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Wilmington Historical Society Minutes of Meeting
Wednesday, August 6, 2014
Wilmington Community Center
7 pm


Donna Griffin
Doug Wolfe
Maurice Fletcher
Merri Peck
Guy Stephenson
Ceil Stephenson
Susan Apelt
Richard Apelt
Barbara Rothman

Open Discussion : Schools in Wilmington

Merri Peck presented a slide show of schools in Wilmington. In the 1800ís there were 8 one-room schools in Wilmington. A photo of a Wilmington Village School class before 1911 was shown. Then a photo of the new school in 1911 with students in the front. In 1917 this new school burnt down, and luckily no one was injured. A new school was built on land purchased from Albert Wilkins for such purpose. A photo of that school was shown, having 3 teachers, each responsible for 2 grades. The school was torn down after the district merged with Lake Placid in 1966. Guy Stephenson and Doug Wolfe told stories and their memories of going to the Wilmington Village School, and Maurice Fletcher told of his adventures at the Haselton School. Others told of their memories as well. Doug also told of the rules and regulations for teachers in the 1800s, some having to do with proper attire for a teacher, and duties such as cleaning the school and washing the windows once a week.

Since there was no quorum of officers for various reasons, the regular business meeting was postponed until the next regular WHS meeting on Wednesday, September 3rd.

Respectfully Submitted,
Karen Peters President
(in the absence of our Secretary)
Wilmington Historical Society


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