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Minutes of Meeting
Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Wilmington Community Center


Karen Peters
Merri Peck
Gilbert Dyke
Linda Joss-Dyke
Jessica Ano
Donna Griffin

OPEN DISCUSSION: “Local Wilmington Clubs.” Karen Peters started the open discussion at 7:05pm with photos of the Bluebird Club a.k.a. the Owaissa Club from the 1920-50’s. Also discussed was the 1922 Wilmington Baseball Club photo. 1957 articles about the Wilmington Home Demonstration unit and Home Bureau were viewed. 1936 photos of the round and square dancing at the Owaissa Club were shown. There was an article about the Wilmington Fish and Game Club in 1950 and others which showed it had 165 members as of 1970, stocked the river with 18,550 fish in 1945 and held a trout tournament in 1955. Other clubs included the Kiwanis, American Legion, The PAL (persons at leisure), Ski Club, Snowmobile club, Motorcycle Club (Whiteface Wipeouts), and the Mountain Artists of NY.

The Regular meeting began at 8:00pm.

The Secretary’s report of the April 6, 2016 meeting was presented. Linda Joss-Dyke moved to accept the report. Meri Carol Peck seconded. The motion passed.

The treasurer’s report was given. The 990 form will be filed by May 15, the due date for non-profits. Merri Carol Peck moved to accept the treasurer’s report. Linda Joss-Dyke seconded. The motion passed.


Thank you sent to Kempton Pierce for the Malbone Family Files.
Thank you sent to Monica McGaughey for her presentation at the Board Meeting
Thank you to Charles Shields for thumb drive containing his research on the Reiss Family
We contacted Dan Manning re: Santa’s Workshop Photos.
Christine Hayes noted that the Adirondack Local has an article re: ADK102 spring dinner.
Karen shared a list of events of the Documentary Heritage Program.
A memorial service for Jean (Tanton) Huntington will be held on May 28. The family requested that donations be made to the Wilmington Rescue Squad or the Wilmington Historical Society Fund at the Adirondack Foundation.


Lawrence family information was requested by Starr Hough.
Research about area mountain names was sent to Robert Lawrence.
We received a vintage map showing mountain names from Dana Peck.
Request for Winch Family information was received.
North Pole Resort requested photos or information about the Walter Prager Ski Shop.
Information was requested re: the whereabouts of the 1904 Gatling gun.
Charles Shields sent 3 books and a thumb drive re: Santa’s Workshop.

LIBRARY, MUSEUM, Historic Sites Committee:

The next research date is Wednesday May 18, 2016. Merri will handle the collection that day.


The cooperative program at Santa’s Workshop with AARCH has been set for June 29, 2016. The program will be free, but space is limited. WHS will have 10-12 spaces set aside. Call 518-834-9225 or e-mail Virginia@info@aarch.org to reserve.
The 2016 program list is final and will be sent out.
The Festival of Colors booth topic is “The Tourists are Coming, Where Will They Stay?” It will feature early motel and guest accommodations.
Lake Placid school has a History Fair the first week of June 2016. The WHS will provide materials and assist with the program.
October 14, 2016 has been set for the cemetery maintenance workshop for town historians, and historical society and town cemetery committees, and cemetery employees.


Gilbert Dyke nominated the following persons as officers for the annual WHS election. Jessica Ano seconded. The nominations are still open closed at the next meeting.
Karen Peters President (one year term)
Mari Carol Peck Vice President (one year term)
Nancy Cressey Secretary (one year term)
Donna Griffin Treasurer (three-year term)
Linda Joss-Dyke Trustee (three year term)


Karen, Linda and Gil attended the MANY Conference in Lake Placid in April and Karen and Linda attended the ADK Foundation Conferences in Plattsburgh. The WHS Board members will get together on June 14th for Linda, Gil and Karen to share the information gleaned from the conference and workshop.
Fundraising: Three dances have been schedules at the KOA campground this summer. June 26 will be square and round dances, July 10 will have a band yet to be determined, Aug 14 will have a DJ. These are meant to be family-friendly. Details will be forthcoming at the next meeting.
The Fundraising Committee will meet on May 9, 7pm at the Community Center.
Sticker sales will start again in June.
Coasters 4 a Cause tickets. To date 4 have been sold.
Arcadia Books: 5 each will be sold at the KOA and the Cadence lodge on consignment.
Facebook: we are asking all users to repost items from the WHS.
ADK 102 club dinner. Michelle Preston will be organizing. Tentative date is October 6, 2016 and probable location is the Whiteface Base Lodge.
There have been a number of sales of the Hinds books.
Arcadia Press has been asked to contact local businesses to follow up on sales. Whiteface is expected to order more books as the sold out last year.
Sam’s Club. Donna Griffin moved to purchase a “non-profit group” membership for $48. Jessica Ano seconded. The motion passed.


Our Quick Books subscription is about to expire. Linda Joss-Dyke moved to authorize the treasurer to purchase the update at “Tech Soup.” Jessica Ano seconded. The motion passed.


Jessica Ano moved to adjourn the meeting. Meri Carol Peck seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 9:22pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Gilbert E. Dyke, Trustee (in absence of Secretary Nancy Cressey)


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