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Minutes of Meeting
7:00 PM, Wednesday, October 20, 2004
E.M. Cooper Library

Attendees: Doug Wolfe , Steve Connor, Guy Stephenson, Jr., Karen Peters

President Karen Peters called the meeting to order at 7:16 pm.

Minutes of the last meeting were read and corrected as follows: 2nd page, 3rd paragraph – “Terry Avery and Mary Pelkey”, and 3rd page 6th paragraph—“Myrtle Gowan”. Guy Made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected. Doug seconded the motion. The motion carried. Communications: Karen telephoned Robert Schneider, Ginny & Herb Crispell and Bob and Sue Hockert to thank them for their efforts on the Festival of the Colors and the Films on the AuSable. Written thank you notes will also be sent, as well as a WHS “speaker’s presentation” certificate of appreciation to Robert Schneider. Past Perfect Training information forwarded to Merri Carl Peck. Other information discussed from the American Fancy letter from the Maryland Historical Society, AASLH, the Dispatch, and the UHA.

Library, Museum, Historic Sites Committee: Doug Wolfe delivered the glass display cases donated by the Rev.and Mrs. Peter Frances to the Community Center. Karen and Merri Carol have set up the display with photos and the Wilmington books.

The Publication and Programs Committee: We will have an Antiques and Collectibles program by antiques dealer and writer, Julia Robinson of Upper Jay, on January 19 (snow date January 26). Karen submitted WHS news for the town newsletter. Our activities have been listed in the local newspapers, on our website, and flyers posted. An article describing the WHS has been submitted to “Meet the Town” for its next publication. A meeting will be held in January to update and prepare a new membership brochure for our annual membership drive.

Special Committee Reports: No report from the Wilmington Cemetery Committee. The Whiteface Visitor’s Bureau has placed a page/link to our website on their website, and will forward our news, flyers, etc. via email to their members.

The Upstate History Alliance Planning Grant questionnaire was briefly discussed and members of the Board of Trustees will fill it out prior to the grant planning meeting on Nov. 3.

Old Business:
• The temporary storage trailer needs flooring and wiring and a move on Sat. Oct. 23 to our site behind the Community Center. Payments for the electric box on the site will be billed to the WHS.
• The cannon and other storage items will be placed in the storage trailer as soon as possible. Doug is trying to put together a written history of the cannon and Steve is tracking down a wheelwright. Duane Farrell has a recollection of the Gatling Gun on Park Road. (Karen will supply Doug with a written version of Duane’s story). Steve will talk to Gib Manley who may know more about the cannon.
• Fundraising blanket idea has been tabled due to the up-front high costs.
• PastPerfect --- Merri has learned the program and is working on cataloguing our holdings. The photos from our photo meets will be accessible through this program also.
• Our website is growing, thanks to Patrick McIntyre. The membership application is now available on the site, and other pages are being developed.
• The Wilmington Dam History and plaque is still in progress.
• Films on the AuSable was successful. We will create a summary of the steps that we followed to achieve success, so that it will not have to be “re-invented” in the future, and others can easily follow the procedures. We would like to continue this project in the future.
• The Festival of the Colors was a success. Many people visited our booth, and Robert Schneider, as the Irish immigrant passing through Wilmington in 1876, was a hit. We look forward to participating again next year.
• The research for the “Wilmington” book series is ongoing and Merri is our contact with Prof. Hinds. Co-author, Tina Didreckson is willing to do genealogical research for anyone whose ancestors were from Wilmington. For further information, contact Merri Peck.
• Karen interviewed Jeanne Ashworth, or Wilmington Town Supervisor, about her Olympic experiences as a 3-time speed skater. Jeanne has provided photos, and Karen will put the interview in writing for our records.
• Status of our nomination of Jeri Wright for the Lake Placid Hall of Fame is unknown at this time.
• The Old Photo Meet on Oct. 16 drew about 20 people. All had a chance to review and identify old photos and Wilmington articles. We are able to add about 200 photos to our collection.

New Business
• Jeannette Tooker is our new librarian for the E.M. Cooper Memorial Library. She has been briefed on the activities of the WHS, and is excited about continuing a relationship with us in our archival activities.
• Gary Francois contacted us about the possibility of creating a monument to commemorate Pres. Bush’s visit to Wilmington. The WHS feels that all the presidents who have visited the area should be placed on a monument, should we do one. (Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Clinton, etc.) We will be in further contact with Gary regarding the possibilities.
• Author Sally Svenson, through AARCH, is writing a book on the architecture of 19th Century Adirondack Churches. She contacted us regarding old photos and information about the Wilmington Churches. Karen sent information and a Photo CD of both the M.E. Church (now the Whiteface Community United Methodist Church) and the Congregational Church (now the Nazarene Church). We have since been informed that both of the churches will be included in the book Adirondack Churches: History of Building and Design to come our in the summer of 2005.
• From Charles Haselton, we received a letter expressing an interest in creating a sign mapping a directory of the Haselton Cemetery. We will request permission from the Town of Wilmington to place such a sign and also forward the information to the Wilmington Cemetery Committee for approval and support.

Doug made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Guy seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Steve Connor (in the absence of Secretary Nancy Cressey)


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