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Minutes of Meeting
Wednesday, April 6, 2016
Wilmington Community Center


Guy Stephenson
Judy Lawrence
Leslie R. Vidich
Merri C. Peck
Donna Griffin
Gilbert Dyke
Linda Joss-Dyke
Jessica Ano
Karen Peters

Open Discussion: Topic: “Area Adirondack Guides”

Karen started the discussion at 7:05PM.

Local residents informally acted as hunting, fishing, touring and camping guides around 1820. By 1850 there were many guides associated with the local hotels. By the 20 century NY State requires that guides be trained and licensed.

In the Wilmington area, early local guides included: Andrew Hickock, Cassius and Asher Winch, and Ashley Maynard. Into the 20 and 21 centuries local guides include Fran Betters, Jerry Boettcher, Evan Boettcher, Caitlin Wagner, Rachel Finn, Jeff Kirshman, Bill O’Brien, Matthew DeLorenzo, Michael Grey, Matt Richards, John Ruff, Tom Conway, John Filk, Scott Gardner, Rich Garfield, Mary Jean Bland, and Guy Stephenson.

Business Meeting: Karen Peters called the business meeting to order at 8:15PM. The minutes of the March 2, 2016, meeting were distributed. Linda Joss-Dyke made a motion to accept the minutes as presented. Guy Stephenson seconded. Motion carried.

The treasurer’s report was presented in writing. The general account contains $3477.02. NBT Building Fund contains $100.00. Adirondack Foundation Trust balance is $12,788.70. Guy Stephenson moved to accept the treasurer’s report as presented by Donna Griffin. Linda Joss-Dyke seconded. Motion carried.

Communications: We are sending a sympathy card to the Jean Huntington family. A memorial service for Jean Huntington will be held May 28, 11am at Clarks’ Funeral Home in Lake Placid.

Thank you notes were sent to the “Storytellers” group for presenting a program at our March meeting. The Digital Abraham Project at Lake Placid has invited us to visit. They can be contacted at 518-241-6650 E-Mail from Dennis Keegan who put us in contact with Dan Manning who has photos Santa’s workshop he wishes to donate.

E-Mail from Christine Hayes regarding ADK 102 Club dinner. Michele Preston will coordinate the dinner and The WHS will assist.

Communication from Charles Shields. He is no longer doing a book about Reiss family and will be sending us his personal research material on the topic for our archives. Bob Peters sent information regarding family tree templates that are available. Merri Peck reported that a researcher requested information on how to link together five generations of the Thayer family with proof.

Phone call: Requested information regarding the Malbone family. The individual was invited to come in and use research materials. They will be coming June 7 to work with Karen.

Karen spoke with Dave Fitzgerald who will be providing scanned photos of Paleface.

We are still looking for origins of some mountain names and “Danny’s Bridge” at Whiteface.

Someone has a question re: Flagg family of Upper Jay. They were referred to Sharron Hewston as the Jay Town Historian at AuSable Forks Community Center.

Standing Committees--- Library, Museum Historic Sites:
Research hours will be Wednesday April 20 10am to 1pm. Programs:

The 2016 program list has been published and distributed. See attached.

A motion was made by Donna Griffin to authorize Karen to purchase 4 folding tote boxes from Sam’s at $20.00 each. Guy Stephen seconded. Motion passed.

We are still working on the Cemetery Workshop tentatively scheduled for October 14, 2016. Membership:

We have 94 members who have renewed or have become new members as of 4/1/16.

Old Business:
Fundraising Committee:
Linda Joss-Dyke reported that the fundraising committee will be rescheduled in the next two weeks. She is in contact with the UPS store and several on-line sources about producing a WHS calendar to sell. The Great Escape Coasters for a Cause program will operate the last two weekends in May and the first weekend in June. We will have the tickets this week. They will sell for $30.00 plus tax.Part of the proceeds go to the Wilmington Historical Society.

Geri Wright has offered to donate a print to frame and raffle off this year. Other fundraisings discussed were: a 5K or fun run, bus and/or theater trips, wine tasting party, or a high end raffle for donated prizes.

Volunteer Hours:
Last year’s total was 2030, with 1642 from members of the board and 410 other members.

Donna Griffin moved to spend $90.00 to send Karen Peters and Linda Joss-Dyke to an Adirondack Foundation nonprofit fundraising workshop, April 21, 2016 in Plattsburgh. Gil Dyke seconded. The motion passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:27pm

Respectfully submitted,
Gilbert Dyke, Trustee (in absence of secretary, Nancy Cressey)


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