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Minutes of Meeting
Wednesday, June 3, 2015
Wilmington Community Center


Karen Peters
Doug Wolfe
Jessie Ano
Donna Griffin
Guy Stephenson
Barbara Rothman
Barbara Mulvey
Bob Cressey
Nancy Cressey
Carolyn Keelen
Joseph Keelen
Monica McGaughey
Starr Hough

Karen Peters called the meeting to order at 7 PM and we began our open discussion “Old Stores and Shops.” Karen showed some slides of numerous early establishments. Among them were the George E. Lawrence store, Haselton Blacksmith shop, the Hana Restaurant building, Whiteface Market, the Everest Store, Walter Prager’s Ski Shop, the Strawberry Roan and Otto Schniebs’s Ski shop at Whiteface. Karen also showed a business directory from 1958. Doug Wolfe passed around some photos and invoices from old businesses. In the town’s very early history the stores served as bankers for the local people.

At the close of the open discussion Karen asked if there were any further nominations for officers. Donna Griffin made a motion to close the nominations and it was seconded by Bob Cressey. The motion carried unanimously. The votes were counted and the results were unanimous for all positions as follows:

President   Karen Peters
Vice President   Merri C. Peck
Secretary   Nancy Cressey
Trustee  Jessica Ano

Karen then asked us to review the draft copy of the Annual Report. Guy Stephenson moved to accept the report as written and Donna Griffin seconded his motion. All voted in favor.

We then reviewed the minutes for both April and May meetings since there was not a quorum present in May. Guy moved to accept the April minutes as written and his motion was seconded by Donna. All voted in favor. Guy then made a motion to accept the May minutes as written and his motion was again seconded by Donna. All voted in favor.

Donna presented the treasurer’s reports for April and May. At of the end of May we had $10,766.77 in our Adirondack Foundation fund, $3,623.91 in our bank account, $100 in our NBT Building Fund Account and $100 in petty cash. Guy moved to approve the April treasurer’s report and Bob seconded the motion. All voted in favor. Guy moved to approve the May treasurer’s report and Bob seconded the motion. All voted in favor. Donna spoke briefly about the Adirondack Foundation Account. We received another $50 donation in the last month and we also received an interest payment since the account is now vested.

Karen reported on communications. Karen sent a thank you note to Marty Podskoch for his presentation and book signing. Our Wilmington and Whiteface Region book is now finally being sold at the shop on Whiteface.

Karen responded to a request for family research and another request for research on Wilmington marriages. Doug and Karen worked on a request for information on Marble Mountain and sent photos to a ski history magazine. Karen also responded to a question about the name J. Haselton which appears on the old map of Wilmington. Doug reported that June Cooper donated a photo of the installation of the electric light at the summit of Whiteface. Doug then talked about the research that he and Steve Connor did on the cannon which revealed that the cannon belonged to the town of Black Brook. He then talked about the Chronicles and played a recording of a Wilmington version of “Dandy Jim,” which is minstrel music from 1831. Doug will email Dave Ruch who will be doing the program for us on traditional Adirondack music.

Karen reported that she, Merri and Donna met and completed entry of the Denton collection into the database. The next research day will be Tuesday, June 16th from 10AM to 1PM.

Nancy Cressey reported for the Membership and Nominations Committee that we have received few membership renewals in the past month. She will be sending out the membership reminder letters during the month of June and she will also prepare mailing labels for the annual report and advise Karen how many copies will be needed for the mailing.

Karen reported for the Publications and Programs Committee. The Lake Placid News interviewed her for a feature article about the Wilmington Historical Society. Guy led a successful hike on May 16. They saw moose tracks and discovered the site of a second charcoal kiln. There has been a date change for the Festival of Colors. It is now scheduled for September 19th. The first annual Adirondack Vagabond Dinner will be held at Jimbo’s Restaurant on Brant Lake, Thursday, September 3rd at 6PM. Wilmington will probably host the second annual dinner. Our next program will be Niki Kourofsky’s “Adirondack Outlaws: Bad Boys and Lawless Ladies.” Our next open discussion topic is “Wilmington in World War II.”

Our Great Escape tickets fundraiser had a very short window this year. The tickets were only good in May. The fundraising committee will have to decide whether this project should be dropped next year.

Karen reported that our webmaster, Patrick McIntyre has been out of town, so our website is in need of updating. Guy reported that he has taken photos of three headstones in Pleasant View Cemetery that need to be repaired. He and Karen are both signed up for the Cemetery Preservation workshop at Great Camp Sagamore. Randy Preston has said that the town would be willing to pay for one member of the town cemetery committee to attend this workshop.

The WHS is now signed up for the New York Grants Gateway. Wilmington has several possibilities for grant requests under the Legends and Lore category. They are the Reuben Sanford ride, Esther Combs and Asa Lawrence. Doug also mentioned the quarry at the toll house. Donna mentioned that Grants Gateway offers free webinars.

Karen informed us that she received a notice from our insurance agent that we need to contact them before signing any contract that requires us to have insurance coverage.

The WHS has been offered a booth free of charge at the bike fest June 6 and 7. We need to get volunteers to work the booth. Karen advised that she submitted our annual report data to New York State.

According to Google Analytics we have had 5,937 page views on our website. Photos are the most popular of all hits. The new owners of the Wilmington KOA have offered the WHS use of their large meeting room. They suggested possibly talking about genealogy to kids.

Doug moved to adjourn and Donna seconded his motion. All voted in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,
Nancy Cressey
Wilmington Historical Society


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