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Minutes of Meeting
Wednesday, May 1, 2019 6:30 pm
Wilmington Community Center


Guy Stephenson
Karen Peters
Judy Lawrence
Merri Peck
Jess Ano
Barb Mulvey
Tony Beck
Donna Griffin (by phone)

Karen called the meeting to order.

Open discussion: “The beginning of Wilmington to 1860”

The Audit committee will meet again 30 minutes before the June meeting.

Karen read excerpts from the History of Essex County describing the beginnings of Wilmington. Reuben Sanford was a key figure in developing Wilmington as a manufacturing and farming community. He is known as the “father” of the town. Crown Point was formed March 23, 1786

Willsborough was formed from Crown Point Mar 17, 1788

The Town of Jay was formed from Willsborough, Jan 16, 1798

WILMINGTON was formed from Jay March 27, 1821

St. Armand was formed from Wilmington April 23, 1844

Churches and their circuit riding preachers played an important part in connecting communities.

Secretary Report -Donna made a motion to accept, Guy 2nd, All in favor

Treasurer report – Opening Balance Regular Operating Account as of 4/1/2019 $3,403.68
Bank Balances as of 5/1/2019 :
Regular Operating Account $7,634.11
Zachay Memorial 2,010.00
Building Transfer 123.00
Keegan Construction MM 59,175.76
Adirondack Foundation 49,510.81
Donna made a motion to accept treasurer’s report as submitted, 2nd by Guy, All in favor.

Next RESEARCH DAY is May 14 at the Community Center.

Sam Haselton gave $2500 to WHS as a donation for the architectural services of William Forster to plan our new building! THANK YOU, SAM!

Quickbooks needs to be updated before May 31, 2019. Merri will call TechSoup to confirm use of the proposed ON LINE program for an annual cost of $50 per year. This would allow up to 5 users to access the Quickbooks program from separate locations. We are currently using a desktop version which limits our use.

IRS for 990 has been filed.

Guy makes a motion to purchase a small gift or token for the children participating in the Lake Placid school program. Judy 2nd the motion – All in favor.

Guy make a motion to open nominations for WHS , Jess 2nd, all in favor to open nominations for WHS officers.


President – Karen Peters
Vice President – Merri Peck
Treasurer – Donna Griffin
Secretary – Nancy Cressey
Trustee – Linda Joss-Dyke

Nominations remain open until the June meeting.

Merri demonstrated a portable scanner that works great! It makes it so easy to scan a lot of files and save them as electronic files.

Whiskey Run and Heritage Festival on June 15 are well under way. Sponsors, vendors, demonstrators and volunteers are still needed to make this another successful advent!!

Memberships are at 109 as of 4/28/19

Guy and Tony gave a building report of our new proposed building.

Doug Nemec is mapping out the cemeteries.

Whiskey Run – Sponsors are coming forward.

Churches will be participating offering services and displaying local history.

Food vendors and Online retail ordering are in place. Whiskey Run retail T-shirts can now be ordered at https://artshop.loremans.com/whiskey_run They are similar in color and design to the runner’s shirts. Check them out!! Limited stock will be available on the day of the race!

Col. Fitz-Enz has been invited to be a vendor and assistant at the Heritage Festival and Battle of Plattsburgh ceremony

Adk sports magazine will be doing 2 ads and an article in their magazine.

Facebook pay ads, Instragram and Twitter are being used to advertise Whiskey Run and Heritage Festival.

Some members are reviewing Dave FitzGerald’s manuscript of local history.

June 4,5,6,7,11, & 12 are dates for the Lake Placid Student project history fair. Volunteers are needed to represent the Historical Society and help the children with their research project in the classroom.

Microsoft Office has recently been installed on computers for WHS use.

Guy made a motion to close the meeting, Jess 2nd the motion, All in favor.

Meeting closed.

Respectfully submitted,
Merri Peck (in the absence of Secretary Nancy Cressey)


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