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Minutes of Meeting
Wednesday, July 7, 2010
Wilmington Community Center


Barbara Rothman
Michael Brattain
Joyce Brattain
Guy Stephenson, Jr
Doug Wolfe
Gilbert Dyke
Karen Peters
Linda Joss-Dyke

Call to Order:
Karen Peters called the meeting to order at 7:02PM.

Open Discussion Topic:
The open discussion topic was “Wilmington Area Fur Farming.” Karen shared articles from the internet. In 1931 fur farming was thought to be a crazy idea. As the idea grew several fur farms were started. To start a farm in Essex County it was recommended that you worked for a year on a farm and then go on your own. Fox, raccoon, mink and other fur animals were farmed. Sterling Farms was very successful and had farms in Alaska and then started three in this area, in Lake Placid, AuSable Chasm and Wilmington. Karen had pictures of her grandfather, George Marshall trapping. There were pictures of Guy Stephenson’s great grandfather. Guy also showed a postcard of Fox Farm and discussed Jean Huntington’s connection. Doug Wolfe read from Adirondack Tales an account of fur business from a woman’s perspective. Doug also shared an article speaking to current opinions of the business. The discussion ended at 7:45 PM

Karen Peters called the business meeting to order at 7:47PM.

Secretary’s Report
The minutes of the June 2, 2010 meeting were distributed at the meeting and by e-mail. The spelling of Vivian Dowie’s name was corrected. Guy Stephenson moved to accept the minutes of the June 2, 2010 meeting, as corrected. Doug Wolfe seconded. The motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Karen Peters presented the report since Bob Cressey was not present. Beginning balance was $5511.84. During the month expenses were: $174.33 - Heritage Books, $92.41- Staples, supplies, $47.05 and $44.00-Postmaster, $50.00-Roy Holzer, $3.66-Postmaster. Deposits from books sold, memberships, and donations were $4.23, $53.21 and $155.00. Ending balance: $5312.73. Guy Stephenson made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report. Doug Wolfe seconded. The motion passed.

Communications: Karen shared there will be a program at The Adirondack History Museum by Amy Godine, on July 11, “John Brown’s Birthday Party”. The Essex County Historical Society will present on July 9, “History Can be Reconciled”. Doug Wolfe will be working with WHS and the ORDA to set up a highway and tollhouse exhibit with interpretive materials showing the history of the road, castle, etc..

Karen sent thank you notes and or E-mails to Robert Sturges for deed of gift of photos of the Wilmington dam work crews. Ellie McEvoy and Billie Loughran received a thank you for providing refreshments at the Andy Flynn presentation. Roy Holzer was thanked for donation the use of his hall and providing beverages. Al Armstrong was thanked for the deed of gift of two CD’s of digital photos of Town Christmas Celebrations at Santa’s Workshop, in 2008 and 2009. Robert Sturges received a thank you for his deed of gift of WWII aircraft warning service certificate and ID card. Richard Lawrence received thanks for his donations of the “Owassia Club Fair Sign.” Karen Glass was sent a thank you for her story Telling CD and her interest in becoming involved with a future WHS workshop.

We received a thank you from Anne Damp regarding the Andy Flynn presentation, along with an 1865 Letter and transcription. Karen reported research requests for the Partridge family, Kennedy family, and Luke Smith. Work is ongoing archiving the Myrtle Gowen collection. Robert Sturges inquired about Rockwell Kent. Also information on the Owaissia Club was requested.

Karen shared that flyers on the Santa’s Workshop program were distributed. Laura Bushey wrote an article on “Artifact Night.” The upcoming program flyers for the History of Santa’s Workshop on July 9th have been circulated. The next program is July 30, “Have You seen That Vigilante Man?” with Amy Godine.

The website was updated by Patrick McIntyre and a link to the National WWII Memorial Registry was added to encourage local families to share names and stories of Wilmington veterans. A 2010 membership application and the 2010 annual report are also on the website. Patrick also put the 2010 planning document on the WHS website.

Whiteface Region Business & Tourism Center---Karen and Bob Peters volunteered (representing the WHS) for the Uphill Foot Race sponsored by the Visitors Bureau.

Old Business:
The next research night will be July 20th, 6 to 9PM. Work will continue on the Gowen Collection. Visitors are welcome. An archivist will be available to assist research.

Ninety-four copies of the annual report were mailed to members. Karen gave an update of the Fran Betters PBS program by Dereck Murden. The program will be titled the “Wizard of the West Branch“, with a possible release in December 2010.

New Business:
Karen wrote a letter of support from the WHS, for the Town of Wilmington Grant Application to New York Historical Property Preservation and Planning. A grant would be used for infrastructure improvements to the Whiteface Memorial Highway.

Northern New York Library Network will be scanning collections. WHS is not interested is sharing its collected materials at this time.

The 1932 Bobsled Run has been placed on the National Registry of Historic Places. Gov. Patterson will be in Lake Placid for the dedication. WHS Trustee Guy Stephenson will give a guided tour of the complex and was actively involved in the restoration of the run.

Guy Stephenson made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:45PM. Doug Wolfe seconded. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Linda Joss-Dyke
In the absence of Nancy Cressey, Secretary


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