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Wednesday, July 11, 2012
Wilmington Community Center


Karen Peters
Gil Dyke
Linda Joss-Dyke
Bob Cressey
Nancy Cressey
Barbara Rothman
Doug Wolfe

Karen Peters called the meeting to order shortly after 7:00 PM. We decided to postpone our open discussion since only five members were present initially and we wanted to wait and see if anyone else might come. So we began with the business meeting.

Karen called for the Secretary’s report. Gil Dyke moved to accept the minutes as read and Linda Joss-Dyke seconded the motion. All voted in favor. Bob Cressey then presented the treasurer’s report. Our bank balance is $3,924.65. We had income of $1286.70 consisting of $27 in donations, $787.50 for Great Escape tickets sold, $460 in memberships and a $12 refund. Our expenses totaled $1250.06 and included $100 for honorariums, $910 for Great Escape tickets bought, $26.10 for postage, $163.96 for office supplies and $50 for annual dues. Bob then passed out a summary report for the Great Escape tickets fundraiser. We bought 52 tickets for $910 and sold 52 tickets for $1170, giving us a profit of $260. Linda made a motion to accept the report as given and Gil seconded the motion. It carried unanimously.

Discussion then turned to communications. Karen sent out thank you notes to Kathleen LeClair, who donated money for refreshments, and to Rich Brandt and Don Papson, who were both speakers at our programs. We received a notice from Harold Hinds that Volumes 14, 15 and 16 of the Wilmington series books are now available on CD from Willow Bend/Heritage Books. These volumes cover the general store records. Karen had emails from Robert Sturges about his research of the 1940 census and meeting Joan Richardson Zaumetzer. Don Papson sent a transcription of Marjorie Lansing Porter’s remarks about her memories of her Aunt Emma Lansing’s stories of her father’s involvement with the Underground Railroad. Karen also received ASRC Falconer Lecture Series schedule, the latest edition of “What’s Up” about Wilmington happenings by Lora Bushy, “North Country Notes from the Clinton County Historical Society, and a notice about the upcoming annual meeting of the American Association of State and Local History in Salt Lake City. Linda reported that she is sending thank you notes to Bob Lawrence, Tina Preston, Michelle Burns and Roy Holzer for their participation in our Great Escape tickets fundraiser.

Our acquisitions for the month included some historic postcards from Laurie Bepler, some old newspaper articles about the Owaissa Club and other subjects from Doug Wolfe, and a hand drawn map of the location of apple trees planted by Noah John Rondeau on property owned by Clifford and Marian Smith. Rondeau planted the trees because the Smiths had allowed him to stay on their property for a time. The current owner of the property at 907 Green Street in Ausable Forks, Nancy Sinkoff, has donated the map and a picture of one of the apple trees that was most probably planted by Rondeau.

At this point we decided to interrupt the business meeting to conduct our open discussion of “Wilmington Medical History, Doctors & Health Centers.” Karen read some old newspaper articles that showed how difficult it was to get doctors in rural areas like Wilmington. One Dr. Masseur left Wilmington after a time to go to Peru because there was not enough business in Wilmington. Then Karen reported on some interesting and amusing facts taken from Dr. E. A. Robinson’s Record and Account Book of the Wilmington Book Series. It was agreed that we should repeat this open discussion topic next year to get input from more people with knowledge on this topic.

At the completion of the open discussion we resumed the business meeting with the standing committee reports. As previously mentioned, the General Store Records volumes of the Wilmington Series books are now available on CD. Karen reported that our annual report has gone out with a combination of email and postal mail. Karen updated the member emails on our official email account. We have held two programs to date. The first on the History of Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere” was given by speaker Rich Brandt on June 15. Don Papson spoke on Abolitionism in the Adirondacks on July 6. At our next program on July 27 author William J. O’Hern will present a slide program "The Wilderness Life of Noah John Rondeau, Adirondack Hermit." A copy of Jay O’Hern’s historic postcard book, Anyplace Wild in the Adirondacks, will be given to each attendee at no cost and WHS will reimburse Mr. O’Hern one dollar for each postcard book given out.

Nancy Cressey gave the membership report. In the past month we have had seven membership renewals for a total of $430. At present the total paid membership for 2012 stands at 119. Nancy will be sending out reminders to those who have not yet renewed. Karen said that she is still trying to get corrections made to the website on the Wilmington walking tour. We had a suggestion to put information about our programs on the first page of our website. Karen will talk to our webmaster about this.

Linda reported on the Great Escape Fundraiser. We made a profit of $260. Sales were considerably down from last year. Linda will find out whether we can advertise in the schools and also talk to Rarilee Conway about a Wilmington Day for next year.

The committee for the Arcadia Books project met on June 7th. Karen got some new information pertaining to copyrights. Anything published up to 1922 is now in the public domain. For items published after 1922, they will not be in the public domain until 95 years after the publication date. The time period changed from 75 years to 95 years, so if we want to use postcards published after 1922 we will have to obtain permissions. Bob Peters will shortly be sending a test scan to Arcadia to make sure that our scanned photographs will meet their standards. As soon as the test scan is approved Bob and Karen will start scanning photographs, since it is a very time consuming procedure to scan them into the TIFF format that is required.

The Battle of Plattsburgh bicentennial is coming up. Karen showed us a photograph of the repaired Partridge headstone. She will scan the photo and send it to the 1812 Museum.

Linda will look into whether there might be any possibility of resuming the Virtual Reality fundraiser.

Nancy reported for Guy that he and Nicole Forbes were both appointed to the new cemetery committee. The committee will take a walking tour of the cemetery to assess the issues that need addressing and decide what actions should be taken.

This year’s Festival of Colors is Scheduled for Saturday, September 8th from 10 to 5. We must return our form to the visitor’s bureau before August 15th. Our theme will be the Wilmington History in Postcards program. Our booth will have electricity so that the program can run all day. Karen is scanning some additional postcards to display on the walls. Karen contacted Sid Ward and he will let us know if he will be able to sell his cutting boards as a fundraiser for us again. Items we will need for our booth are: tent, chairs, screen, laptop, projector, clock to display next showing of program, long extension cord, rack to display Wilmington series books for sale and black plastic to darken tent for projector.

The Champlain Region Roundtable for Museum educators is presenting a seminar at Fort Ticonderoga, September 7th from 10 to 3:15. We received a link to a website about government grant monies available from Kristin Gillibrand.

Doug told us about a large collection of photographs and films from the 1920s and 1930s on display in the Adirondack Room of the Saranac Lake Library. They have been digitized and restored to very high quality and Doug spoke to the individual whose company did the restoration. Doug said he has a 16mm film of the 1929 Franklin D. Roosevelt dedication that he would like to have restored in a similar manner but he would need funding to proceed. Doug will look into the cost and report back to us.

Linda moved to adjourn the meeting and Gil seconded. All voted in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,
Nancy Cressey
Wilmington Historical Society


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