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Minutes of Meeting
Wednesday, November 2, 2016
Wilmington Community Center


Bob Peters
Judy Lawrence
Jessica Ano
Meri C. Peck
Guy Stephenson
Karen Peters
Donna Griffin
Diane Buckley
Marjorie Swift
Linda Joss-Dyke
Gilbert Dyke

SPECIAL PRESENTATION: Diane Buckley, representing the John Zachay Memorial Scholarship Fund, presented the Wilmington Historical Society with a check in the amount of $12,000.00 to be used for the WHS building fund and a memorial for Mr. Zachay in the new WHS building. Ms. Buckley also discussed Mr. Zachay’s life and history in Wilmington and Santa’s Workshop, presenting the WHS with a framed photo of John Zachay, a framed list of John Zachay Scholarship recipients, and a framed story of John Zachay’s life. The Wilmington Historical Society Board of Trustees gladly accepted the donation and has decided to deposit $2000 in a new WHS John Zachay Memorial account, to cover the future cost of creating an appropriate John Zachay Memorial to include a special space for a computer, desk, John Zachay memorial plaque and memorabilia area planned for the future building. The remaining $10,000 will be placed in the Wilmington Historical Society’s building fund at the Adirondack Foundation.

OPEN DISCUSSION: The topic was the history of the Preston family in Wilmington.

The Regular meeting began at 8:00pm.

The Secretary’s report of the October 5, 2016, meeting was presented. Donna Griffin moved to accept the report. Meri Carol Peck seconded. The motion passed.

The treasurer gave a printed report. The Board of trustees met and decided to open a new account at NBT bank for $2000 of the John Zachay Memorial Fund. $10,000. Will be deposited with the ADK Foundation for the building fund. Linda Joss-Dyke moved to accept the treasurer’s report. Jessica Ano seconded. The motion passed.

Thank you received from Bev Farrell for research access.
Thank you from Marty Podskoch for photos provided for the102 Club Dinner.
E-Mail form Patrick McIntyre regarding the ownership of the Bonnieview Golf Club House building.
Thank you notes sent to:
Ginny and Herb Crispell for helping at the 102 Club Dinner.
Randy Winch for making the frame raffled at the Festival of Colors
Joe Ferrannini for presenting the grave stone conservation workshop.
Whitney Jackson of the Essex County Historical Society for co-sponsoring the grave stone conservation workshop

Received today was the Bass Drum from the Boy Scouts Pioneer Band.
Burt Friend of Saranac is loaning us a JJ Rodgers Log Book for us to copy.
Thank you Notes sent to:
Joan Dreissigacker for donation of notebooks and posters showing the Whiteface Ski Center.
Communications from Charles Marshall. He will be interviewed about cutting the ski trails on Whiteface.
Received information from Bob Lawrence regarding Sentinel Mountain.
We received a gift from Gene and Billie Loughran, a copy of The Adirondacks Illustrated by Seneca Ray Stoddard ©1875.

LIBRARY, MUSEUM, Historic Sites Committee: The next open research date is November 15 2016 10am-1pm.
Guy Stephenson met with Allison Hass regarding selecting a display of photos from Whiteface and Marble mountains for the Olympic Museum in the winter of 2018.

PROGRAM COMMITTEE: The Whallonsburg Grange is presented a program of the history of rural cycling on October 17, 2016, which may be a good topic for a program for 2017.


OLD BUSINESS: Fundraising: Linda Joss-Dyke reported that the 2017 calendar project did not work out. The quality of sample we ordered was not what we expected. No additional stickers have been ordered. She will check with the KOA and Cadence Motel for book sales. Linda met with a committee on October 25, 2017 to plan the details of a 10K run, tentatively scheduled for June 17, 2017. The committee will meet again on November 16, 2016.
The 102 Club dinner saw about 100 attendees and was a success. Next year the dinner will be in Saranac Lake.
Thirty people attended the Cemetery Conservation workshop at the Essex County Historical Society in Elizabethtown, with 4 WHS members attending.
The ADK 46ers 100th anniversary celebration will be in 2018. We will suggest that part of the commemoration be at the top of Whiteface.
Merri Peck will order donation envelopes. Cost $47-$50.
Guy Stephenson and Doug Wolfe removed most all items from the trailer. Guy will follow up at the next meeting.
Annual Appeal letters will be printed addressed and mailed out on the next research day.

NEW BUSINESS: The Board also authorized a $50.00 donation to the Wilmington Town Christmas fund.

ADJOURNMENT: Guy Stephenson moved to adjourn the meeting. Merri Carol Peck seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 9:11pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Gilbert E. Dyke, Trustee (in absence of secretary, Nancy Cressey)


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