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Minutes of Meeting
Wednesday April 3, 2013
Wilmington Community Center

Karen Peters
Doug Wolfe
Merri Peck
George Buck
Nancy Cressey

Karen Peters called the meeting to order and our open discussion of “Wilmington Military History, Post World War II” commenced. There was some discussion of Wilmington area people currently serving in the military. Karen contributed some newspaper articles about Korean and Vietnam era military members. Doug Wolfe told us about the rededication ceremony on Whiteface Mountain by the 10th Mountain Division in August 2005. Whiteface was originally run by veterans when it opened in 1958. Doug also showed us a newspaper article about the 40th anniversary of the troop withdrawal from Vietnam.

Immediately following the discussion Karen called for the Secretary’s report. Doug moved to accept the minutes as read and Merri Peck seconded the motion. All voted in favor. Nancy Cressey then passed out copies of the treasurer’s report in the absence of the treasurer, Bob Cressey. The bank balance is $4,120.57. We had income of $390 from memberships and expenses of $819.69, including $99.64 for special projects, $184 for dues to the American Association of State and Local History, $243.08 for postage and box rental, $250 for copying and printing and $39.97 for office supplies. Merri made a motion to accept the report as given and Doug seconded the motion. It carried unanimously. Bob has completed the IRS Form 990 and mailed it in. Karen distributed copies of the adopted 2013 budget.

Recent communications included a request from Roy Holzer for photos of the Holiday Lodge before the second floor was added. Karen was able to provide some photos. Doug mentioned that the Plattsburgh Air Force Base Museum is now being formed and they are asking for relevant articles, photos and other materials. Karen had a note from WHS member Nancy McNabb saying that she plans to visit in early May and would like to view our collections. Christopher Sobek is conducting an archaeological research project in Wilmington in the area of the bridge. Karen sent many thank you notes to various people for donating historical photos and she sent a photo of the bridge under construction to Randy Preston.

Doug fielded a research question about the origins of the names of the brooks in town. Our acquisitions included a George Lawrence photo from Mark Urban, and many historical photos from numerous people. Someone anonymously donated a copy of the publication for the 150th Anniversary of the Methodist Church and Claire Orsi donated a binder full of “Weekender” newsletters for the years 1988 to 1992. Karen did some research on the Thayer and Bissell families as well as the Partridge family. There was a request from a student for information about the history of Wilmington’s transition to a tourist based economy, and Tina Didreckson had a question about a particular chattel mortgage from the 1850s involving Martin Marble and Peter Comstock. We also received a question about the Notch House and Martin LoRusso of the New York State Cultural Resource Survey Program asked a question about the bridge.

Merri reported for the Library, Museum and Historical Sites Committee. At the last research night meeting they worked on labeling of boxes. Linda and Gil Dyke completed cataloging of books in the Harold Hinds Collection. Merri pointed out that we need to establish a process to allow board members to take out books. Our research night for May has been changed to Wednesday, May 22nd due to scheduling conflicts at the community center.

The list of open discussions for this year is complete. Our next discussion will be “The History of Wilmington Farms.” We have one program already scheduled for this year. Margaret Horn will speak on “Native Americans of the Adirondacks” on Friday, June 28 at 7 PM. We also have DVD programs on skiing and 10th Mountain Division history and Franklin Roosevelt. Other tentative topics are farming and the history of wildlife in Wilmington. The Festival of Colors is scheduled for Saturday, September 14th. We will be selling the newly published Arcadia book on Wilmington and auctioning off a Noah John Rondeau painting at our Festival of Colors booth. Doug suggested we might do a side exhibit of old cameras and old photos. Karen will meet with Doug to finalize the program schedule.

Nancy Cressey gave the membership report. Since the new membership brochures went out in early March we have received 22 memberships.

Karen reported that the town recreation committee is working on a program called “Complete Streets” to get uniform signage in Wilmington.

Karen passed out copies of the WHS 2013 and long term plans. She mentioned that the board members have provided their volunteer hours information but she needs to get volunteer hours from the rest of the members as well. All of our posters and flyers will now contain a QR code which will allow anyone with a smart phone to directly access our website. Our Arcadia book is now at the publisher. They have increased our royalties to 10% for completing our work early. Linda Joss-Dyke is working on the Great Escape ticket fundraiser again and she is also looking into how we should handle the painting raffle at the Festival of Colors. The Wilmington Bridge Committee met and it appears that the new bridge will look the same as the existing one. The restoration of the 1929 film of Franklin Roosevelt has been completed and will be added to the Whiteface Collection. Mr. Griebsch, who did the restoration and format conversion would like to attend the initial showing.

We discussed a new fundraiser to sell Whiteface Mountain souvenir stickers proposed by member Peter Spring. Karen has asked Ginny Crispell to work on a design for the sticker. There is an upcoming workshop at the Northern New York Library Network 4th Annual Archives and Special Collections Conference. Karen and Merri will attend the workshop. Karen made a motion to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Merri. All voted in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,
Nancy Cressey
Wilmington Historical Society


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