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Minutes of Meeting
9/4/19, 6:30 pm
Wilmington Community Center

Karen Peters
Guy Stephenson
Doug Wolfe
Merri Peck
Judy Lawrence
Jess Ano
Donna Griffin via phone

Open discussion: Wilmington’s Changing borders

The History of Essex County by Winslow Watson

The frontier of Aborigine tribes, Native Americans were settled along Lake Champlain, lakes and rivers; the area was fought over by the English and the French.

NY Atlas of Historical County Boundaries of New York

1764 we were part of Albany County

1788 Clinton County was formed from Albany County

1799 - Mar 1 Essex county formed from Clinton county

HP Smith history


1798 Town of Jay was formerly separated from Willsborough and was once called Mallory’s Bush. AuSable Forks, Jay, and Upper Jay. Earliest settler was Nathaniel Mallory in 1796, JW Southmayd, Joseph Storrs, Don Piermont, Robert Otis, Nathaniel Way, and others were early developers of the town of Jay.

1821 – Mar 27 Dansville was formed from Jay and on Mar 22 1822 was renamed to Wilmington. In 1844 St Armand was formed from Wilmington. Wilmington was one of the greater producers of Rye in Essex County. Rueben Sanford is given credit for being the first industrialist in building and promoting Wilmington.

Riverside Development corporation by Frank Everest includes a map of his vision of Wilmington.

Grants of land were given after the French and Indian and Revolutionary Wars.

Patent was an official document giving exclusive right to the land.

Check out Google’s ancillary map.

Doug showed us a graph of a tree from Whiteface Mtn that was over 300 years old. The tree was cut in 1986 and the rings were counted and analyzed.

Secretary’s Report---July 3rd Minutes – Judy wanted to correct her statement from 1930s to 1970s. Judy made a motion to accept the minutes as amended Jess 2nd the motion - all in favor

Aug 7 ---Minutes
Donna made a motion to accept the minutes as presented
Guy 2nd the motion – all in favor.

Treasurer’s report for August 2019
Bank Balances
Operating Account $11, 588.84
Transfer Account $128.00
Keegan Memorial account 59,412.74
Zachay Foundation 2,010.00
ADK Foundation 50,477.95
Guy made a motion to accept the report; Judy 2nd; all in favor

Sept treasurer report
Bank Balances
Operating Account $11, 974.94
Transfer Account $128.00
Keegan Memorial account 60,110.45
Zachay Foundation 2,010.00
ADK Foundation 50,477.95
Guy made a motion to accept the report, Jess 2nd, all in favor

Family research request for the Storrs family

Thank you note received from Adirondack Experience for our donation to them of $50.

Thank you notes sent to Shari Kent and Paul Casson at ASRC for making it possible to use their facilities for the presentation, Fools Rushed In.

Thank you sent to Ivy Gocker for her program presentation: Fools Rushed In: The Story of Murray’s Fools. Acquisitions and research

Storrs family research request

Doug Wolfe informed us that the rock collection of Helen Warren was given to St Lawrence Rock and Mineral Club in Canton NY unconditionally for education andresearch activity. The rock collection was not part of the Wilmington Historical Society collection. We are glad to see that it will now be used and well cared for. Programs Committee

FOOLS RUSHED IN was held August 15 at the ASRC. IT was well attended with over 30 people. VOTES FOR WOMEN will be the last one for this year. It is on Friday, Sept 6 at the Wilmington Community Center.

Membership and Nominations – nothing to report

Building Committee – nothing to report

Fundraising Committee – next meeting will be 1st week of October.

Stickers – Jess volunteered to check on the location and refills of stickers and books once a month.

Grants received:

Humanities NY $3200
Essex county Arts Council $360
Ironman Foundation Community Grant $500 for building fund
Ironman Volunteerism Grant $450
Festival of Colors will be Sept 14. 10 am – 5pm. The THEME for this year will be “Searching for the View: Hiking the Adirondacks.“ Volunteers are still needed for various duties that day. If interested, please contact Karen.

Guy made a motion to adjourn; Judy 2nd – all in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,
Merri Peck, in the absence of Secretary Nancy Cressey


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