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Minutes of Meeting 7:00 PM,
Wednesday, May 17, 2006
E. M. Cooper Library


Karen Peters
Steve Connor
Doug Wolfe
Randy Preston
Guy Stephenson
Tom Hinman
Nancy Cressey
Bob Cressey

Karen Peters called the meeting to order and called for the secretary’s report.

Guy Stephenson made a motion to accept the minutes as read and it was seconded by Steve Connor.  The motion carried unanimously.

Bob Cressey gave the treasurer’s report.  Our bank balance is $4,485.88.  In the past month we had deposits in the amount of $559.66, including $330 for memberships, $165 for the Iron Mine Tour and $64.66 for book sales.  Our expenditures were $294.40, including $113.22 for office supplies, $152 for books and $29.18 for equipment.  Steve introduced a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report and it was seconded by Doug Wolfe.  All voted in favor.

Karen then brought us up to date on communications.  In the past month a reminder for membership renewal and a notification of tonight’s meeting were sent out.  The library sent us a request for a letter of support for a grant they are writing.  The grant is for beautification—Kodak American Greenways Award.  Karen wrote the letter of support.

The Civil War Roundtable sent a schedule of upcoming events for those interested in Civil War history.  The Upstate History Alliance is sponsoring a workshop on Friday, July 7th from 9 AM to 4:30 PM at Great Camp Sagamore on Raquette Lake.  The workshop is titled “Uncovering Adirondack History.”

We received an email from Kara Page suggesting the benefits of combining efforts between the  WHS and the Waterfront Sustainable Communities Project.  She suggested the idea of history kiosks placed around town which would fit in very well with our planned history walking tour.  Kara’s subcommittee meets Tuesday evening, after which we will have further discussions with her on this subject.

Roberta White wrote a letter querying WHS if Jane Forbes Lewis, a relative of hers, was a librarian in the first library in Wilmington.  Karen replied that we do not have a list of all the librarians, but she will attempt to research this further.  Doug suggested a newspaper search as the most likely source of information. Karen received some information and stories about Wilmington schools from Ruth Boyer, a former Wilmington teacher from 1960-67.  Karen sent back a thank you note.

We also received a photo of Santa’s Workshop from the library.

Karen reported for the Library, Museum, and Historic Sites Committee that Merri is still entering items into Past Perfect.

Karen reported for the Publications and Programs Committee that we have had lots of press releases and articles in Valley News and Lake Placid News pertaining to the WHS.  We received photos of Guy’s Iron Mine Tour from Jeri Wright and Lee Manchester wrote a good article about the tour.  Anna Court’s “All Around Wilmington” column featured the WHS with interview of the officers.

Karen advised that she has collected numerous brochures of various walking tours that we can use as samples in preparing our own walking tour guide.

Doug reported that he had spoken to Norton Miller at the State Museum who has done research on invasive plant species in the area.  Doug will try to arrange for him to be one of our speakers for next year.

Our next program will be June 17th from 10 to noon at the Wilmington Community Center.  Susan Conway will talk about “Scrapbooking Family Photos”.

Nominations for officers remain open until just before the election which will be held at our annual meeting next month.  Currently, all the incumbents have been nominated.  No new nominations were made this evening.

Karen brought a newspaper article about a new birding map website for the Adirondacks.  She will pass it on to the visitor center which is working on creating a Wilmington birding map.

Karen and Guy will communicate to the Ausable Sustainable Communities waterfront project that we are amenable to cooperating with them, and we are especially interested in their idea to create history kiosks.

Steve reported that he will work on trying to get the Methodist Church historical records moved to a better location to insure their preservation.

Doug reported that he had spoken to Jeanne about having the town mow the grass around our trailer and he also suggested that we look into having the electric service moved so we will have power available for our trailer.  Karen brought up the subject of plants for our barrel flower planter.  It was generally agreed that we should purchase some flowers.

Karen asked Steve to look into getting the cannon assessed for insurance purposes.

Karen advised that our webmaster Patrick McIntyre has made numerous updates to our website, including our bylaws, our collection management policy, Lee Manchester’s article about the Iron Mine Tour, and our schedule of open discussion topics for upcoming meetings.

Doug suggested that we should market the Wilmington books to people who come to us with inquiries.  The books are an excellent resource to answer many questions.

Copies of the amended by-laws were given to all present.

Karen said she had been asked by Jeanne Ashworth to determine whether the 1982 Wilmington Historic District was ever approved.  It seems unlikely that it was.  Doug will do some research to try to get a definitive answer.

Karen advised that there is a new website which is pertinent to our next meeting’s open discussion on Automobiles in Wilmington.  The website is Autolife.umd.umich

Steve reported that he toured the new natural history museum in Tupper Lake and it is well worth a visit.

Karen distributed copies of our approved Action Plan to all present.

Tom Hinman said we need more information on the history of the dam and the lake for the revitalization committee.  Pictures are very important.  He also mentioned that he wants to restore the outside of a cabin on his property and he needs photos in order to do an historically accurate restoration.  The project of dredging the lake is very involved and more input is needed.  Doug pointed out that it would be most appropriate to use the river to hydraulically clean itself rather than simply dredging which would have to be repeated after a few years.

At this time Karen opened the discussion for tonight’s topic, “Fishing in Wilmington”.  Guy brought an antique fly rod for all to look at and there were some interesting stories about fishing from a number of those present.  The session was recorded on our digital voice recorder.

Steve made a motion to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Bob.  All voted in favor.

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Cressey Secretary


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