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Minutes of Meeting
Wednesday, October 7, 2020
Online Meeting via Zoom


Karen Peters
Merri Peck
Susan Albert
Nancy Cressey

Karen Peters called the meeting to order at 6:30pm. There was no open discussion since we held the meeting online due to COVID 19 restrictions. Merri Peck made a motion to accept the September minutes as read. Susan Albert seconded the motion and it carried unanimously. Susan then discussed the treasurerís report. Our bank balances as of September 30th are as follows:

Operating Account $12,131.97
Building Transfer Fund Account 128.00
Zachay Memorial Account 2.010.00
Keegan Memorial Building Construction Fund 87,847.48
Petty Cash Fund 101.98
Adirondack Foundation Account 48,517.33

Susan reported that the increase in our operating account was primarily due to the receipt of the annual ADK Foundation distribution of $2,200. The largest expenditures for the month were $180 for a backup hard drive, $79 for Tech Soup membership dues, $149 for the Capital Campaign Webinar series and $110 for postage. The Keegan building fund increased by $1272 and the balance in our Adirondack Foundation account Increased by $3,360 during the third quarter. After our annual distribution was deducted from the ADK Foundation account we have a net balance of $48,517 which represents an increase of $1160 over the last month. The current Annual Appeal balance is $7,724. We currently have $2,611 in matching funds due from Dennis Keegan. Fundraising from the gift card raffle and two local movie nights generated $1,632. We then discussed the transfer of Operating Funds to the building fund account. Initially Susan recommended we transfer $4,000, but after further discussion regarding our need to have our website revamped we reserved the proposed cost of $1,500 for the web design and reduced the recommended transfer amount to $2,500. Nancy Cressey offered a motion to approve the Treasurerís Report and it was seconded by Merri. All voted in favor. Merri moved to transfer $2,500 from the Operating Account to the building fund, Nancy seconded the motion and all voted in favor.

Karen then discussed communications for the month. We had a thank you from Jan Ward, Charles Haselton suggested we contact wealthy people to request money for our building fund. We will do this however we feel it would be best to wait until we have the plans done and a cost estimate so we can more clearly present our goals.

We received photos from Linda Shuster. Also we received genealogy information for the Sheldon family and some digital photos. Karen reported we are still doing research for people even though they cannot come in for research days. Merri advised that we have received our new backup drive but she has not had time to get it hooked up yet.

Karen reported for the Plans and Programs Committee that we did a tremendous amount of publicity for the Gift Card Raffle. Kevin McDonald of Jay was the winner and he subsequently donated $200 to our building fund. Karen is still working on the Facebook update.

Nancy reported for the Membership and Nominations Committee that the membership reminder letters went out. We have started to receive some renewals in response. The total membership for 2020 now stands at 125.

Our income from the September 25th pop up drive in was $205 less cost which is still pending from Linda Joss-Dyke. Karen plans to ask someone to help with the write up for the historical marker project.

Patrick McIntyre is retiring as our webmaster and we need to search for a replacement.

Karen needs to know how many letters we will be sending out for the Annual Appeal next month so she can order the envelopes. Nancy will get this information to her by next week. We will need to set a date to stuff envelopes.

Karen said that she has told the Keeseville Historic Bridges Commission that they can add the WHS to their petition to preserve bridges.

Susan attended two webinars on Capital Campaigns and a Web Design Workshop.

The WHS will be moving downstairs in the Community Center. We will need to unpack the cabinets and put everything in boxes. The town will then move the cabinets and the boxes downstairs and we can then put things away and set up our new space.

Susan moved to adjourn the meeting and Merri seconded the motion. All voted in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,
Nancy Cressey


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