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Minutes of Meeting
7:00 PM, Wednesday, October 7, 2009
Wilmington Community Center


Karen Peters
Doug Wolfe
Guy Stephenson
Linda Joss-Dyke
Gilbert Dyke
Barbara Mulvey
Merri C. Peck
Nancy Cressey
Bob Cressey

Karen Peters called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM. She opened the meeting by introducing our new trustee, Linda Joss-Dyke. Linda is filling the trustee position formerly held by Peter Yuro, who recently resigned due to his inability to spend the time necessary to be an effective board member. Linda has a Bachelor of Science in Education from Drexel University. She is a retired educator with 28 years experience teaching Family and Consumer Science. She is also the owner and operator of the Gray Gables Apartments in Wilmington since 1997. She has been a member of the WHS since 2004. Since relocating to Wilmington full time in 2001 she has been a member of Adirondack Architectural Heritage (AARCH). She is also a member of the Beta Mu Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma International and the Adirondack Museum. Linda’s other areas of interest include designing and restoring several local properties, reading local history and folk lore, Alpine and Nordic skiing and volunteering for Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA) events.

Karen then opened our discussion on the “History of Wilmington Motels.” At the conclusion of the discussion the business meeting commenced at 8:07. Karen called for the secretary’s report. Guy Stephenson moved to accept the September minutes as read and Bob Cressey seconded the motion. It carried unanimously.

Bob gave the Treasurer’s report. In the past month we had total income of $967.17, including a $20 membership, $934 from the sale of Sid Ward’s cutting boards and $13.17 from the donation jar. Our expenses totaled $111.30 including $55 for our cell phone activation, $45.24 for renewal of LoJack protection for our laptop computer and $11.05 for postage. Our current balance is $6,390.01. Guy made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and it was seconded by Merri Peck. All voted in favor.

Karen reported on Communications. She sent a thank you note to Sid Ward for selling his cutting boards at the Festival of Colors and donating all the proceeds to the WHS. This is a very significant source of income for us and we greatly appreciate Mr. Ward’s generosity. Karen also sent a letter of congratulations to our new trustee Linda Joss-Dyke and a letter to Peter Yuro accepting his resignation and thanking him for his two years of service on the board.

We received three research requests in the past month including one on the Wilkins family and one on Lawrence. There were no new acquisitions.

Merri reported for the Library, Museum and Historic Sites Committee that she had sent out the copies of Wilmington books that Harold Hinds requested for the genealogical libraries. She asked Bob to remove them from our inventory and he advised that he had already done so.

Karen reported for the Publications and Programs Committee that she wrote an article for the town newsletter which will be coming out soon. We continue to get good publicity from Lora Bushy’s articles in the Lake Placid News. Our next program will be “How Deep are your Wilmington Roots?” and it is scheduled for Saturday October 24 from 10 AM to 2 PM at the Community Center.

Nancy reported for the Membership and Nominations Committee that no new memberships or renewals were received since the last meeting. We have a total of 150 members currently. There was nothing new to report from the Whiteface Visitor’s Bureau or the Wilmington Community Enhancement Council because Karen was not present for the last meeting of either organization.

We discussed WHS research hours and the possibility of trying to schedule some evening hours since we are not getting researchers coming for the Saturday summer hours. Merri suggested that we might have work sessions along with the research hours. The consensus was that we will try evening hours. Karen informed us which evenings the Community Center is available and we decided that starting in January we will schedule research hours from 6 to 9 PM on the third Tuesday of each month. We will try to pick a work project at the meeting prior to the scheduled hours so that the volunteers can use the time more productively.

Karen reported that we had 114 people sign the guest book at our booth at the Festival of Colors. She completed the questionnaire from the visitor’s bureau about the Festival of Colors with input from the board members. It was quite successful since Sid Ward sold almost twice as many cutting boards as he did the previous year. Two of the feedback comments from board members were that the entertainment should continue until the closing time of the event, and that the WHS should be included in the publicity about the event. Next year’s Festival of Colors is scheduled for Saturday, September 11,2010.

Karen met with Andy Flynn and they wrote the grant application for “Artifact Night”. If the grant is approved the WHS would serve as a conduit for Andy Flynn. We would receive the grant funds and disperse them to Andy as required for his presentation. Artifact Night will be scheduled for June 18 if the grant is approved.

We discussed the Space Utilization Report received from Joe Swinyer under the Documentary Heritage Program. His suggestions regarding needed equipment and square footage requirements for various functions were most helpful. The report clearly defines what the WHS needs in terms of physical facility requirements. The total space Mr. Swinyer recommended for the WHS in the new Community Center is 3700 square feet. This does not include lecture/meeting space which would be shared by all occupants of the building. Karen gave two copies of the report to Bob Hockert, chairman of the Wilmington Community Enhancement Council—one for his records and one for the architects working on the project.

The WHS has a new phone number. It is 518-420-8370. We are on a prepaid minutes plan and will need to buy more minutes by December 2. Karen will look into various payment options.

Karen received an email from Lora Bushy. She said that Julie Robards is looking for Santa’s Workshop items. Anyone who has such items may contact her at 524-8003.

Karen mentioned that the memorial for Fran Betters was held on Saturday, October 3. The WHS will send a sympathy card to Jan Betters. Karen said that Derek Muirden of Mountain Lakes Public Broadcasting was present at the memorial and he is looking for photos of Wilmington in the 1930s, the era when Fran Betters was born.

Karen mentioned that while on vacation she visited Santa’s Workshop in Colorado Springs. It was patterned after the one in Wilmington and she passed around one of their brochures.

Doug Wolfe made a motion to adjourn the meeting ay 8:55 PM. Guy seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Cressey


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