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Minutes of Meeting
Wednesday, June 5, 2019
Wilmington Community Center


Karen Peters
Merri Peck
Guy Stephenson
Jess Ano
Linda Joss-Dyke
Gil Dyke
Nancy Cressey
Bob Cressey

Karen Peters called the meeting to order at 6:40pm. Karen began our open discussion on “Recreation on Lake Everest.” She showed some slides and talked about how Frank Everest brought tourism to the town with the Whiteface Mountain House. Recreation became more important with the increasing tourism. We talked about how the flood of 1936 washed out the old dam and left the town with no bathing beaches. A new dam was constructed downstream of the old one creating the lake which was the site for many activities. The Owaissa Club was established on the lake shore. Recreational activities included fishing, boating, swimming, water skiing, remote control boats, ice skating, skiing and snowmobiling. The lake is still a popular site for canoeing and kayaking today.

At the conclusion of the discussion the business meeting commenced. We began with election of officers. Presently the nominees are:

President Karen Peters
Vice-president Merri Peck
Secretary Nancy Cressey
Treasurer Donna Griffin
Trustee Linda Joss-Dyke

Gil Dyke moved to close the nominations and Guy Stephenson seconded the motion. It carried unanimously. The vote was taken and ballots were counted. All the incumbents were reelected.

A vote on the Annual Report was tabled.

Karen then called for the secretary’s report. Guy moved to approve the May minutes as read and Bob Cressey seconded his motion. All voted in favor.

The audit committee presented its report. It was inconclusive due to the unavailability of all the records. This is due to the illness of the treasurer. Merri Peck has been working with Quickbooks to get a new online account established strictly for WHS so it will be available to more than one trustee.

Karen presented the treasurer’s report. Balances as of June 1, 2019 are as follows:

Operating Account $9,996.57
Transfer Account 128.00
Zachay Foundation 2010.00
Keegan Memorial Building Fund 59,339.58
Adirondack Foundation 49,510.81

Linda made a motion to approve the report and it was seconded by Guy. All voted in favor.

Karen reported that we have 29 sponsors for the Whiskey Run. Our only communication for the month was an email from Dave Fitz-Gerald reminding us that he is requesting some of the members to review his new book, “Wanders Far-an Unlikely Hero’s Journey.”

Karen said we had a couple of inquires for family research and she met with two people on May 31st for research. We received some articles with photos of Santa’s Workshop from the 50’s.

Our next research day will be Tuesday, June 18th.

Our Programs for 2019 are all set and will be listed in the newsletter. We received a $320 grant toward our summer programs from the Essex County Arts Council.

Nancy Cressey reported for the Membership and Nominations Committee that we received three renewals in the past month and our 2019 membership now stands at 114.

Karen reported for the Cemetery Committee that many stones have fallen over due to weather related issues. Guy reported that the Haselton Cemetery has a problem with discarded items being thrown in thee woods and there is also a deer carcass there that has been there since November. Guy will speak to Randy Preston about getting this cleaned up.

Linda gave a report on the status of preparations for the Whiskey Run and Heritage Celebration. Shirts have been ordered and all plans are falling into place. The committee will meet June 12th at Karen’s house to fill the swag bags for the runners. Karen advised us that Julie Robards has volunteered to help with the wine tasting event that Cadence Lodge has offered to hold as a benefit for the WHS.

Karen sent some updates for our website to Patrick McIntyre. The NY State Charter report is due online by July 1st. Karen is currently involved with the student project/history fair with Lake Placid 4th graders June 4-12. WHS is providing souvenir bookmarks to the kids and is also paying for half of the pizza party at the conclusion of the event.

The architectural plans for the new building have been approved by the WHS board and we are moving forward to secure funding.

Linda made a motion to adjourn which was seconded by Bob. All voted in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,
Nancy Cressey
Wilmington Historical Society


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