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Minutes of Meeting
Wednesday, April 1, 2015
Wilmington Community Center


Karen Peters
Guy Stephenson
Merri C. Peck
Donna Griffin
Barbara Rothman
Gene Loughran
Bob Hess
Bob Cressey
Nancy Cressey
Gil Dyke

Karen Peters called the meeting to order at 1 PM and we began our open discussion ďFish Stories.Ē Karen began by showing slides. Among the photos were some of Adirondack guide Asher Winch and his camp. Guy Stephenson said that he remembered visiting Asher Winch with his mother as a child. Gene Loughran shared a memory about Fran Betters. Karen played some audio tapes of Fran Betters reading a poem, talking about his early life and narrating a story about saving the life of a fish. Karen displayed four books in our collection that were authored by Fran Betters. Guy passed around some photos and an article on the history of the Adirondack Sport Shop. Guy also mentioned that he has found traces of the Winch Camp at Winch Pond. Karen related some fish stories sent in by Jack Wolfe and a story excerpted from the LE Avery biography in our collection.

At the close of the open discussion Karen called for the secretaryís report. Guy moved to accept the minutes as read and Gil Dyke seconded his motion. All voted in favor.

Donna Griffin presented the treasurerís report. We have $10,510.00 in our Adirondack Foundation fund, $4,790.61 in our bank account and $100 in petty cash. Nancy Cressey moved to approve the treasurerís report and Gil seconded the motion. All voted in favor. Donna informed us that we now have Quick Books backed up on the cloud for a cost of $9.95 per month. Donna then told us that the bank provided forms for us to fill out and be signed by the officers for the new checking account which we are opening to keep building fund donations separate from our operating funds. This will allow for more transparency. Guy moved to adopt a resolution authorizing the officers as signers for the new checking account and Merri Peck seconded the motion. The motion was approved unanimously. Donna reported that she paid our NY state sales tax of $42.10 and our IRS form 990EZ was completed and filed by Liberty Tax Service for free.

Karen reported that the Arcadia book sales were low and because the royalty amount was small Arcadia will defer payment to us until September as per the contract. She mentioned that we are still talking with Centerplate to try to get them to sell the book on Whiteface Mountain.

Donna told us about a Paypal card reader that works with an iPad or iPhone and will take credit card transactions and put the funds in our Paypal account. The fee is 2.7% for each transaction. The card reader costs $14 and would be very beneficial to have when we have our books for sale at events such as the Festival of Colors. Consensus was that she should purchase the card reader.

Discussion turned to communications. Karen sent a thank you note to James Dawson, who as a former NY State Regent has provided the WHS with much advice and assistance over the years since we first began, including helping us in obtaining our permanent charter. We hope that Mr. Dawson will continue his interest and support of the WHS.

Karen has been communicating with Dave Ruch, who is doing our concert program this summer. He will be performing one song that was from James C. Wolfe of Wilmington. Doug Wolfe has some pertinent information in the Chronicles but does not have access it until he returns north. He wants to hold off emailing Dave Ruch until he returns to Wilmington and has the complete story at hand.

There was an email from Dennis Keegan offering some information about Winklemanís Motel for the owner of Birchwood who is researching the history of his establishment.

We received our new membership card for the American Association for State and Local History.

Our contract with Dave Ruch for his July performance has been adjusted to relieve the WHS of any responsibility for musical instruments.

Merri has been working on a request for information about the genealogy of the Thayer family. She has been helping someone else do research on local history with the aim of getting schools and students more involved and aware of local history. She completed an inquiry on the Musgrove family.

Donna provided two photos donated by Barbara Rothman.

Our next research meeting date is April 21 from 10 AM to 1 PM. Karen, Donna and Merri have completed organizing the microfilm into archival safe boxes. The next project we would like to accomplish is organization and inventory of the books. Merri reported that a high school senior has started helping with the indexing of the Lucius Avery biography. Karen mentioned that Past Perfect now has online training classes that are available periodically. Merri advised that acquiring the library version of Ancestry is on hold until we have our building. The library version requires that we have our own building and it must be hardwired with no remote access.

Karen reported for the Publications and Programs Committee. Denton Publications now does trifold brochures. We may look into doing future flyers and the annual report in color. Our open discussion list is out and the flyer for our 2015 programs is done. The flyer will go out about May 1st. Karen went to a presentation for the Adirondack 102 Club book on February 26th. It was well done and we look forward to the presentation we are sponsoring on May 31st.

Karen informed us that Doug Wolfe will be retiring from his trustee position in June when his term is up. We need to find an interested person to nominate for this position. Donna suggested that we should look for a younger person to help bring new ideas. Some possible candidates were mentioned and it was agreed that we would try to determine if any of them would be willing to serve. Guy mentioned that we should explore more internships as a way to recruit younger members.

Donna made a motion to nominate the incumbents for the positions of president, vice-president and secretary. Guy seconded her motion and it carried unanimously. Dougís trustee position is pending.

Guy reported that the cemetery committee has not accomplished anything recently. Donna suggested sending them a formal request letter from the WHS with a list of headstones that need to be repaired.

Karen told us that Arcadia Books has merged with History Press. We need to continue to try to sell our book. Gil reported that we just received our Great Escape tickets. He also said that Linda has had a teleconference with Liz Miskovsky on various fundraising ideas. Liz is now a member of the fundraising committee. Nancy gave Gil a copy of the volunteer list as a source for other possible committee members. Linda is researching the possibility of a wine tasting event.

Karen said a number of members have been taking pictures of the progress on the construction of the new bridge. We have received an old fire hydrant and some square rebar from the construction site.

Karen received a registration form to join New York Grants Gateway. She will have the form notarized and submit it.

Karen passed around copies of our completed 2015 and Long Term Plans. Donna made a motion to accept the plans as presented and it was seconded by Guy. All voted in favor.

We received a list of Documentary Heritage Program workshops and webinars. The list also includes grant opportunities.

Guy reported on two acquisitions. He acquired a collection of research materials from the estate of Bobby Denton and he also received a photograph from Cliff Holzer which was found in Riley Larsonís house. The photo shows a group of men in uniform all holding buggy whips. It was suggested we put the photo in the next town newsletter to ask if anyone can provide any information about the picture.

Merri moved to adjourn and Bob Cressey seconded her motion. All voted in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,
Nancy Cressey
Wilmington Historical Societyy


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