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Minutes of Meeting
October 7, 2015


Karen Peters
Susan Apelt
Sherry Taylor
Merri Carol Peck
Richard Apelt
Kelsey Taylor
Nancy Cressey
Ray Bigelow
Gary Taylor
Donna Griffin
Judy Lawrence
Bob Cressey
Barbara Mulvey
Guy Stephenson
Barbara Rothman
Doug Wolfe
Denise Perry

The Open Discussion portion of the meeting began at 7pm. During the Open Discussion, Merri Carol Peck gave a presentation “Descendants of the Winch Family” based on the WHS’s research and a report from Nancy McNabb. The Winch Family Tree was presented and since most of the audience attendees were members of this family, there was interaction and general discussion throughout the lecture. Facts regarding the Winch Family dated back to 1520 (England), family service during all major wars fought in this country and locations of deceased family members in local cemeteries throughout Wilmington.

The Business portion of the meeting began at 8:15 pm. A quorum was not present, but the Secretary’s Report and Treasurer’s Report were presented. The current balance in the operating account is $3963.66 and both reports are on file for review. The reports will be presented for adoption at the next regular business meeting.

Guy Stephenson gave an update on repairs to headstones at Pleasant View Cemetery. The work approved by the town’s Cemetery Committee will be finished before winter.

Recent Acquisitions include Winch Family Genealogy, an article and picture of a snow track accident on Marble Mountain, an article on the life of Dr. Goff, and a print of an oil painting of Whiteface Mt. painted by Boylon Fitzgerald (original owner of Paleface Mt.).

For the Publications and Programs Committee, Karen reported that over 100 residents and visitors passed through the WHS “Wilmington Farm History Exhibit during the Festival of Colors and suggested that WHS members who work our exhibition next year identify themselves by wearing matching tee shirts or displaying name tags. Karen and Bob Peters will present “Exploring Resources to Create Your Family Tree” on November 7th from 9am through 12:20 pm at the Wilmington Community Center. Nancy reported that the WHS membership stands at 178 members. The Trustees report included a letter from Town Historian, Merri Carol Peck, re: headstone repairs. In the future, WHS plans to hold a Cemetery Stone Preservation Workshop, but any commitment on our part has been tabled until 2016.

Old Business discussion included Karen’s report on the first annual 102 Dinner held on September 3, 2015 and it was decided we will work with the Visitor’s Bureau organizing next year’s dinner which will be held in Wilmington. Donna and Patrick continue to work on expanding our online store. Karen noted that the Legends and Lore Grant will not benefit our organization this year, but Doug Wolfe will research the grants available for Historical Markers (June 2016 is the deadline for this grant).

New Business discussion included the current status of our annual appeal letter. Letters and envelopes will be printed and the letters will be mailed mid-November. WHS will participate at Halloween at the Hall. Merri Carol and Donna will decorate, Donna was authorized to deliver a check for $75 to the Little Super Market for the cost of candy and Bob and Nancy Cressey will distribute the candy. Karen also announced that the ADK Museum in Elizabethtown will host a free workshop on October 16th re: preservation of old photographs.

The meeting adjourned at 9:40 PM..

Respectfully Submitted,
Nancy Cressey
Wilmington Historical Society


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