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Minutes of Meeting

Wednesday, September 6, 2017
Wilmington Community Center


Karen Peters
Merri C. Peck
Guy Stephenson
Doug Wolfe
Donna Griffin
Ed Griffin
Starr Hough
Judy Lawrence
Pat duBois
Marc duBois
Barbara Mulvey
Jess Ano
Nancy Cressey
Bob Cressey
Gil Dyke
Linda Joss-Dyke

Karen Peters called the meeting to order at 7 pm and began our open discussion on “Eating off the Land in the Adirondacks: Animals, Grains, Fruits & Vegetables.” Edward and Donna Griffin brought in food for us to try that they prepared from food that was available off the land. Dishes included ham and bean soup, venison mincemeat, sweet potato soufflé, apple sauce and bread and blackberry jam. They prepared the food using recipes from an authentic Adirondack cookbook which they also brought in for all to peruse. Karen began the discussion with stories sent in by email from Robert Sturges and Jack Wolfe. Several people contributed stories of how their family members and other townspeople used locally available foods from their farms. They also hunted, fished and gathered wild edibles from the land. Karen displayed some posters that described Wilmington’s farming story.

The business meeting began immediately after the close of the open discussion. Donna Griffin made a motion to accept the August minutes as read. Bob seconded her motion and all voted in favor. Donna then gave the treasurers report. Donna looked into the possibility of accepting credit cards for sales of books. She found that we would have to have insurance which would cost $1250 if we add it to our existing policy, or $120 if we get it through NBT Bank. Consensus was that we should stick with PayPal and avoid this extra cost. The balance in our operating budget is $3,424.11. The Adirondack Foundation Account balance is $47,138.76 and we have $2,000.00 in the Zachay fund. There is $100.00 in the transfer account and $100.00 in petty cash. Linda Joss-Dyke made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report with one correction of a typo and her motion was seconded by Gil Dyke. All voted in favor.

Discussion then turned to communications. Karen sent a thank you letter to Robin Lawrence for donating family photos, newspaper articles and ephemera and family artifacts related to the history of Wilmington. She sent a thank you letter to Steve Engelhart for presenting the program, “History of Adirondack Bridges” on August 23rd. Karen sent an email to all WHS members about the Wilmington library’s dedication of a new statue of Laura Hardy Trumbull who was the founder of “Friends of the Library” and important to Wilmington history. Karen also sent a thank you note to Jane Peck for donating a copy of her speech given at the event.

We had a research question about the Hardy family. Acquisitions for the month included two custard cups, sleigh bells that belonged to Casper Hickok, a bed warmer from the Hickok farmhouse, photos of the Pelkey/Hickok families, a candle stand that belonged to Jean Olive Pelkey Hickok and newspapers and other ephemera of the Hickok/Pelkey family donated by Robin Pelkey Lawrence. Lora Bushy donated two photos of Laura Hardy Trumbull. Alison Haas asked for assistance in determining the dates for Whiteface General Managers. Doug Wolfe agreed to provide a history of the various organizations and managers for Whiteface. We received an email from Terry Barber offering to donate a flag of Cassius Bruce. Karen replied that we would be pleased to accept the flag for our Cassius Bruce collection. Judy Lawrence donated an old poster sized roster from Girl Scout Troop 1. Troop 1 of Wilmington was the first Girl Scout troop in Essex County.

Our next research day is Tuesday, September 19.

Karen reported for the Publications and Programs Committee that the town newsletter went out in August. We had a large column in the newsletter. The WHS banner has been ordered from the UPS Store and it will be ready in time for us to display at the Festival of Colors. The “History of Bridges in the Adirondacks” program by Steve Engelhart was attended by 18 people. Lake Placid Elementary School is holding its Heritage Fair on September 23 from 10 am to 2 pm at the train depot in Lake Placid. The student project was jointly sponsored by the Lake Placid North Elba Historical Society and the Wilmington Historical Society. Gil Dyke and Judy Lawrence volunteered to represent the WHS at the event. Karen reminded us that there is a new place and date for the third annual Adirondack 102 Club Dinner. It will be held Sunday, October 1st at the Hiland Park Country Club in Queensbury. We need to order more Adirondack 102 Club books because the KOA campground has requested more.

Nancy Cressey reported for the Membership and Nominations Committee that we received one membership renewal during the month of August. The total membership for 2017 now stands at 148.

Linda reported on Fundraising. We need to order more stickers as we only have 5 left. Linda will hold a meeting sometime in October or November to plan for next year’s fundraiser. Linda expressed concern that we have nothing to raffle at the Festival of Colors and asked for suggestions. It was suggested that we contact Ted Holzer to see if we can get a bear or other wood carving item. Merri said she might be able to donate an old school desk.

Karen then discussed what we need for the Festival of Colors. She reviewed what items she and others are bringing and then went over the list of volunteers to make sure we are covered for the whole day. Merri then showed us the toys that she got for our display. Doug gave Karen an old school attendance chart to add to the display.

Patrick McIntyre has updated our website but still needs some information to add the annual reports and update PayPal.

Donna reported that the Methodist Church did not receive the Adirondack Architectural Heritage award. She said she will nominate the church again next year.

The Olympic Museum still needs old ski trail maps for their display.

Doug said he had talked to Randy Preston about the Gatling gun. He said Randy seemed to be enthusiastic about displaying the gun in some way but he did not have any specifics yet.

The Hardy Road interpretive trail is still being worked on.

Discussion shifted to new business. Karen reported that the dedication of the statue for Laura Hardy Trumbull was held on August 19 and she obtained copies of the speeches given by Randy Preston, Ellie McAvoy and Jane Peck for the WHS. Karen mentioned that our annual building appeal letter should go out by mid-November. She and Merri will get together to write the letter.

Donna offered a motion to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Merri. The motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted,
Nancy Cressey
Wilmington Historical Society


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