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Minutes of Meeting
7:00 PM, Wednesday, September 21, 2005
E. M. Cooper Library

Attendees :

Merri Peck
Guy Stephenson
Steve Connor
Doug Wolfe

Secretary's Report
Merri Peck called the meeting to order at 7:00PM and called for the secretary's report. Minutes were corrected as follows: Deleted - "Bob will send Guy a check for $78.00" and corrected to read "Wilmington Historical Society collected $78 for the tour and is donating half to the Historical Society. Bob Cressey will send Guy an honorarium for $39.00"

Steve Connor made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected.
Guy Stephenson seconded the motion. Motion was carried out unanimously.

Treasurer's Report
Merri Peck read the treasurer's report prepared by Bob Cressey. The balance in the account as of 9/4105 was $2537.77 Guy Stephenson made a motion to accept the treasurer's report. Doug Wolfe seconded the motion. Motion was carried out unanimously.

A deposit was added to the account on 9/17/05 for $935.65 from the fundraising efforts held at the Festival of Colors.

Thanks you notes were sent to: Bob and Sue Hockert, WMRVB, Nancy Gonyea, Amy Peck, Billie Loughran, Wendy Preston, and Ginny Crispell for their help with fundraising with Classic Films on the AuSable.

Thank you to George Warren for his donation of weather records that his father, Earl, compiled for many years, a school hand-bell, and a cannon ball.

Thank you to Mr. David Lowry, Regional Advisory Officer for Region 4 of the NYS Archives for his help and advice in preparing for a grant to conserve our Book1 of the old town records.

Jack Wolfe, appreciates receiving minutes of our meetings;
North Country Underground Railroad Historical Assoc. - upcoming meeting on Wed., September 28 at 5:30 pm in Plattsburgh for anyone who can attend.
AASLH, news re: help for Museums affected by Hurricane Katrina.
National Archives, rates will be increasing fro microfilm starting Oct 1, 2005.
State Education Department, re: NYS Newspaper project. Did you know that Essex County had 75 newspapers that have been catalogued since 1987? Website is www.nysl.nysed.gov then to NYS Newspaper project .
David Lowry, September Region 4 eNews .
Susan Conway, thanking us for a family photo of Peter Shumway and offering her advice and demonstration in helping us preserve our photos... .AKA Scrap booking!

Standing Committee Reports
Merri reported that Past Perfect and the new Microsoft office program that we recently purchased are now installed and running on our new computer enabling us to view our past and current projects.

Doug Wolfe gave a very informative presentation on August 24 at the ASRC of Communication during the winter Olympics. The presentation included a lot of background information on how weather affects the communication process.

Doug reported that Sarah would possibly be available in late October for an archeological presentation.

Susan Conway is willing to do a program on preserving photos and Scrap booking in the spring.

Robert Reiss is willing to do a program on "History of Santa's Workshop" in the spring.

Our "Old Photo Meet and Slide Show" will be held at the Community Center on October 15th from 10:00 - 2:00 pm

A press Release was given to The Community Calendar for:
Our regular meeting, September 21,2005
The Festival of Colors on September 17th
"Old Photo Meet and Slide Show", Saturday, October 15th as part of Archives week

Karen provided information to the Town of Wilmington for the Sept newsletter.

Wilmington Historical news appeared in: The Lake Placid News - September 2nd issue and the Essex County Free Trader - August 27th issue

Membership Committee
It has been reported that several people showed an interest in becoming a member at the Festival of Colors and would be checking out our website to print an application.

Special Committee Reports
A MAJOR project that is almost completed is the preparing and installation of the Cemetery sign at Haselton Cemetery . MUCH work has been volunteered in photographing, indexing and preparing a marked grid of the entire cemetery for people to be able to identify where people are buried. A printed list has been prepared and laminated to install in the sign along with a laminated map. Many thanks to Bob and Nancy Cressey, Steve Connor, Doug Wolfe, the Wilmington Town Crew for all of their hard work and many hours donated to this project. Also to Charles Haselton for making it all possible by having the sign built. Letters and numbers will need to be purchased and installed to help complete the project.

Doug Wolfe reported making a trip to Vermont and visiting a booth at the Champlain Valley Fair. He spoke with Otis Hendricks about the history of the old piano that used to belong to Helen Warren. Doug suggested that Mr. Hendricks might make a good speaker in the future for a music presentation.

Doug Wolfe and Steve Connor will check with family members regarding the tomb stone found at the old Courtney place. We all wonder if it is just the stone that is on the property or the baby is also buried there. Gerry Bruce checked with Zaumetzer Funeral Home only to find out that the records for that time period had been sadly destroyed.

Old Business
The lawn still needs mowing around the trailer behind the Town Hall. We would like to keep this looking nice. Maybe we can get the Town Crew to help with that project.

THANK YOU to Patrick McIntyre for keeping our website up to date and looking good! More recent town photos have been added to the website.

Merri reported that the sale of books prepared by Prof. Harold Hinds and Tina Didrickson have been going fairly well. We have almost sold out of Vol 2, 3, and 4 and have ordered 10 more copies of each.

Merri has contacted 3 Conservationists regarding the old Town Book. We need 3 proposals to submit with the grant that Ed Hood is helping us to prepare. The 3 contacted were:
1. Gwen Spicer, 305 Clipp Rd , Delmar , NY 12054 . Karen Peters will be meeting with her on Oct 12 to review the book.
2. Brown's River Bindery, Inc, One Allen Martin Dr, PO Box 8501 , Essex , VT 05451 It happens that "Joe" from Brown's River was in Lake Placid last night and came to Wilmington to review the book at the Town Office this morning! What great luck for us to have him come to us!
3. Cathy from Joseph J Marotti Co, Inc, 335 Westford Rd, Milton, VT 05468. Cathy will be in Peru, NY on September 29th and Steve Connor has agreed to bring the book to her in Peru for her review!

Steve Connor suggested that we put Julie Robinson in contact with the local Thrift Store. Sometimes they receive items that may have more value than a thrift store price. Steve also suggested that maybe the Festival of Colors could be a little later in September when there is more color.

Maybe we could offer our leftover popcorn and candy to Family Day at the Beach on September 25th?

Doug reported on a Press release that Congressman Bernard Snell of Potsdam gave Alpheus Perry the Gatlin gun July 4, 1922.

Doug is also looking for suitable materials for the dam plaque. A good job for a volunteer would be to go through the Wilmington Town records looking for any and all information relating to the Town dam. The WHS has already gathered a lot of information, but we would like to make it as complete as possible.

Guy Stephenson made a motion to close the meeting. Steve Connor seconded the motion. Motion was carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Merri C Peck, vice-president
(in the absence of secretary Nancy Cressey)


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