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Minutes of Meeting
Wednesday, February 5, 2020
Wilmington Community Center, 6:30 pm


Karen Peters
Merri Peck
Nancy Cressey
Susan Albert
Jess Ano
Guy Stephenson
Linda Joss-Dyke

Karen Peters called the meeting to order at 6:30pm. We reviewed the minutes from the meeting of January 6th. Guy Stephenson moved to accept them as read and Linda Joss-Dyke seconded his motion. All voted in favor. We then reviewed the treasurer’s report. Bank balances as of now are as follows:
Operating Account   $4,664.22
Transfer Account   128.00
Zachay Fund   2,010.00
Building Fund   82,194.65
Adirondack Foundation 47,765.40

Guy moved to accept the treasurer’s report and his motion was seconded by Linda. It carried unanimously. Susan Albert stated that she would keep petty cash at $100 and reconcile quarterly. There was some discussion of the Whiskey Run income. We then discussed the proposed budget. It was determined that we need two lines on the budget to separate annual raffles from the Whiskey Run raffles. We also need to separate book sales from sales of T-shirts, glasses, etc. The budget vote was tabled until our March meeting. The IRS Form 990 is due after April 15. Susan and Karen will meet with H&R Block on April 21.

Merri Peck then presented the report from the Audit Committee meeting. The committee found all records to be in good order and congratulated Susan for an outstanding job. Linda moved to accept the report and Guy seconded her motion. All voted in favor.

Communications was the next topic on the agenda. We received a suggestion from Doug Wolfe that we should consider “Mills in Wilmington” for one of our open discussion topics. Since the list of open discussion topics for this year has already been finalized we will save that topic for next year. A thank you letter was sent to Dennis Keegan for his generous donation to our building fund for the Wilmington Historical Society Ruth and Thomas Keegan Memorial History Center. We received an email from Julie Robards confirming that her musical group will play at the Wilmington Whiskey Run and Heritage Festival on Saturday, June 20, 2020. Charles Haselton emailed a suggestion that we contact wealthy celebrities as a possible source for contributions to our building fund.

We had a number of inquiries relating to Acquisition and Research in the past month. Karen replied to an inquiry about a burial record for Pleasant View Cemetery. Karen responded to a request for information about Wilmington from author Dave Fitz-Gerald. Holly Aquino requested information about the history of High Falls Gorge. Jim Griebsch is working on digitizing films from the 1980 Olympics. Maggie Bartley requested information for a fishing exhibit that she is putting together. Linda Schuster donated some Hardy barn photos and family tree information. Michele Preston requested any Wilmington history information that could be used to write an article for Black History Month.

We received information about new software available from Past Perfect. Our Archive hours are 10 am to 1 pm on the third Tuesday of each month, except for May, when it will be on Wednesday, May 20. Our next research day is February 18. The Open Discussion topics for 2020 are:

Wednesday, March 4, 6:30 pm “Early Wilmington Settlers”
Wednesday, April 1, 6:30 pm “High Falls Gorge History”
Wednesday, May 6, 6:30 pm “Local Wildlife History/Stories”
Wednesday, June 10*, 6:30 pm “Santa’s Workshop/Local Experiences” (*note change in date)
Wednesday, July 1, 6:30 pm “Historic Homes in Wilmington”
Wednesday, August 5, 6:30 pm “Wilmington by the Decades (1) – 1870-1880”
Wednesday, September 2, 6:30 pm “Wilmington in World War I”
Wednesday, October 7, 6:30 pm “Wilmington by the Decades (2) – 1880-1890”
Wednesday, November 4, 6:30 pm “Area Women’s First Votes”

The committee is still working on Programs for the year. Linda agreed to research doing a class on some type of craft. The Festival of Colors will be Saturday, September 12 and the Whiskey Run is set for June 20, 2020. The town is working on getting a committee together for the 200 year celebration. Our annual meeting is the second Wednesday in June.

The new membership brochure for 2020 will be coming out soon. Susan suggested that we add the full brochure to our website instead of just the membership application portion that is there currently.

Linda reported on fundraising. The next meeting of the fundraising committee will be February 20. We are adding a 5K run/walk to this year’s race. We will not order any retail shirts this year because they do not sell well. Those who want shirts can buy the runner or volunteer shirts. A $2000 sponsorship level is being adding this year. Those sponsors will be allowed to put ads on a free app that will track the runners in real time. We are trying to add more crafters as vendors this year. Guy reported for the cemetery committee that Doug Nemec was able to get the Haselton Cemetery map copied.

The website analytics report shows that we had 1546 users in 1782 separate sessions. The Iron Man logo appears on our website because they gave the WHS a grant.

Susan reported on a webinar she attended given by the Pomeroy Foundation on historical markers. This is something we can pursue when we decide what markers we would like to erect.

Merri attended a webinar on Indexing Electronic Records. One important takeaway from the presentation was that we should have a master copy of all records that is set aside and never used.

Karen reported that she has applied for the Adirondack Foundation Generous Acts Grant. She also reminded everyone that she needs our volunteer hours for 2019.

Linda moved to adjourn the meeting and Merri seconded her motion. All voted in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,
Nancy Cressey


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