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Minutes of Meeting
Wednesday, July 6, 2016
Wilmington Community Center


Karen Peters
Merri C. Peck
Doug Wolfe
Gilbert Dyke
Linda Joss-Dyke
Jess Ano
Guy Stephenson
Mildred Van Holten
Peter Van Holten
Marc V. du Bois
Pat du Bois
Judy Lawrence
Dennis Keegan
Dorothy Brown
Jeff Brown
Bob Cressey
Nancy Cressey

Karen Peters called the meeting to order at 7pm. Our open discussion on “Santa’s Workshop” began with Karen showing slides of the early years. Judy Lawrence talked about her experience working at Santa’s Workshop and passed around a number of photos and postcards for everyone to view. Others spoke about their experiences working and visiting there and various incidents that occurred. Large quantities of mail were sent to Santa’s Workshop so they could receive North Pole, NY stamp cancellations. Merri Peck also told about the many letters from children.

Upon opening the business meeting Karen called for the secretary’s report. Merri moved to accept the minutes as read and Guy Stephenson seconded her motion. The motion passed unanimously. Karen then presented the treasurer’s report in the absence of Donna Griffin. Our total income for the month was $492.36 and expenses were $1,064.89. Our operating fund account balance is $2,008.48, the building fund account balance is $14,954.00 and we have $100 in the building fund transfer account and $100 in petty cash. Guy made a motion to accept the report and his motion was seconded by Gil Dyke. All voted in favor.

The next item for discussion was communications. Karen passed around a get well card for all to sign for Erma Haselton who broke her wrist. We had a note from Nancy McNabb who emailed photos of herself as a child at Santa’s Workshop. Karen sent out thank you notes to the participants in the Lake Placid Elementary School 4th grade project and also to the Lake Placid/North Elba Historical Society and fourth grade teacher Allison Smith. We also received a letter from the Lake Placid Superintendent of Schools recognizing the contributions of the Lake Placid and Wilmington Historical Societies toward this project. Karen sent a thank you to Jeri Wright for her donation of a framed print to raffle at the Festival of Colors. She also sent thank you notes to Karyn Norwood, Program Director of Adirondack Architectural Heritage, Robert Reiss and John Peck for their efforts in support of and participation in the Santa’s Workshop tour. Another thank you note went to Sharp Swan for his presentation on Logging in the Adirondacks. The town of Wilmington sent a request for a donation to support the town beach concert series due to rising costs. Guy made a motion to donate $50 and it was seconded by Linda. The motion carried unanimously. The WHS received a donation in memory of Jean Huntington. Karen sent a thank you to the donor and Nancy Cressey will send an acknowledgement to the Huntington family. Joan and Peter Spring sent an email suggesting that we give members the option to receive their annual report by email in order to reduce our mailing costs. Charles Haselton sent an email voicing his concern that the World War I cannon should be displayed where it can be seen. Karen replied that we are hoping to display the WWI Gatling gun as an exterior exhibit when we get our own building, provided the Town of Wilmington approves since the gun is really town property.

Next item for discussion was Acquisitions and Research. Bob and Karen Peters contributed a set of pictures of Normandy to our World War II collection. We received a request to identify a Santa from a Santa’s workshop photo. Julie Robards had been able to determine it was someone called Lucky and Doug Wolfe further identified him as Lucky Kramer. Another request came in for information about old time barrel makers in Wilmington There was also a request for information concerning a reference in a March 1964 newspaper article to a dome used by the Chamber of Commerce. Harold Hinds contributed a copy of “Additions, Clarifications and Errata for Crafting a Personal Family History (2011)….” for addition to the WHS collection. We received a request for Wilmington cemetery records for the Downy and Lincoln families. Additional research requests were received for birth records for the Littlejohn and Jaquish families, and information on the Malbone family. Other requests included one for photos of Whiteface Highway and one for information on the Pelkey family.

Our next scheduled research day is Tuesday, July 19 from 10AM to 1PM. Karen will not be present so Merri will preside.

Karen reported for the Publications and Programs Committee. She showed some photos taken at the recent 4th grade history project at Lake Placid Elementary School.

Nancy gave the Membership and Nominations Committee report. Dues reminders were sent out in June. During the past month we had seven membership renewals and our total membership for 2016 is now 154.

Karen spoke briefly about the Taxpayers Relief Act which now allows transfer of 401K funds to 501(c)3 organizations. The distribution is tax free and counts toward the minimum distribution. She suggested that we might want to include something about this in our flyer.

The Cemetery Workshop which we are sponsoring with Essex County Historical Society will be held Friday, October 14.

Linda talked about fundraising projects. She received a request for more car stickers from Adirondack Chocolates. She has picked out pictures for a possible calendar project in the future. Linda then passed out the raffle tickets for the Jeri Wright framed print for board members to sell.

Karen reported that our website is up to date. The Adirondack 102 Club dinner will be held October 6th at the Whiteface Base Lodge. The dinner will feature an Oktoberfest theme with a traditional buffet. Karen passed out copies of the poster and menu. The Festival of Colors will be Saturday September 10. The idea for a photo backdrop as a way to raise money is a good one but we need more time to prepare so we will consider it for next year.

The WHS computer suffered a hard drive crash. Bob Peters has repaired it with a new hard drive but he is unable to get the computer online now. We need someone with computer expertise to help. Linda and Gil volunteered to contact someone they know and have him call Bob Peters.

Merri will work on developing envelopes for memorial donations to the WHS.

Guy reported that the Clinton County Civil War book set that he spoke about at our last meeting costs $75 for the two books. Bob Cressey made a motion to purchase the two book set and it was seconded by Guy. All voted in favor. We need to remember to add a category for purchasing books to the budget in January.

Guy mentioned that several people had asked him about veterans whose headstones were missed by those who place the flags. The individuals who do this are volunteers and would not have a way to identify the grave of a veteran unless they have personal knowledge or there is a military headstone. Guy will talk to them and see if they are working from a list so that we could try to update it as needed.

Guy moved to adjourn the meeting and Bob seconded his motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted,
Nancy Cressey
Wilmington Historical Society


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