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Minutes of Meeting
Wednesday, April 7, 2010
Wilmington Community Center


Lora Bushey
Barbara Rothman
Gilbert Dyke
Guy Stephenson, Jr.
Doug Wolfe
Karen Peters
Merri C. Peck
Linda Joss-Dyke

Open Discussion Topic:
“The Au Sable River and the Owaissa Club” Karen Peters started the discussion at 7:08PM. The Owaissa Club was chartered in 1922 and was located at the present site of the Wilmington town beach. “Owaissa” means bluebird, from the poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. In 1922 the club house was built for members and guests. Fees were $2.00 (assoc. membership), $5.00 (active membership) and $50.00 (Life membership). A book of a poem, “God of the Open Air”, by Henry Van Dyke was published by the club and sold as a fundraiser. The club had activities for summer guests and town residents. WHS members told stories of activities and shared articles about special events held at the club. Guy Stephenson presented an activity banner used on August 20th, 1927 at the club. He received it from Dick Lawrence. Karen Peters gave a demonstration of the WHS website to gather information on the “Owaissa Club” activities from online resources. Doug and Guy shared photos of the club and Lake Everest.

Call to Order:
Karen Peters called the business meeting to order at 8:05PM.

Secretary’s Report
The minutes of the March 3, 2010 meeting were distributed at the meeting and by e-mail. Karen Peters presented a corrected treasurer’s report for the March 3 meeting. Bob Cressey added the expenses and the corrected balance is $4577.66. Guy Stephenson moved to accept the minutes as corrected. Merri Peck seconded. The motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:
The April 7, 2010 report was done by President Karen Peters for Treasurer Bob Cressey, who is unavailable at this time. Starting balance is $4577.66. Deposits: $210.00-memberships, $740.00-memberships, $145.00-memberships. $420.00-memberships. Expenses: $1.00-PrimeLink, $2.43- NYS Sales Tax. Deposit correction: $10.00. Ending balance: $6099.23. An account has been created for WHS NYS Sales Tax, “ACH Debit –NYS Sales Tax”. The 990 EZ form has been submitted on time. Guy Stephenson made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report. Merri Peck seconded. The motion passed.

Audit Committee Report:
Before the January meeting Merri Peck, Doug Wolfe and Guy Stephenson met to audit the books. The following report was presented: The check book balance matched, check number 341, 2/2/09 was for membership. Several check numbers were not recorded. All future checks must have number recorded. Everything else was orderly and correct.

Communications: Thank you notes were sent to Sara Kelly Johns and Heather Brewer for their support and planning the educational assembly for Lake Placid Middle School students. WHS sponsored the event. A thank you was sent to Kate Messner for her presentation at the Lake Placid Middle School assembly sponsored by the WHS.

Allen C. Oppenheim, owner of ACO in Wilmington and representative of Whiteface Overlook, LLC , sent an invitation for the officers of the WHS to search the old White Stag Inn for historical items remaining in the structure before demolition. Karen and Bob Peters visited and removed a “rolodex”, a Lake Placid/Whiteface KOA brochure, and a letter about the visitor center in Lewis.

A thank you was sent to Bob Peters for reframing and re-hanging the June Clow painting of flora and fauna which hangs in the Community Center meeting room. Ray Curran and Bob Gettens were also sent thanks for assisting in reframing and numbering the images in the painting.

Acquisitions and research:
WHS received two signed copies of the historical novels by author Kate Messner and since WHS was already in possession of a copy of Spitfire a motion was made by Merri Peck to donate a copy to the Wilmington Library. Guy Stephenson seconded. The motion carried.

Standing Committee Reports:
A. The Library Committee: The new wall displays of founding citizens are to be labeled and research on their obituaries will be done.

B. Publications and Programs Committee: Karen Peters sent upcoming events information to the town’s spring newsletter. The list includes:

a. June 18th Andy Flynn, Adirondack Artifacts Night
b. July 9th Santa’s Workshop, Part III
c. Aug 20th Keith Herkalo, Battles at Plattsburgh
d. May or June Amy Godine, Adirondack historian

C. Membership and Nominations Committee: Linda Joss-Dyke reported on the current membership numbers are 16 individual, 29 family, 16 senior, 8 contributing, 1 sustaining, 2 sponsors, 1 business, 4 patrons, 1 benefactor. Total of 96 membership cards have been sent. Nominations were made for President: Karen Peters; Vice-President: Merri Peck; Treasurer (3 year term): Bob Cressey; Secretary: Nancy Cressey: Board of Trustees: Linda Joss-Dyke (3 year term). Voting will take place at the June meeting.

Special Committee Report:
The Whiteface Region Business and Tourism Center will have five board members as determined by the recent vote of its members.

Old Business:
Congratulations were made to Merri C. Peck for receiving the Wilmington “Citizen of the Year Award” for 2010.

Karen Peters distributed the new “Oral History Release Form” and several handouts on resources and tips for oral interviewers to members present. The form was approved at the March 3rd meeting. Forms will be given to past interviewees as well as future.

The 2010 planning document is still being prepared.

Merri Peck will have the WHS website link placed on the Wilmington town website.

New Business:
Guy Stephenson made a motion to purchase a Past Perfect software update at the sale price of $99.00. A training CD will be used to install and transfer information. Merri Peck seconded. Motion passed.

Workshops and Grants:
Greater Hudson Heritage Network Workshop, April 9th. In Albany Northern New York Library Networks North Country Archival Conference, April 19th, Clarkson Univ.

A donation of $50.00 will be given to Roy Holzer for the use of his building for the Andy Flynn, Adirondack Artifacts program of June 18th. Doug Wolfe recommended the donation as done in the past.

Guy Stephenson made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:02PM. Merri Peck seconded. Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted
Linda Joss-Dyke
In the absence of Nancy Cressey, Secretary


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