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Minutes of Meeting
7:00 PM, Monday, July 9, 2007
Wilmington Community Center


Karen Peters
Nancy Cressey
Guy Stephenson
Bob Cressey
Doug Wolfe
Peter Yuro
Randy Preston
Myrtle Gowan

Karen Peters called the meeting to order. We held our discussion of “Wilmington Family Histories.” Upon conclusion of the discussion Karen called for the Secretary’s report. Guy Stephenson made a motion to accept the June minutes as read and it was seconded by Doug Wolfe. The motion carried unanimously.

Bob Cressey gave the treasurer’s report. Our bank balance is $4,013.18. During the last report we had deposits totaling $693, of which $323 was from donations and $370 from memberships. We had expenses of $175.54, including $88.41 for postage, $77.95 for office supplies and $9.18 for garden mulch. Peter Yuro made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report and it was seconded by Guy. All voted in favor.

Communications was the next item on the agenda. Karen passed around the monthly American Association of State and Local History newsletter and some email news from The Upstate History Alliance. She sent thank you notes to Chris Brescia, who gave the recent presentation on “A History of North Country Railroads,” and to Wendy Preston, Billie Loughran and Andrea Lawrence who provided refreshments for that event. Anna Court sent a complimentary note about the Annual Report which was recently distributed to all our members. Kara Page sent an email suggesting that we base our presentations on themes and build awareness of the WHS over time. She suggested that fundraising activities could be centered around the themes as well.

Lee Manchester sent us an email announcing that his book on the collected works of Mary MacKenzie, The Plains of Abraham: A History of North Elba and Lake Placid is ready to be released by the publisher. Karen reported that William Carr passed away on June 28. Mr. Carr was instrumental in helping us to obtain our provisional charter and he was a great source of advice and encouragement to the WHS. He will surely be missed. Karen sent condolences to his family.

Karen sent a thank you letter to Bob Reiss who gave the presentation about Santa’s Workshop and provided all the dinners so that all donations went directly to the WHS. Karen also sent thank you notes to Anthony Izzo, food manager at Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard and Craig Waters, general manager of Santa’s Workshop for their help with making the event a success. Karen mentioned that we need to get Doug Waterbury, majority owner of Santa’s Workshop, to sign a Deed of Gift for the Santa’s Workshop materials that we have, and he may put restrictions on release of the material.

Karen spoke briefly about the organization of material in our new cabinets. She will be purchasing some more card holders to label the displays of our archival materials.

Karen reported for the Library, Museum, and Historic Sites Committee that she and Merri Peck came up with new forms for reference, copying and sign-in that need to be approved by the Board. The committee will need to also create an internet policy, ethics policy and a disaster policy. We have already held the first two sessions of archive research hours and the schedule of volunteer archivists is now complete. The schedule for the remaining sessions is as follows:

July 14 -Peter Yuro
July 21 -Joe and Ellie McAvoy
July 28 -Barbara Mulvey
August 4 -Bob and Nancy Cressey
August 11 -Merri Peck
August 18 -Peter Yuro
August 25 -Ginny Crispell
September 1 -Karen Peters

Karen said that Lora Bushey has volunteered to help with computer data entry work, so she will be helping to record items in Past Perfect.

On Friday August 3rd, Civil War Re-enactor Matt George will speak. Karen will do a press release for the presentation and also one for opening of archive hours.

Doug mentioned that he had sent a 1938 article about the speed of the deer fly to the Adirondack Explorer. The article is reprinted in its entirety in the latest edition of Adirondack Explorer.

Nancy Cressey reported for the Membership and Nominations Committee that we received $370 in memberships since the reminders went out in early June. Most of these memberships are renewals which can be attributed to the reminders.

Karen reported that she went to the last two meetings of the Whiteface Visitors Bureau. She asked them if WHS could sell coffee and pastries at the Festival of Colors. There was some discussion of whether we should do this. Discussion was tabled for now. We need to decide and advise the visitor’s bureau by August 14th. We also need to decide on a display for our booth. Karen will check with Sid Ward to see if he will sell his cutting boards for the WHS again. She will also try to arrange for a friend who plays old time violin music to perform in the morning and she will ask Robert Schneider if he can do his role playing of the Irish immigrant again.

Karen also reported that the Visitor’s Bureau voted to donate $1500 to the youth skate park. The Visitor’s Bureau has requested that we provide some interesting history tidbits to put on their website. Doug agreed to look into this.

The Wilmington Community Enhancement Council (WCEC) has been looking into the need for a new more efficient, green community center. They would like to get more people involved. Various organizations are in need of building space and a new building is a possible source of income for the town. The next meeting of the WCEC is July 19th.

Doug reported that he sent some photos of our cannon carriage to a company in Pennsylvania. They replied that they do not believe our carriage is original, but they would be willing to produce new wheels for us. The cost would be about $600 per wheel. Doug said that he plans to check with some additional sources.

Patrick McIntyre has updated our website to include information about resources and many new photos.

Bob and Karen Peters completed the re-photographing of some documents at the Plattsburg Library for the next book in Dr. Harold Hinds’ Wilmington series.

Discussion turned to new business. Karen reported that she attended a workshop entitled “Arrangement and Description of Historical Records” on June 15 in Saranac Lake. The workshop was given by the Northern New York Library Network and was very useful and informative.

Karen discussed a possible fundraiser we could do. There is a company in Vermont that makes barbecue sauce. They will produce small bottles of the sauce to be sold by non-profit organizations. The bottles would have our logo on the label and we could sell them at the Festival of Colors and perhaps place them in local gift shops if the proprietors would agree. The minimum order would be one case. After some discussion it was decided that we should take a more detailed look at the costs and perhaps check with the St. Albans Historical Society to see if it was profitable for them. Doug also suggested that we might check with the Candyman to see if they could offer us a similar arrangement. That way we would be selling a local product rather than one from Vermont. Karen will investigate this further.

Our next meeting is August 1st.

Guy moved to adjourn the meeting, Bob seconded the motion and all voted in favor.

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Cressey


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