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Minutes of Meeting
09/05/18 6:50 pm
Wilmington Community Center

Attending: Guy Stephenson, Doug Wolfe, Karen Peters, Judy Lawrence, Merri Peck, Jess Ano, and Donna Griffin (via phone).

Open discussion topic: Wilmington Area Wildlife Tales. Information and stories told by Guy, Doug, Judy, and Karen. All open discussion topics are recorded for future reference.

Secretary’s Report—. Donna made a motion to accept the August 1st Secretary’s report as written. 2nd by Guy. All in favor

Treasurer’s Report--- The balance in the regular operating account is $11,943.67. The Keegan Building Construction Fund balance is $10,117.19. The Adirondack Foundation Account has a balance of $51,370.13. The Building Transfer account has a balance of $128.00. The Zachay Fund has a balance of $2,000. Petty cash = $100 Guy made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as written. 2nd by Judy. All in favor.

Our NET INCOME from the Whiskey Run and Heritage Festival was $9,132! THANK YOU to ALL who contributed, participated, and volunteered for this successful event!

. Essex County Arts Council has invited us to join their organization. The cost is $45 for non-profit groups and would entitle us to possible future grants.
. Thank you sent to Brett Heineman for his donation of Whiteface Mtn. photos and video.
. Thank you sent to Dennis Keegan for his matching donation of $1,000 for the building fund.
. A letter to the Peters family from Betty Little.

Guy made a motion to join the Essex County Arts Council for $45 2nd by Donna. All in favor.

Donna has raffle tickets available for the drawing to be held at the Festival of Colors. Cost is $5 for 1 ticket / $20 for 5 tickets

Donna suggests having a finance meeting to best decide the distribution of funds before the next WHS meeting. Donna, Karen, and Merri will meet at Donna’s on Monday, Sept 10 at 10am to discuss.

Acquisitions and Research
. Brett Heineman donated ski photos and a video
. Guy Stephenson received copies of photos from Donna Taylor Benson
. Guy Stephenson received an old tin type of a Civil War soldier from Herb Rock who found it at the dump.
. The new owners of the Ritchie house on Hardy Rd were looking for history on the McKee family barn
. Research request by Briggs & Norfolk, LLC Attorneys at Law in Lake Placid regarding descendants of Mattie Cutler

Our next research day will be held Sept 18 at the Community Center. It’s a great time to browse through our collection or work on your own family history project! Karen Peters will be there to help that day.

On the first of every month, Karen is sending a historical photo to the Lake Placid News for publication.

On Wed, Aug 15 the WHS held a very successful presentation of ski history at Marble Mountain. There were 95 in attendance!

The Methodist Church has a portable wireless sound system we could possibly borrow if needed (as suggested by Don Morrison). Our numbers are growing at events and this would be helpful for all to hear.

At least 10 volunteers are needed for the half Ironman to receive grants. A sign-up sheet will be available at the Festival of Colors.

September 13 will be the 102 Club dinner in Ticonderoga for anyone who wants to attend.

Karen submitted info for the fall town newsletter.

Thank you to Ginny Crispell for organizing a great looking annual newsletter for us!

We have 170 members as of 9/5/18. Thank you! Please tell your family and friends, sign them up, and help to promote the WHS! Every bit helps us to move closer to our goals!

Doug Nemec is doing a great job at trying to organize the cemetery plots.

David Ruck has a new program for 1812 music. We should look for a grant to add this program for 2019.

New stickers have arrived for sales and distribution. Sale price is $2 each.

Cadence Lodge offered to host a wine tasting event at their gazebo as a fundraiser for WHS. Contact Michelle Powers.

We will plan a property cleanup work day. Guy has already started the process by using a brush hog. It looks good! Judy Lawrence has a weedwacker we could use. We have been discussing signage for our property and feel the best to use for now would be a vinyl banner mounted to a wooden sign for stability. Karen will ask Debbie at the UPS store for prices and suggestions.

We need to choose a date for a board meeting and building committee meeting to tie up some loose ends. We will choose a date by email to make sure we have the most members available.

We would like to add historical markers for places such as the Haselton School, Kilburn School, Hardy school, Methodist Church, McGrath house, Umber house, Nazarene Church, etc. We will continue to add to the list.

Donna made a motion to adjourn the meeting

2nd by Merri. All in favor.

Meeting closed 9:05 pm

Respectfully submitted (in the absence of Secretary Nancy Cressey),
Merri C. Peck


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