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Minutes of Meeting

Wednesday, August 2, 2017
Wilmington Community Center


Merri C. Peck
Guy Stephenson
Doug Wolfe
Donna Griffin
Gil Dyke
Judy Lawrence
Anthony Beck
Jess Ano
Nancy Cressey
Bob Cressey

Merri Peck called the meeting to order at 7 pm and began our open discussion on “House Calls: local doctors, nurses and midwives.” Doug Wolfe brought in a bag used by Dr. Hans Sowka. Several of the people present recalled some of the doctors residing in the Wilmington area and told stories about some of the doctors. Doug told a story about how Dr. Goff, while transporting a pregnant woman in his jeep, kept stopping to shoot woodchucks. Merri read a few old newspaper articles about some of the local doctors including one advertisement for “Dr. Williams’ pink pills for pale people.” Doug passed around a booklet of “Civil Defense Emergency Medical Tips” from the 1950s cold war era.

The business meeting began immediately after the close of the open discussion. Donna Griffin made a motion to accept the July minutes as read. Doug seconded her motion and all voted in favor. Donna then gave the treasurers report. The balance in our operating budget is $3,547.37. The Adirondack Foundation Account balance is $46,930.50 and we have $2,000.00 in the Zachay fund. There is $100.00 in the transfer account. Donna mentioned that we had an additional expense of $925.37 for the Whiskey Run this month to cover purchase of additional T-shirts and postage for a large number of thank you letters among other things. Gil Dyke made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and it was seconded by Guy Stephenson. All voted in favor.

Discussion then turned to communications. Merri passed around a sympathy card to be signed for the family of Maurice Fletcher who passed away on July 14th. Susan Gehris sent copies of two photos of Maury by email. Karen sent a thank you letter to Sandra Weber for her presentation “Remarkable Women of the Adirondacks” and she also sent letters to Shari Kent and Paul Casson of the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center for allowing us to use Marble Mountain Lodge and providing support for that Presentation. Another letter was sent to thank Dave Hodges who provided musical accompaniment for the presentation. Karen also sent thank you letters to Dan Gould for his presentation on “Old Time Religion” and Dennis Keegan for his donation of $1000 as a memorial to Ruth and Thomas Keegan in support of the Whiskey Run. Finally, Karen sent out 75 separate thank you letters to various people for their support of the Whiskey Run.

Acquisitions for the month included a CD of the “Old Time Religion” Power Point presentation from Dan Gould, two photos of Maury Fletcher, electronic copies of Whiskey Run photos taken by Joe Costas, and two Whiteface posters and a redwood water pipe coupler from Doug Wolfe. One poster is for the 2nd Annual Whiteface Mountain Native American Festival held August 3-4, 1996, and the other was for the Nature Valley Freestyle Cup, January 21-23. Donna Griffin said she has some photos from Barbara Rothman to contribute.

Our next Research Day is Tuesday, August 15.

Merri reported for the Publications and Programs Committee that Ginny Crispell did the flyer for the “Old Time Religion” program. Steve Engelhart provided the flyer for the program on “Historic Bridges of the Adirondacks” which he will present on August 23. Lake Placid Elementary School is holding their Heritage Fair on September 23rd at which they will present the history projects they completed in conjunction with the WHS. The third annual Adirondack 102 Club Dinner will be held Sunday, October 1st at the Hiland Park Country Club in Queensbury. This is a change from the original plan to hold the dinner at Hotel Saranac on October 5th due to concerns that the hotel renovations will not be completed by then. Our next program will be on September 6th, “Eating off the Land in the Adirondacks.” Nancy Cressey reported for the Membership and Nominations Committee that our total membership for 2017 is now 136. We received nine memberships since the last meeting.

Merri told us that she and Donna shopped for some old toys for the “School Daze” display at the Festival of Colors. They are still looking for items for the display. Doug suggested that we write up something about home schooling as a text display. Donna has an old photo of a school room with some local students. She suggested we enlarge the photo and caption it, “Can you name the students?” Judy Lawrence reminded us that Wilmington had eight school districts at one time.

Patrick McIntyre needs some more information to add the books onto PayPal.

Donna reported that the nomination of the Methodist Church for an Adirondack Architectural Heritage award is still pending. Doug reported that finding storage for the Gatling gun does not appear to be a priority for the town. He suggested purchase of a small shed to house the gun, but since the gun is town property it was felt that the town should address this issue. Donna informed us that the grant information she had been researching turned out to be less than promising. The organization would require us to join for several hundred dollars before we could pursue any grants. She is still looking into other options. Doug provided some information about the scanning mouse that he suggested we acquire. It is available from Best Buys for $129 and we still have over $200 remaining in funds from a donation earmarked for technology.

There will be a benefit for the North Pole documentary film on Saturday, August 5th at the Methodist Church in Upper Jay.

Dennis Keegan nominated Karen Peters as a “Philanthropic Hero.” There will be a presentation for this award at Heaven Hill Farm on August 18th at 4:30.

Our next meeting is September 6th.

Donna moved to adjourn and her motion was seconded by Guy Stephenson. All voted in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,
Nancy Cressey
Wilmington Historical Society


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