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Minutes of Meeting

Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Wilmington Community Center

Karen Peters
Nancy Cressey
Bob Cressey
Jess Ano

Karen Peters called the meeting to order at 6:30pm. Due to low attendance our open discussion was postponed.

Donna Griffin was not present at the meeting but was available to vote by phone, giving us a quorum. The Annual Report was previously unanimously approved by an online vote. Karen called for the secretary’s report. Bob Cressey moved to approve the June minutes as read and Jess Ano seconded his motion. All voted in favor.

Karen presented the treasurer’s report for Donna. We made over $9,000 on the Whiskey Run, the exact amount to be determined when one outstanding bill is settled. Our bank balances as of July 11 are: Operating Account -- $11,767.34, Money Market Account – 47,916.99, Building Fund Transfer Account -- $128.00, Zachay Fund -- $2,000.00, and petty cash -- $100.

Karen then reported on communications. We had an email from our benefactor, Col Dennis Keegan. He may come for a visit in August. Karen sent a thank you letter for a donation to our building construction fund. We received a thank you from the Wilmington Fire and Rescue Squad for a $75 donation from the WHS for their support of the Whiskey Run and Heritage Celebration. Gail Joseph of the Fallen Arch sent an email asking where we had the Bags for the Whiskey Run done and inviting us to put cards for the 2019 Whiskey Run in the bags for the Lake Placid Classic which will be held October 6th. Since our rack cards will not be done by that time we might be able to do a “save the date” card of some kind. Karen reported that she attended the opening of the North Pole documentary at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts. We acquired two books, Mountain Shadows, about prohibition, and The Man Who Dared to Dream, about Julian Reiss. We have 20 copies of The Man Who Dared to Dream to sell at $10 each. We received some old postcards of Wilmington Notch, High Falls Gorge and area mountains from Edward Steele. Joe Kostoss of Eye in the Park Photography donated his photos of the Whiskey Run and Heritage Celebration.

We had extensive press coverage of the Whiskey Run and Heritage Celebration through our website, Facebook pages, newspapers (3 articles with the Lake Placid News for example), Jay Community e-newsletter, USPS EDDM postcards Adirondack Sports, Adirondack Coast Events and more. Ed Burke did a lot of press coverage, too.

We have an upcoming appointment to assist with genealogy research on the Farrell family. Our next research day will be July 17 from 10 AM to 1 PM.

Karen reported for the Publications and Programs Committee that we had three articles in the Lake Placid News about the Whiskey Run and the history of whiskey in the area. We had coverage on all the local calendars, TV and radio. We provided a photo to Andy Flynn for publication in his column. Dave Fitz-Gerald presented his program, “In the Shadow of a Giant” to 47 attendees and generously donated proceeds from the sale of books at the program to the WHS. Our next program, “Marking the Land: A Brief History of Surveying in the Adirondacks,” will be presented by surveyor Ralph Schissler on Wednesday, July 18th at 7 PM at the Community Center. The WHS theme for the Festival of Colors has been changed to “Wilmington Whiskey History,” due to the interest shown in this topic.

Karen reported on fundraising for Linda Joss-Dyke. The Whiskey Run and Celebration was very successful, bringing in over $9,000.00, and bringing the community together. For next year we need to work on recruiting heritage crafters and traditional artisans. Sue Hockert did an outstanding job with the raffles. We have one raffle prize left for which we will sell tickets at the Festival of Colors. Cadence Lodge has offered to host a wine tasting fund raiser to benefit the WHS.

Our website is up to date. Our webmaster Patrick McIntyre redid the homepage, added donation buttons and provided a statistics report on visitors to the site.

Karen completed the requirements for the Humanities New York grant that paid for our reenactors and part of the fee for Don Perkins at the Heritage Celebration.

The Festival of Colors will be held Saturday, September 8th.

The New York State Annual Report was submitted.

We learned of the possibility of an Iron Man community grant if WHS can provide 20 volunteers to Ironman. It was too late for us to get that number of volunteers for this year, but we will keep it in mind for 2019.

Karen completed surveys for Adirondack Foundation and Every Door Direct Mail, which we used to advertise the Whiskey Run and Heritage Celebration.

Karen contacted Laura Walker who has done a number of signs around town, to get information about getting a sign for our property. She can do a permanent sign or a temporary sign with a site plan. We need to discuss this further to and possibly see some samples to determine exactly what we want.

Bob Cressey moved to adjourn and Jess Ano seconded his motion. All voted in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,
Nancy Cressey
Wilmington Historical Society


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