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Minutes of Meeting
7:00 PM, Wednesday, April 1, 2009
Wilmington Community Center


Karen Peters
Doug Wolfe
Guy Stephenson
Bob Cressey
Nancy Cressey
Lora Bushey

Karen Peters called the meeting to order. The discussion topic was “Industry in Wilmington”. Our discussion transitioned from Wilmington’s early19th century grist mills, saw mills, a potash factory, a starch factory and the blooming of iron into the mainly tourist and small cottage industries of today with some interesting stories and facts.

At the close of the discussion Karen called for the secretary’s report. Doug Wolfe moved to accept the minutes as read, the motion was seconded by Guy Stephenson, and the motion was carried.

Bob gave the treasurer’s report. He passed out copies of the report in Quickbooks format and also in his original format. Our bank balance is currently $ 5,821.40. We had income for the month of $150 all from memberships. Our expenses for the month totaled $121.69, including $84.00 for postage, $25.62 for a Quickbooks Guide, and $12.07 New York State sales tax. Guy made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and Doug seconded it. The motion carried unanimously. Bob reported that our IRS Tax form 990EZ is nearly ready to send, pending a few more pieces of information needed. Also, we are now able to do banking online with our account at NBT. Bob received the information from NBT to be able to apply for a small business no-fee credit card. Karen will fill out the form and send it in for the purpose of making online purchases without using someone’s personal card.

Karen reported on Communications. We received an email from Denton Publications (Valley News) requesting information on programming for a Summer Regional Calendar they will be putting out this year. Karen will send the information as soon as all of our summer programs are verified. We also received the NYS Archives newsletter with upcoming workshops and programs. We also have been communicating with Lake Placid Schools and author Kate Messner regarding a presentation in conjunction with the 400th Year Anniversary of Champlain’s voyage to the Lake Champlain region. It is not going to be possible to schedule this event for this spring, but we hope to schedule it for the fall, with the Wilmington Historical Society as the sponsor.

There were no acquisitions to report this month.

As far as research for this month, Karen met with local resident Sid Maxwell regarding the Quaker Mountain Ski area and Rope Tow. Sid and her husband purchased land next to it in the 1940’s and therefore Sid was able to give a history of the development of the local small ski tow established by Olympic bobsledder Donna Fox. The oral interview with Sid is digitally recorded and saved in the files of the Wilmington Historical Society for future researchers. On another topic, Doug sent a photo of the 1919 air crash in Jay to Judy Rosenbloom who posted it on the Jay website which then received some feedback----it is a mislabeled photo. Wells library would like a copy of the whole file which we would like to see turn into a project for display. Karen will see if she still has the address of the air crash researcher who contacted us a few years ago to forward to the Library. He may be able to assist with information. Also---Nancy Cressey noted that tonight or tomorrow night there will be a spot on Mountain Lake PBS about Wilmington fishing legend, Fran Betters.

Merri was absent, so there was no report for the Library, Museum and Historic Sites Committee.

Karen reported for the Publications and Programs Committee. The 2009 programs are nearing finalization. Karen will have those programs with firm dates posted on our website. Lora Bushy wrote an article in her column about the WHS in the Lake Placid News.

Nancy Cressey reported for the Membership and Nominations Committee that we received four memberships for a total of $150 since the last meeting. Reminders will be sent out in May.

Karen and Bob Peters are working with volunteer Nancy George McNabb on the transcription of chattel mortgages for the “Wilmington Books” project. Bob Peters will photograph the Wilmington chattel mortgages and a CD will be sent to Nancy for her to use to transcribe another decade (1880’s) of the chattel mortgages for the “Wilmington Book Series” by Prof, Harold Hinds and Tina Didreckson of the University of Minnesota at Morris. We appreciate Nancy’s willingness to volunteer and thank her in advance for her time and expertise.

Patrick McIntyre is continuing to update our website as new material is sent to him.

Karen continues to work with a group in the Methodist Church to create a booklet for their 175th anniversary celebration on July 12th. She has also been doing research and has been presenting monthly “history moments” at the church.

Karen has been receiving updates for the 150th Anniversary of John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry to be held at the John Brown State Historic Site in Lake Placid August 1-2 with the cooperation of the Capital District Civil War Roundtable, which will provide an encampment, re-enactors, etc. Our historical society has been assisting with local contacts support for the organizations involved.

Guy contacted Steve Roberts about some glass negatives of Wilmington (previously owned by Mary Smith who was married to Earl Taylor) as a possible grant project. Steve will search for the negatives and will contact us when if/when he locates them.

Guy made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Bob seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Peters
(For Secretary Nancy Cressey)


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