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Minutes of Annual Meeting
7:00 PM, Wednesday, June 4, 2008
Wilmington Community Center


Karen Peters
Peter Yuro
Guy Stephenson
Barbara Mulvey
Doug Wolfe
George Warren
Bob Cressey
Nancy Cressey
Merri C. Peck
Lora Bushy

Karen Peters called the meeting to order and we held our open discussion “Extreme Weather & Natural Disasters in Wilmington”. Upon the conclusion of the open discussion Karen asked if there were any more nominations for President, Vice-president, Secretary or Trustee. There were none. Guy Stephenson made a motion to close the nominations and it was seconded by Bob Cressey. All voted in favor and the ballots were handed out. Upon completion of the voting, Lora Bushy counted the ballots and announced the results. The incumbents were re-elected as follows: Karen Peters as President, Merri Peck as Vice-president, Nancy Cressey as Secretary, and Guy Stephenson as Trustee.

Karen passed out copies of the draft Annual Report which we then discussed. Nancy Cressey offered a motion to accept the report as written and it was seconded by Peter Yuro. The motion carried unanimously. Karen asked for volunteers to handle the copying and mailing of the report. Nancy will print the mailing labels and provide them along with stamps and envelopes to Lora Bushy. Lora will do the copying and mailing of the report. Karen then called for the secretary’s report. Doug made a correction to the paragraph on page two about his suggestion to create a program on the history of the cannon. The last sentence should read, “He suggested we cooperate with the E. M. Cooper Library and create a presentation with the song.” Guy made a motion to accept the May minutes as corrected and it was seconded by Bob. The motion carried unanimously.

Bob Cressey gave the treasurer’s report. He reported that our bank balance is $2,166.85. We had income for the month of $455 including $420 from memberships and donations and $35 from the Iron Mine Tour. Our expenses of $459.57 included $42.15 for stamps, $14.99 for office supplies, $37.50 for an honorarium, $200.75 for archival supplies and $164.18 for equipment (one external hard drive, one portable flash drive and one cordless mouse for our laptop computer). Bob reported that he has finished inputting data starting from January 1, 2008 to the present into Quick Books. He passed out copies of a sample report from Quick Books and said he is still learning the program. He said that the categories in the Quick Books program do not correspond with the categories we have been using on our budget. He could add our categories into the program and continue to use them, but he would like to switch over to the Quick Books categories because they correspond with the IRS form 990 that we have to file each year. For the present he is continuing to keep records under our old system as well until he is fully comfortable with Quick Books.

Karen reported on communications. Bert Yost gave Karen contact information for Dennis Keegan who has some historic photos to donate to the WHS. Karen called but has not yet heard back from him. Karen said that she emailed Judy Shea to tell her that the signs on Whiteface Highway are completed and are being put back up. She also emailed Bob Hockert, Chairman of the Wilmington Community Enhancement Committee (WCEC), to inform him that space will be needed in the new community center to house and display the town cannon and Gattling gun. The planning grant for the community center has not yet been released; it is expected in the September/October time frame. She told us that the WCEC has decided to assist with the establishment of an Adirondack Fly Fishing Center, though this would be funded separately from the planned Community Center. Karen reported that there is a lot of interest in the Fly Fishing Center and Betty Little has asked for a request for funding. Karen said she agreed to help with the 501(c)3 application process. Several of those present commented that they were not sure attracting more fishermen to the community would be a good idea. We have a huge problem with trash along the river as it is.

Karen sent our regrets in response to the invitation to provide an “Old Fashioned Harvest” exhibit at the Essex County Fair. We do not have the resources to devote to that project this year. Lora Bushy is making a disk of all her newspaper columns about Wilmington so that we can keep them in electronic format. The Adirondack History Center Museum in Elizabethtown is offering a program on the history of New Russia on Sunday June 8th. The Visitor’s Bureau addressed our concern about videotaping the Two-Fly Banquet. The professional video company did not have exclusive rights and George Warren was able to attend the banquet and videotape it for the WHS.

We had no new acquisitions in the past month.

Karen gave the report on research and Inquiries for the past month. We had a request for family history information from Jean Haverill who is the daughter of Etta Jaquish and Oliver Sanders. Karen was able to provide her with some data and recommend one of the Wilmington serial records volumes to her for additional information.

Merri Peck reported for the Library, Museum and Historic Sites Committee that she is continuing data entry into the Past Perfect software and it is going well. We received some of the new books that we ordered: Volume 10 Tax Assessment Records 1850-1869 and Volume 13 Wilmington Voting Records 1860-1900. Volume 1 Town Ledger 1821-1865 (Cattle Earmarks 1820s-1884) is on backorder.

Karen said that we have three open dates for our summer research hours for which volunteers are still needed.

Doug Wolfe reported for the Publications and Programs Committee that the mileage markers for the Whiteface Highway were redone. Some laminated signs are on order.

Karen showed us a feature article with photos in the May 16th edition of the Lake Placid News about Guy Stephenson’s Iron Mine Tour. The article was written by Heather Sackett who accompanied him on the tour. Karen also reported that publicity went out for tonight’s meeting and for Friday’s presentation, “Horse Talk: Then & Now” by Jay Mele.

We discussed the subject of honorariums for our speakers. Guy made a motion to set the honorarium amount at $40. Merri seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.

Karen mentioned that she has recently been in contact with Bob Reiss. The Santa’s Workshop III program is coming along well.

Nancy Cressey reported for the Membership and Nominations Committee. During the past month she sent out approximately 30 letters and 46 emails as reminders to those who had not yet renewed their membership for 2008. As a result we received 22 memberships for a total of $420 since last month. As of today we have 150 current members. This puts us in a good position to surpass last year’s total membership of 160 before the end of the year.

There were no concerns for the Board of Trustees.

No changes have been made to our website as Patrick McIntyre is off for the summer.

We received $50 in May from the Virtual Reality Tickets fundraiser.

Karen reported that she received a call back from Mountain Lake PBS in regard to her suggestion that they consider doing a documentary on Fran Betters. Derek Muirden is taking a personal interest in this project and he has already talked to Fran Betters about setting up an interview. As for the suggestion to use the WHS as an off-site repository for documentaries about Wilmington, Mountain Lake PBS is not ready to do this now because the programs are not in electronic format at this time. At some point in the future this may become an option and they invited the WHS to keep in touch with them on these issues.

The Northern New York Library Network is offering a program at the Best Western in Saranac Lake on June 19, entitled, “Appraisal and Selection of Historical Records.” Karen said that based on the description of the program it appears that it may be geared more toward government officials.

The Festival of Colors will be held September 13 and as members of the Visitor’s Bureau we are entitled to one 10X10 booth space free of charge. We will need one additional space for Sid Ward who has again agreed to sell his cutting boards as a benefit to the WHS. The fee for the extra space will be $30. Our Theme for this year’s festival will be “Activities on Whiteface”.

The Wilmington (Whiteface) Community United Methodist Church will be holding their 175th anniversary celebration in 2009. Karen is the church historian.

Our next meeting is July 2nd.

Guy moved to adjourn the meeting, Doug seconded the motion and all voted in favor.

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Cressey


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