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Minutes of Meeting
Wednesday, Mar 4, 2009
Wilmington Community Center

Merri Peck opened the Meeting.

Attending the meeting were Doug Wolfe, Guy Stephenson, Bob Cressey, Nancy Cressey, and Merri Peck.

Our open discussion was “The History of Gas Stations in Wilmington”. It was amazing how many little gas stations and garages our town had!

The Secretary’s report was revised. Guy made a motion to accept the report as revised. Bob 2nd the motion. All were in favor.

Merri made a motion to accept the Treasure’s report. Guy 2nd the motion. All were in favor.

Doug made a motion to accept the REVISED 2009 Budget plan. Guy 2nd the motion. All were in favor. $185 was added to both donations and insurance.

We also discussed and agreed to apply for a debit/credit card through NBT Bank to make on line purchasing easier. Currently if we make an on line purchase, one member of the Board has to make the purchase with their personal credit card and then be reimbursed by WHS. Four people will be included to make purchases: Bob and Nancy Cressey, Karen Peters, and Merri Peck. Only one card will be needed. Karen is to receive that card. Balances are to be paid as they are received or deducted directly from the WHS checking account. Merri made the motion to apply for the debit/credit card through NBT. Nancy 2nd the motion. All were in favor.

Programs for 2009 are still being finalized.

Bob Cressey purchased a guide for Quick Books for $25.62 and we agreed to reimburse him.

We added 55 people as members. 39 of them were renewals. $940 was collected for memberships since the last report. The $940 included 1 membership @ $250 and 1 membership @ $100,

Doug mentioned we should add a brass plaque at the dam for historical markers. He has been speaking with Rarilee, Town Board representative.

The CCAHA is offering a Preservation Grant. We expressed an interest in apply for this grant for possible projects such as preserving our large maps or making prints from glass plate negatives.

Respectfully submitted,
Merri C Peck, VP WHS


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