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Minutes of Meeting
Wednesday, June 1, 2016
Wilmington Community Center


Karen Peters
Merri C. Peck
Doug Wolfe
Donna Griffin
Guy Stephenson
Judy Lawrence
Monica McGaughey
Bob Cressey
Nancy Cressey

Karen Peters called the meeting to order at 7pm. Our open discussion on the “Life and Times of Lifelong Wilmington Residents” commenced with Guy Stephenson relating some experiences of growing up in Wilmington. Doug Wolfe also spoke about his family and how he grew up taking care of the golf course. Judy Lawrence contributed information about schools and recreational activities. Guy and Judy both reflected on how the centralization of schools resulted in a loss of community here in Wilmington. Merri Peck and Donna Griffin also contributed some interesting memories to the discussion.

The first item on our agenda for the business meeting was the election of officers and one trustee. Nominations from our previous meeting were as follows: President – Karen Peters, Vice president – Merri C. Peck, Secretary – Nancy Cressey, Treasurer – Donna Griffin, and Trustee – Linda Joss-Dyke. No further nominations were offered and Donna moved that the nominations be closed. Guy seconded her motion and all voted in favor. Ballots were then passed out to all present and Bob Cressey counted the votes. All the incumbents were unanimously re-elected. Karen then called for the secretary’s report. Donna moved to accept the minutes as read. Guy seconded her motion and all voted in favor.

Donna Griffin presented the treasurer’s report. Currently we have $2,659.01 in our operating account, $14,323.30 in the Building fund account, and $100.00 in petty cash. Guy made a motion to accept the report and his motion was seconded by Doug. The motion carried unanimously. Donna advised that our IRS Form 990 was completed by H&R Block for $125. Donna is now using the new version of Quick Books which we purchased from Tech Soup. This enables us to back up all our data on the cloud.

Karen mentioned that the estate of Lewis Gordon made a generous donation to our building fund. Mr. Gordon had been a long time member and appreciated the work done by the WHS.

Karen then asked for a vote on the Annual Report. Guy moved to accept the report as written and Bob seconded his motion. All voted in favor.

Discussion turned to communications. We received an email from Nancy McNabb asking whether Santa’s Workshop was the same as North Pole. She will be emailing us some photos of herself as a child at Santa’s Workshop. Karen sent a thank you to Dave Fitz-Gerald for his donation of digital and actual photos of a number of Wilmington and other Adirondack related subjects, postcards and ephemera for our collection. A thank you letter went to Leslie Kopec for the donation from the Lewis Gordon estate. Harold Hinds sent an email advising that Willow Bend Books had made a mistake when they initially published the two volumes (Volumes 22 and 23) on Wills, Guardianships and Probates. They reversed the covers on the two volumes and apparently the mistake was not corrected before some of the copies went out. He asked us to check our copies and those we supplied to the Adirondack Museum to see if the covers and contents match. Karen sent an email to the Essex County Historical Society to advise them of the problem and she also checked the WHS copies. The volumes in possession of the WHS were not affected. Charles Haselton sent some pictures of the cannon and Gatling gun and made some suggestions for display of them. Karen replied advising him that the Gatling gun is owned by the town and while the WHS has an interest in displaying the gun, the final decision will be made by the town. The cannon has already been returned to Black Brook after we determined by thorough research that they were the rightful owners.

Karen suggested we might want to have envelopes printed up for designated donations to WHS, as she had seen done at a recent funeral. Merri will look into this.

Acquisitions in the past month included the photos and postcards from Dave Fitz-Gerald, a framed Jeri Wright print and an advertisement card for Walter Prager, both donated by Bob and Karen Peters. Guy donated posters from a previous Festival of Colors and a town Christmas celebration. Research questions included a request from Karen to Priscilla Partridge for information about the Hardy Road land her family once owned, an email asking about a Mountain View House and a query about an 1831 Wilmington birth record.

The Library, Museum and Historical Sites Committee reported that the next scheduled research day will be June 21, from 10AM to 1PM.

Karen reported for the Publications and Programs Committee that she is working on the History Fair for Lake Placid Elementary School fourth grade students. Students will pick an artifact to research and create an exhibit describing the artifact and explaining how it is important to the history of Lake Placid/ North Elba or Wilmington. The WHS has loaned a number of artifacts to Lake Placid Elementary School for the duration of this project. Karen developed a Chain of Custody Form to have Lake Placid Elementary School officials sign for the artifacts on loan and she passed around copies of the proposed form. Donna offered a motion to accept the Chain of Custody Form as designed and Guy seconded her motion. All voted in favor.

Ginny Crispell designed the flyer for the WHS Program Schedule for 2016. Karen advised us that the Santa’s Workshop Tour in cooperation with Adirondack Architectural Heritage on Wednesday, June 29 is already full. A second tour was added due to the large response. The first tour will be from 10AM to 1PM with lunch included. The second tour will be from 1:30 to 4:30 with refreshments provided by the Country Bear Bakery.

Nancy Cressey reported for the Membership and Nominations Committee that seven memberships were received in the past month and our 2016 membership now stands at 141. She will send out reminder letters to those who have not yet renewed sometime during the month of June.

WHS is cosponsoring a cemetery workshop with Essex County Historical Society on Friday October 14 to be held in the Adirondack History Museum building. Guy reported that he spoke to John Langford about the Wilmington cemeteries. Some clean-up work has been done by the inmates and the town.

Karen reported that we sold $567.20 worth of books in the past month. Year-to-date sales total $724.00. A new fundraiser for this season is the Owaissa Dance Party Series. The Whiteface KOA is donating space in their recreation building to host three dance parties on Sunday, June 26, Sunday, July 10 and Sunday, August 14. We will ask a $5 donation at the door and there will be raffles, prizes, drinks (non-alcoholic) and snacks. The public is welcome to attend.

WHS now has a Sam’s Club business membership. The business card can be used by any trustee with a WHS business check or WHS credit card. Karen and Linda have WHS cards with their names. Other trustees should obtain the general business card and WHS business check from Donna for WHS purchases at Sam’s Club.

The Festival of Colors is scheduled for September 10. Our theme is “The Tourists are Coming-Where Will They Stay?” We will be raffling off a framed Jeri Wright print. She will have the print for us at our first program so we can sell tickets there and at the rest of our programs.

Karen has given our program schedule to Patrick McIntyre to put on our website. No date has been set for the 102 club dinner yet. Linda and Gil Dyke are hosting an informal dinner for all the trustees and their spouses on June 14 at 7PM to share information from conferences they attended and discuss future WHS activities.

Karen submitted our annual report to New York State on May 22. We talked about ways of increasing membership. Doug mentioned that he received a gift membership to a historical society in South Carolina and this might be something for us to consider. Donna suggested that we could provide a gift membership for all the newcomers at the annual newcomers’ dinner.

Karen mentioned that she needs more of the thank you note cards. Nancy will see if she has enough card stock to print more and if not she will let Donna know what to order from Staples.

Guy said he has been in touch with John Langford about his mother’s house. There are many artifacts and photos that would be of interest to the WHS. Guy also mentioned that there is a set of books entitled Clinton County Civil War Records available for $50 and we might want to consider purchasing them. He will look into this further. Guy also mentioned that all Clinton County museums are holding open house this weekend.

Guy moved to adjourn the meeting and Donna seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted,
Nancy Cressey
Wilmington Historical Society


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