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Minutes of Meeting
Wednesday, July 3, 2013
Wilmington Community Center

Linda Joss-Dyke
Mark Urban
Doug Wolfe
Guy Stephenson
Lora Bushy
Gilbert Dyke
Karen Peters

Karen Peters called the meeting to order at 7:15 PM and began our discussion: History of Summer Residents and Their Effect on the Wilmington Community.” Karen showed photos of George “Adirondack “ Smith (1866-1943), born in AuSable Forks and a resident of Springfield, MA who built “Scenery Camp” in Wilmington in 1912 next to the rod and gun club. Mr. Smith worked as a taxi driver before forming a metal working company in Springfield, and with his brother, designed metal auto bodies including the Hupmobile. Returning to the area whenever he could, George Smith and 16 others formed a rod & gun club on Springfield Road. He was active in the chamber of commerce, helped found St. Margaret’s Church and was the chair of the Veteran’s Memorial Highway Inauguration Committee. Springfield Road was named because of his association with the city in Massachusetts.

Also shown was an early tourist promotion booklet “Boost Wilmington” Also shown were photos from M. Patterson Field of other early camps: “Hunky Dory”, C1911 and “Bluebird” C1915. The Merrills, owners of one of the camps, founded a club for youth, the Owaissa Club, on the site of the present town beach.

Doug Wolfe read excerpts from Bonnieview Follies a newsletter published at his family’s camp, Bonnie View in July 1930.

Karen began the regular business at 8:20 PM. The secretary’s report of June 5, 2013, was distributed. Doug Wolfe moved to accept the minutes Guy Stephenson seconded. Motion passed.

Karen gave out the treasurer’s report submitted by Donna Griffin. The balance was $4276.15. The July 1, 2013 report had a starting balance: $4458.85, expenses were $342.70, income was $160.00, ending balance $4,276.15. Guy Stephenson moved to accept the report. Linda Joss-Dyke seconded. The motion passed.

Communications report: The following items were discussed: The Adirondack History Center Museum will host series of programs about Fire Towers July 11, July 25, and August 17.

A thank -you note was sent to the Mohawk Hudson Sports Car Club of America for their donation of a souvenir program from the 1964 Whiteface Hill Climb.

An inquiry was received from Jay O’Hern seeking a photo of “Covert’s Grove”. As we have none, Karen will put a request to the membership.

Announcement from CNYSG of a Family History Conference in Syracuse, NY. September 20-21, 2013.

Acquisitions and Research: Karen reported that Harold Hinds after making a donation to the Stevens County, MN, Museum had a link to our website placed on their website. Barbara Reed and Helen Davidson donated several preachers’ buttons from circuit riding ministers, art work, a 200 anniversary book, and other items from the Methodist Church. A phone call was received with questions about the Kilborn Family.

Membership and Nominations: Guy Stephenson moved that the WHS grant a free lifetime membership to Harold Hinds, citing his work with Wilmington History and his donations of his research materials. Linda Joss-Dyke seconded. The motion passed.

Publications and Programs: The annual report has been mailed out to members. Linda Joss-Dyke was thanked for handling the mailing. Margaret Horn’s program “Native Americans in the Adirondacks” on June 28, 2013, was attended by 45 persons. The next program on July 12, 2013, will feature Steve Hall discussing “Wolves, Dogs, and Coy-dogs; an Evolutionary History”. Sharp Swan will present the following program “A History of Adirondack Guides” on July 26. Doug Wolfe will present the August 16, 2013, program, a film of Franklin Roosevelt dedicating the Whiteface Memorial Highway. At the request of Arcadia books, this night also will also be the public launch of our book, Wilmington and the Whiteface Region.

Library: Karen Peters and Gilbert Dyke cataloged 40 more microfilms from the Hinds Collection.

Special Committees: Whiteface Visitors Bureau: No report Wilmington Cemetery Committee: Guy Stephenson reported that he was working with town employees to re-set some stones that have fallen. He is also trying to get assistance from Plattsburgh Memorials to assist. Input is needed from any families.

Old Business: Festival of Colors: At the booth we will sell our book, Wilmington and The Whiteface Region. We will sell tickets for the Noah John Rondeau painting by artist Suzanne Switzer and draw the winner at 4PM. We will display antique cameras and photos.
Arcadia Books: The proof of the book was received, corrected and returned to the publisher. The final proof has been received and after Karen checks it , it will be returned by Monday July 7, 2013. The Arcadia publicist wishes to set up events to launch the book. See above. We will order 200 copies for resale as previously approved. Advance copies should be available to us by August 7, 2013, and the public launch is August 16, 2013. We also discussed sale placement of the books and revised our “Book Order” forms.
Fundraising: Linda Joss-Dyke reported that we sold 52 Great Escape tickets, and earned $260.00 at $5 per ticket sold. Deposited in the account: $1300.00, Paid to Great Escape $1040.00. Thank you notes were sent to Bob Lawrence, Tina Preston, and Michelle Burns for their assistance in selling the tickets.
Raffle Tickets for the Noah John Rondeau painting are at the printer. We ordered 300 tickets. The tickets may be ready by July 8, 2013. A motion was made by Doug Wolfe to prohibit the officers and executive committee from participating in the raffle. Gilbert Dyke seconded the motion. The motion passed.
Car Stickers: Peter Spring donated $160.00 to have the car stickers printed. The stickers are at the printer. We have arranged to distribute the stickers to several stores in town, at $1.25 each. The stores will resell the stickers.
Doug Wolfe will get the deed of gift for the FDR film.
Harold Hinds has asked us to put a link on the WHS website to his book on the Essex County Historical Society Site. Two more books of probate records are ready to be published.
WHS Website: The site has been updated with the summer programs.
Marble Mountain Ski Film: NO REPORT, Barbara Rothman was absent. Guy Stephenson expects to get copies of ski films shown at Whiteface.

New Business: Doug Wolfe reported that, with the assistance of the Wild Center, new display signs have been designed and installed at Whiteface Ski Center, The Memorial Highway and near the Visitor’s center. Funding of $250,000.00 was from the Olympic Byway program. Doug and the WHS participated in preparing written content for the signs. Guy Stephenson suggested that we publicize the Veterans Memorial Program at the Highway, and the 10th Mountain Division memorial program in August.

Doug Wolfe moved to adjourn the meeting. Guy Stephenson seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 9:50PM

Respectfully submitted,
Gilbert Dyke, acting secretary


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