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Minutes of Meeting
Wednesday, May 6, 2015 – 2PM
Wilmington Community Center


Karen Peters
Merri C. Peck
Donna Griffin
Guy Stephenson
Richard Apelt
Susan Apelt
Barbara Rothman
Barbara Mulvey

Karen Peters called the meeting to order at 1:00PM and the group began an open discussion “Hiking Trails Origins.” Karen presented a slide show which included: Entries from the 1859 Whiteface Mt. House Journal; Ebenezer Emmons’ written comments describing the Adirondacks as cold, sterile, swampy and dreary; Transfer of Verplank Colvin’s surveying assessment of Whiteface Mt. (circa 1900); Forester Bob Marshall’s hiking experiences which included hikes of up to 30 miles per day in the early 1900’s. Marshall was known for the wilderness preservation movement and became one of the first ADK 46rs.

The discussion continued with a review of early pictures of hiking parties, led by Cassius and Asher Winch sitting atop Whiteface dressed in suits, long dresses, hats and high button shoes. Pictures of High Falls Gorge (1905) and the Whiteface Summit (1911) were presented. After a review of the history of ADK guide Andrew Hickok, author Dr. Ora Phelps (ADK 46 Comprehensive Trail Guide to the High Peaks), and Grace Hudowalski (ADK 46er ‘Valedictorian’), a discussion ensued regarding trails that were established and maintained throughout the 20th century by Gib Manley, ADK Mt. Club and Guy Stephenson. Guy noted that today, many trails are maintained by volunteers under the guidance of the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. This was the close of the open discussion portion of the meeting and the regular business meeting began.

*All agenda items were presented and discussed, but since a quorum was not present, all items requiring adoption by majority vote were tabled and will be voted upon at the next regular business meeting.

Guy noted that there was an error in the April Minutes. He indicated that ‘Riley Larson’ should be corrected to ‘Riley Lawrence.’

Donna reviewed the Treasurer’s report. Karen recommended the following correction: Account balance was not itemized on the balance sheet; reclassify and detail memo for check #698 on the YTD Comparison.

There were no communications to read.

A request for historical photos of the Fox Farm Rd. and Route 86 intersection was received from Randy Preston. WHS provided an undated photo of a gas station that was located on this site (circa 1930); NYS Forrester Steve Guglielmi is designing new trails on Hardy Rd. and asked our organization for information on “Cradle Mills,” Partridge family history and assistance with interpretive displays along pathways of this proposed project; Guy Stephenson is researching Adirondack plane crashes with Ranger Scott Vanlear.

A research session will be held on May 20th from10AM until 1PM.

A 2015 Program flyer was circulated and posted throughout Wilmington, Facebook and Jay Community News. The flyer is attached. The next two programs include the Stephenson Iron Mine Hike on Saturday, May 16th with Guy Stephenson and the “Adirondack 102 Club” talk and book signing with author Marty Podskoch on Sunday, May 31st at 2 pm.

Jessica Ano accepted a nomination to the WHS Board of Trustees and voting for will take place on June 3rd. She will be running for the vacant seat of current Trustee Doug Wolfe. The other offices up for election with incumbents nominated so far are President (Karen Peters), Vice-president (Merri Carol Peck), and Secretary (Nancy Cressey). Nominations are still open until the time of the vote at the June 3rd meeting.

Alexis Thomas has been assisting Merri Carol Peck on an archiving project. Alexis is our organization’s first student intern.

A Cemetery Preservation Workshop is scheduled for July 30th and 31st. Our organization plans to send at least two board members. The Town of Wilmington will pay for our member Guy Stephenson to attend these sessions as representative for the Wilmington Cemetery Committee. Guy will give his recommendations for cemetery headstone repair and restoration, and meet with Plattsburg Memorials to discuss pricing. WHS will submit a written proposal to Randy Preston and Gerald Bruce for approval of funding for the project. The project will be funded by the Town for a maximum of $1000 (one thousand dollars).

Karen plans to meet with the new purchasing agent working at Whiteface Mt. to discuss the sale of our Arcadia Publication; further discussion for fundraising will take place at our next meeting; Karen will forward a website address for a company that designs personalized Christmas ornaments to Linda Joss-Dyke.

Photos of the Wilmington bridge project have been taken by Karen and Guy, along with many other WHS members and town residents. Our organization will continue to seek copies of these photos.

WHS will continue to research and pursue available grants. Our organization is now registered with the NY Grants Gateway and the National System for Award Management (SAM). Grants are currently available for Legends and Lore Markers. Donna Griffin will research these grants which have two deadlines (June 30, 2015 and October 31, 2015). Esther Combs, Marble Mt., Reuben Sanford, Fran Betters & fish stories and the Bonnieview Cemetery entrance are individuals and topics to be considered for that grant request.

Respectfully Submitted,
Merri C. Peck
Vice President, WHS
(in the absence of our secretary, Nancy Cressey)


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