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Minutes of Meeting
June 7, 2017
Wilmington Community Center – 7pm


Karen Peters
Guy Stephenson Jr.
Merri C. Peck
Jane Peck
Linda Joss-Dyke
Dana Peck
Donna Griffin
Judy Wilkins
Jessica Ano
Barbara Mulvey

Open Discussion

The meeting began with a presentation by Jane Peck re: the Hardy Family. Jane read from her son’s publication on the history of the Hardy Family and shared personal memories of her fraternal family and farm life in Wilmington throughout the past two hundred years. Her husband Dana shared his memories of Wilmington and the Hardy Farm (where they reside to date). Merri Peck also presented Hardy family history and stories were shared among the audience.

Election of Officers

The following nominations were previously submitted and read out loud at the meeting: Karen Peters, President; Merri Peck, Vice President; Nancy Cressey, Secretary; Gilbert Dyke, Trustee.

First motion to close nominations – Donna
Second motion – Guy
Motion passed unanimously
A unanimous written vote of eight was cast for every nominee and those nominees present accepted their position with thanks.

Annual Report:

The WHS Annual Report was prepared by Karen and formatted into a newsletter by Ginny Crispell.
First motion report be accepted as reviewed – Donna
Second motion – Guy
Motion passed unanimously

Secretary’s Report;

First motion that Secretary’s Report be accepted as distributed – Donna
Second – Guy
Motion passed unanimously

Treasurer’s Report:

Donna presented the attached Treasurer’s Report which included bank balances of: Operating Account - $3,887.82; Keegan Memorial Fund - $42,376.80; Zachay Memorial Fund - $2,000; Building Transfer Account - $100; Petty Cash - $100. First motion report be accepted as presented – Guy
Second – Jessica
Motion passed unanimously

Joyce Terry of NBT Bank suggested WHS consider applying for a credit card to establish a stronger credit rating. Donna will meet with the bank to apply for the card and to set up acceptance of credit card payments with NBT.
First motion authorizing Donna to make any necessary decisions while applying for these services – Linda
Second – Guy
Motion passed unanimously

Whiskey Run:

Sandra Geddes, Social Media Consultant is promoting the Whiskey Run, pro bono, through social media. The run is scheduled for June 17, 2017.
Karen read a list of contributors that have been sent acknowledgements with thanks. All correspondence is on file.

New Business:

Lora Bushy donated a 1993 Church Directory and a 175th Anniversary Booklet from the Wilmington United Methodist Church. Guy is researching “Big Joe” Brooks and Steinhoff’s for an inquirer; he has received requests for information on the Notch and Cradle Mill. It was noted that Kelly ADK Museum at Union college is a good research resource.

Three new printers were purchased using a contribution received from Starr Hough. The printers will be located at the Community Center, Karen’s home office and Merri’s home office. The new computers do not use the prefabricated ink cartridges previously used and also work wireless. A big saving for the organization. Thank you, Starr!

Our Lake Placid Elementary School Project Volunteers are scheduled and ready for the 2017 school history research project. Julie Robards will present the AARCH/WHS Santa’s Workshop Annual Tour on June 29, 2017 @ 10am.
Lake Placid Olympic Museum still needs help researching past and present ski trail names for the Whiteface Ski Center. Guy is providing information to Allison Haas for this project.
There was no new information to report from the WHS Building Committee.
Re: Fund Raising, Linda reported on the progress with the Whiskey Run which included updates on sponsors, swag bags, medals and stickers. Her next fund-raising committee meeting will be held on July 8th. The Whiskey Run will also include raffles, face painting, a bouncy house and whiskey sampling.
This year’s WHS theme for the Wilmington Festival of Color will be “School Days.” The festival is scheduled for September 9th. WHS will demonstrate typical children’s games of the day along with a display of school items including pictures, games and a Peace Bell. Karen is accepting volunteers to work that date and is keeping a schedule.

Old Business:

Donna is researching grant funding through the Grant Station website.
On behalf of WHS, Donna is preparing a nomination for an annual AARCH award. The Wilmington United Methodist Church is being nominated for their recent foundation and building upgrades which the church accomplished without destroying the historical integrity of the original building.
Karen has submitted the annual NYS Report.
WHS has purchased a bulletin board for posting flyers and other information in the Wilmington Post Office. The Post Office will hang the board.
Merri will research EDDM rates for WHS.
First motion to adjourn meeting – Guy
Second – Jessica
Motion passed unanimously

Respectfully submitted,
Merri Peck and Donna Griffin (in the absence of Nancy Cressey)


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