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Minutes of Meeting
7:00 PM, Wednesday, August 5, 2009
Wilmington Community Center


Karen Peters
Doug Wolfe
Merri C. Peck
Guy Stephenson
Barbara Rothman

Karen Peters called the meeting to order. The open discussion topic was “Whiteface Mountain and Wilmington in Art & Photographs.” A number of us brought in actual artwork to discuss and Karen had put together a display of artwork from internet sources (such as that of Rockwell Kent, Seneca Ray Stoddard, Arto Monaco, etc.) to display on Powerpoint. Several local artists and some of their artwork such as Jeri Wright, June Clow and Stevie Capozio, to name a few, were displayed and discussed.

The business meeting commenced after the open discussion. Since the July meeting did not have a quorum of Trustees & officers, Karen called for a vote of approval of the June 3rd secretary’s report. Guy moved to accept the June minutes as read and Doug seconded the motion. It carried unanimously. Guy also moved to accept the July 1st minutes as read and Doug seconded the motion. It carried unanimously as well.

Karen gave the treasurer’s reports for the both the July 1st meeting and this meeting in the absence of Bob Cressey. In June we had an income of $595 from memberships and $11 in donations. Expenses totaled $248.80. Our bank balance as of the July 1st meeting was $5,878.60. Guy moved to accept the July 1st treasurer’s report as written, seconded by Merri. The motion carried. The treasurer’s report for this August 5th meeting was also given by Karen in the absence of Bob Cressey. We had income of $76.25, including $60.00 from memberships and free donations of $16.25. Expenses for the month totaled $85.20. Our current bank balance is $5,869.62. Doug made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and it was seconded by Guy. All voted in favor.

Karen reported on Communications. We received 3 copies for our library of the 28 page book 175 Years of the Whiteface Community United Methodist Church, 1834-2009 along with an accompanying letter regarding the donation from the Whiteface Community United Methodist Church. Letters of thanks were sent to Andy Flynn for his presentation on June 19th “Turning Points in Adirondack History” and to John Moravek for his program on July 17th “Adirondack Champlain Iron: Creator of Boom Towns and Ghost Towns, 1750’s – 1970’s”. A thank-you note was sent to Ginny Crispell for doing our flyer for the June 19th program, to Wendy Preston and Billie Loughran for providing program refreshments, to Ginny Crispell, Ellie McAvoy, Barbara Reed and Barbara Mulvey for volunteering as librarian/archivists for our Saturday research days. In the beginning of July, Nancy and Bob Cressey mailed out the 2009 Wilmington Historical Society’s Annual Report and Newsletter.

In a written report from Nancy Cressey from the Membership and Nominations committee, we received 5 new memberships July. Three were renewals and two were new members. Current membership is at 149. (At the end of 2008, we had a membership of 182.)

Research requests --- 4 this month, two for a genealogy search, another for research on a book and another for research on a project for the DEC.

Library, Museum and Historic Sites committee put flyers out around town regarding the available hours of the WHS research library.

Karen reported for the Publications and Programs committee that the upcoming program, “Adirondack Stories II: 101 More Historical Sketches and the 100th Anniversary of Adirondack Firetowers” by Marty Podskoch is confirmed and publicity is out. There was a special news article and photos on the 175th anniversary of the Whiteface Community United Methodist Church in the Plattsburgh Press-Republican in the July 3, 2009 issue, photos and research provided in part by the Wilmington Historical Society. Doug gave information on the “Chronicles of Wilmington”, a song about the Wilmington cannon written by Wendell Lansing in the mid 1800’s. The song is to the tune of “Dandy Jim”. Doug found the song in the special collections at the University of Virginia at Charlottesville, VA, then contacted banjo player Dan Gallo to do a trial amateur recording of the song. Doug played the tape-recording for us. Doug will continue putting together a future program based on the “Chronicles of Wilmington”.

Karen reported that the Wilmington Community Enhancement Council, which has a grant to plan for community center needs, met on July 1st with the architectural firm MRB to review programming space, architectural plans, and possible grant funding sources. The Wilmington Historical Society is one of the groups seeking space.

Professor Harold Hinds, the person spearheading the “Wilmington Books” series, has a new assistant, Miranda Tjaden. Karen will re-email copies of the chattel mortgages, since we have not heard whether he received them or not and since he has a new assistant. We also still need to send Prof. Hinds copies of the “Wilmington books” we agreed to send him. He will, in turn, re-distribute them to various strategically located genealogical libraries. Merri will mail the books to Prof. Hinds as requested.

Karen reported that the 175th anniversary celebration of the Whiteface Community United Methodist Church held on July 12th, was a success. Over 100 people attended the day-long event.

The John Brown commemoration event (to which the WHS gave contact support) was held this past weekend, August 1st and 2nd. It was a success by all accounts.

Doug has been in contact with Rarilee Conway regarding the town’s historical markers. They are in the process of identifying, photographing and determining the history of the markers.

The Wilmington Historical Society received a grant from the Documentary Heritage Program (DHP) sponsored by the New York State Archives and administered by the Northern New York Library Network. The purpose of the grant is to assist the WHS in planning for future facilities for a “History Center” in Wilmington. Joe Swinyer of the DHP will meet with WHS board members tomorrow, Aug.6th from 10 am until about 2 or 3 pm. He will then prepare a report which the Society may use in future planning.

Karen reported on the Festival of the Colors to take place on Sept. 12. Sid Ward will once again run a fundraising booth for the Wilmington Historical Society selling his unique cutting boards, all proceeds to come to the WHS. We appreciate his skills and his generosity. The WHS display booth’s theme is “Wilmington’s Versatile Forests --- Over 400 Years of Settlement in the Lake Champlain Region”. Karen and Doug will meet to plan the display boards. Guy will bring some antique sap buckets, saws and logging tools. Doug will supply the tent for the display.

Merri reported on the Story Corps, which has a mobile recording studio to interview people about their everyday lives in historical context to save for posterity. Merri has a CD of the program she can bring to our next meeting.

Karen reported that she spoke to Randy Preston about displaying more of the historical society’s pictures and artwork on a now-blank wall of the community center. Randy said that as long as we didn’t put any more holes in the wall, we are welcome to use the wall space. Karen will look into ways to hang artwork that may be suitable.

We were contacted by Linda Scigulinsky, the new owner of “Virtual Reality Systems” in Lake Placid. She is willing to continue our Virtual Reality ticket fundraiser (which we had with the previous owner), once she gets a feel for the business. They have made made some changes and modernized the system with a 74” flat screen TV in an enclosed venue. She will contact us when they are ready to re-start the fundraiser with us.

Merri made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Guy seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Peters, President
(In the absence of the Secretary Nancy Cressey)


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