copies of her report and told us that the current balance in the treasury is $5,823.41. Donna said she has changed the report to now reflect three accounts instead of just one. The accounts are our NBT bank account, the petty cash account which is cash she keeps on hand for making change for book sales, and our newly opened Adirondack Foundation Acorn account for $5,000. Gil moved to accept the Treasurer’s report and the motion was seconded by Guy. All voted in favor. We then discussed the proposed budget prepared by Donna. All agreed that the budget projections looked good. Nancy Cressey made a motion to accept the draft budget as presented and it was seconded by Merri Peck. All voted in favor. Karen mentioned that our IRS Form 990 is due in April and then Merri gave the Audit Committee Report. The Audit Committee members were Chairman Merri Peck, Gil Dyke and Nancy Cressey. The Audit Committee met with Donna at 6:30PM just prior to the WHS meeting on this day. The committee checked over the check register, bank statements and spread sheets and found everything appeared in good order. A random check of receipts and deposits was proven true and accurate. Barbara Rothman made a motion to accept the Audit Committee report and it was seconded by Guy. The motion carried unanimously.

We then talked about our Acorn account with the Adirondack Foundation (formerly Adirondack Community Trust). WHS member Dennis Keegan has generously donated $5,600 which has enabled us to open the Acorn account. The remaining $600 will be used to purchase building plans. Information about the Adirondack Foundation Acorn account will be included in our website with a link to allow electronic donations to our account. Donna and Merri will provide the wording for a PayPal link to our webmaster, Patrick McIntyre.

Communications was the next topic on the agenda. We had postings from several people on our Facebook page. There were also several people who had concerns regarding our email about the stone bridge. Karen responded to these individuals with updated information about the project. She also responded to an email from Dennis Keegan and provided him with a copy of his father’s obituary from the Lake Placid News. Harold Hinds sent us a bio in response to our request so that we can put it with the books he has authored. Peter Spring inquired about the status of sticker sales. Donna sent a thank you letter to Dennis Keegan for his generous donation to the WHS. Chris Morris of the Adirondack Foundation asked for information about the purpose and goals of the WHS regarding the new account including the WHS building plans and Dennis Keegan’s background. Karen and Dennis Keegan wrote up the requested information and it will be made available on the Adirondack Foundation webpage.

Acquisitions for this month included two photos of people which were left at the library by Frances Driscoll of Upper Jay. Merri will research to identify the people in the photos. We also acquired a book listing Wilmington veterans of all wars. We received CDs for our donation to the Fran Betters memorial statue project. There was a request for information about the Jaquish family and a request for a photo of an early T-bar from Mountain Lake PBS for a project they were doing about Norman Briggs, surveyor and World War II veteran. The project is now completed and WHS has been invited to attend the screening of “An Adirondack Man’s Life Journey & Connection to Hospice.” The event will take place Friday, February 21st at 6:00 to 7:00PM at the Amos & Julia Ward Theater, Jay, NY. We decided to add Friday research hours in the summer as a trial. We will be open for research the second Friday of each month from 10AM to 12 noon. Those dates are June 13th, July 11th and August 8th.

Karen and Donna met and came up with a list of Open Discussion topics for 2014. These are:

Feb. 5 (Wed.): "Wilmington & the Olympics"
March 5 (Wed.): "Lumbering & Sawmills in Wilmington"
April 2 (Wed.): "Celebrity Visitors to Wilmington"
May 7 (Wed.): “History of Whiteface Highway”
June 4 (Wed.): “Whiteface Mountain House”
July 2 (Wed.): “Hidden Messages in Local Quips and Quotes”
August 6 (Wed.): “Schools in Wilmington”
September 3 (Wed): “The Owaissa Club”
October 1 (Wed.): “History of the Wilmington Stone Bridge”
November 5 (Wed.): “History of Extreme Weather in Wilmington”

Karen and Donna also discussed a number of ideas for programs for this year. Karen wrote an article for the town newsletter which will be coming out shortly.

Nancy reported for the Membership and Nominations Committee that she picked up the completed 2014 membership flyers from the UPS Store. She has prepared mailing labels for out of town WHS members and out of town Wilmington property owners and will prepare the bulk mailing within the next week. She will also distribute the new flyers to the town hall, library and the Visitor’s Bureau.

Guy reported that the Cemetery Committee has not yet met. They will be selecting more headstones to repair with the $100 of town money that is available for that purpose. Guy will look over the list of Wilmington veterans to see if there are any more War of 1812 veterans whose stones are in need of repair.

Karen reported that the Wilmington Recreation Committee has been very active. She provided a picture of the Wilmington Iron Bridge for use on the website. A building Committee for the WHS has been created. Co-chairs are Bob Peters and Gil Dyke, with Guy Stephenson, Bob Hockert and Bill Waldy also serving as members.

Karen reported that at the last meeting of the Stone Bridge Committee it was announced that the bridge will be kept as historically correct as possible. Bids will be going out in August.

Arcadia Books is close to starting the second printing of our book, Wilmington and the Whiteface Region. We were able to correct two errors that were found after the first printing.

Karen reported that the Northern New York Library Network has changed the website for searching historic newspapers. She has notified our webmaster Patrick of the change and asked him to update the link on our website.

Guy announced that he is planning another Iron Mine Hike.

Merri made a motion to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded by Guy and it carried unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted,
Nancy Cressey
Wilmington Historical Society


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