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Minutes of Meeting
Wednesday, August 5, 2020
Online Meeting via Zoom


Merri Peck
Susan Albert
Nancy Cressey

Merri Peck called the meeting to order at 6:30pm. There was no open discussion since we held the meeting online due to COVID 19 restrictions. We did not have a quorum present so no votes were taken. Susan Albert discussed the treasurer’s report. Our bank balances as of July 31st are as follows:

Operating Account $9,362.99
Building Transfer Fund Account 128.00
Zachay Memorial Account 2,010.00
Keegan Memorial Building Construction Fund 86,002.15
Petty Cash Fund 100.00
Adirondack Foundation Account 47,357.49

Our IRS Form 990 was completed and filed July 14. Susan advised us that in the past donations to the building fund were not reported as part of WHS revenue. This has now been corrected, Susan also reported that the Adirondack Foundation sent us a letter stating that they have transitioned all of the funds to Vanguard Institutional Advisory Service. We have been invited to participate in a fundholders’ call with a Vanguard representative in October to learn more about the services and benefits we can expect to receive.

Merri discussed the communications for the month. Jan Ward sent a very complimentary email about the Annual Report along with her membership renewal. Another individual reported that she joined because of our informative and helpful website. Doug Wolfe responded to an inquiry about the Schwartz Trail and Karen provided information to someone about the Malbone family. We received paperwork from Betty Keen for temporary custody of the collection of Santa’s Workshop dolls.

We received five memberships during the month, bringing the total for 2020 to 107. Membership renewal reminder letters will go out in September.

Merri reported that she selected a back up drive to purchase from Best Buy.

Our Annual Report was mailed. We have been working on updating Facebook and are on track to create a donate button.

We participated in the Wilmington Independence Day celebration parade on July 2nd. Linda and Gil Dyke, Bob Peters and Karen Peters rode in a truck representing the Wilmington Historical Society and distributed Whiskey Run shirts and waved to the crowds. We advertised for next year’s Whiskey Run on the truck as well.

The drive-in theater fundraiser went well. We also received $250 in July for gift basket raffle tickets.

The grant which we helped to write for Santa’s Workshop was denied. Perhaps it can be resubmitted next year.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,
Nancy Cressey


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